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Can you guess these facts about the country of Denmark?
For each statement, guess whether it applies to Greenland, Iceland or both.
Can you guess these facts about the autonomous territory of Greenland?
With the help of maps, can you name the most populous modern-day cities that were ever under Danish control?
62,143 Denmark Country Quiz
37,768 Greenland... or Iceland?
27,761 Greenland Country Quiz
12,925 Biggest Cities Ever Under Danish Rule
5,721Countries Closest to Greenland
5,510100 Biggest Cities in Denmark on a Map
4,551Denmark.... or Norway
4,280Biggest cities in Denmark
3,492All Modern-Day Countries Ever Controlled by Denmark on a Map
3,357Countries Closest to Denmark
2,892Click to Translate - Danish
2,199100 biggest cities in Denmark
2,066History of Denmark
1,833Countries That Border Denmark
1,767Countries Once Held by Denmark
1,444Denmark Immigration by Country
1,441All 50k+ Cities in Denmark with a Map
1,376count to 10 in Danish
1,307Basic Danish Words
1,285Denmark Islands Map Quiz
1,133Denmark True or False?
1,131The Denmark Quiz!
1,087Denmark 2022 FIFA World Cup Squad
1,064Denmark A-Z
1,060Copenhagenize Index (world's best cycling cities)
1,003Top 10 destinations from Copenhagen Airport 2013
929Geography of Denmark
925Denmark Euro 2020 Squad
856Largest Islands of Denmark Quiz - Map
856Top 30 Biggest Danish Cities in Population
855Countries Larger than Greenland
845Biggest Cities in Greenland on a Map
714Regions of Denmark with a Map
704Danish Baby Girl Names by Decade
663Danish Empire
659Danish Baby Boy Names by Decade
646Countries Closest to Nuuk
586Countries that Visit Denmark the Most
570Danish Superliga Clubs (All-time)
546Denmark Football Team World Cup Starting XI
520Inhabited danish islands
508Monarchs of Denmark
498First-Level Subdivisions of Denmark with a Map
464Copenhagen City Trivia
464Countries Closest to Denmark (in Danish - på dansk)
441Denmark Cities Map Quiz
412Name the 1 country that borders Denmark
398Municipalities of Greenland - Map Quiz
38720 Biggest Cities in Denmark
382Copenhagen Metro Stations
380Danish Prime Ministers
368Cities in Greenland
347Greenland or Antarctica?
333Denmark Euro 2012 Squad
298Faroe Islands Trivia
297Biggest Trading Partners - Denmark
289Denmark National Football Team
257Letters of the Danish/Norwegian alphabet
254Countries that border Denmark
247Famous Danes
240Periodensystem der Elemente - alphabetisch
23650 Most Popular Girl Baby Names in Denmark 2016
234Famous Danes
233Overseas Territories of Denmark
228Most Capped Footballers for Denmark
221Denmark by Picture
221Denmark Country Quiz
208Regions of Denmark
205Municipalities of Denmark
195Most Common Last Names in Denmark
1875 Biggest Cities : Denmark
173Countries Closest: Denmark Yes or No
173Municipalities of Greenland with a Map
160Countries Closest to Greenland - One Minute Sprint
159Historical Timeline of Denmark
158Former and Present Countries, Dominions and Colonies of Denmark
158Denmark First Level Subdivisions
156Countries that have been part of Denmark
149Euro 2020 Semi Finals - England - Denmark
144Teams that Christian Eriksen Has Played For
144Der er et yndigt land (Anthem of Denmark) Lyrics Quiz
132Countries Closest to Greenland - 30 Second Sprint
131Countries that Visit Denmark the Most
11330 Biggest Cities in Denmark
110Denmark Quiz
103Denmark general knowledge #1
98Biggest cities in Denmark (50k)
94Denmark - Groups of six
91UEFA Euro 1992 Final Germany - Denmark
90Monarchs and their Descendants - Denmark
89Islands in Denmark
882022 FIFA World Cup Group D - France - Denmark
85Denmark Trivia
78Municipalities of Faroe Islands with a Map
77Countries that Beat Denmark
76Top 20 Largest Cities in Greenland
74Footballers by Picture - Denmark
73FC Copenhagen Starter Lineup 2017/18
71Euro 2020 Group B - Denmark - Belgium
71Largest Cities in Denmark
68Modern countries once owned by Denmark
67Danish soccer players scoring during the UEFA Euro
66Modern countries the Scandinavians had settlements in
66The Official Denmark Quiz
65Most Populous Cities of Greenland
64Provinces of Denmark
64Countries Closest to Greenland - 15 Second Sprint
55Biggest Cities in Denmark • A-Z
52Euro 2020 Group B - Denmark - Finland
50Euro 2020 Round of 16 - Wales - Denmark
44Countries that were part of Denmark
44Countries within 300km of Denmark
422022 FIFA World Cup Group D - Denmark - Tunisia
412022 FIFA World Cup Group D - Australia - Denmark
40Denmark Trivia Quiz
37Capitals of Greenland
36Largest Municipalities in DENMARK by First Letter
34Most popular baby names in Denmark
32Largest Cities In Denmark By Population
30Euro 2020 Quarter Finals - Czech Republic - Denmark
29Regions of Denmark by Population Density
26Euro 2020 Group B - Russia - Denmark
20Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest
18Regions of Faroe Islands with a Map
15Largest lakes in Denmark
15Municipalities of Greenland
8Municipalities of Greenland
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