Couples Quizzes

Played: 77,779
Rating: 4.10
Name the TV shows that featured these couples.
Played: 65,964
Rating: 4.05
We give you the couple, you name the movie or series they appeared in.
Played: 62,214
Rating: 3.81
Guess the last name of these famous married couples from history and the present.
Played: 50,055
Rating: 4.00
Try to guess the significant others of these fictional characters.
Played: 36,677
Rating: 3.63
Can you name the spouses of these celebrities?
Played: 9,701
Rating: 4.03
We give you the world leader. You name their spouse.
Played: 7,010
Rating: 4.16
Name these singers based on their current or ex-spouse.
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