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Name the movies directed by Quentin Tarantino.
Can you name the winners of the Academy Award for Best Director?
Based on a description of the plot, can you name the 12 movies directed by Christopher Nolan?
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In his career, Stanley Kubrick directed 13 movies. How many can you name?
Can you name the actors who directed each pair of movies?
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Name the people who directed these movies.
Stuff White People Like #4,723: Wes Anderson.
Name the people who directed these movies.
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2, top 250 Movies - Directors present at least twice
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2,108300 Greatest Movie Directors
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1,185Highest Grossing Directors
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844Movies by Directors #1
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633Quentin Tarantino Trivia
625Who Directed That Movie?
608Most Bankable Directors (per film average)
608Akira Kurosawa Movies
605Oscar Nominated Movie Directors since 1980
597M. Night Shyamalan movies
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548Directors with Most Nominations for Academy Awards
535Michael Bay Films Quiz
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492Every Oscar-Nominated Director
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346Tarantino Quotes to Character
336Spielberg Films Nominated for Best Picture Oscar
333Multiple Choice: Who Directed that Movie? #3
328New Hollywood Directors
310Actors frequently working with Wes Anderson
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3022010s Oscar Best Director Nominees
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277Multiple Choice: Who Directed that Movie? #4
277Highest-Grossing Directors (Updated)
262Richard Linklater Films
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253Steven Spielberg's Oscar Nominations
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208Directors by Last Name
207Movies written, produced or directed by Tim Burton
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1832020s Oscar Best Director Nominees
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122Multi Oscar Nominated Directors with No Wins
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1171980s Oscar Best Director Nominees
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109Movies by Female Directors
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56Directors A-Z
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54Top 10 Highest-Grossing Movie Producers
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48Films by Ivan Reitman (RIP) by Clue
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25Directors by Letter - S
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23Films by Martin Scorsese with Robert De Niro
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16Ben Affleck Movies!
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