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85FlabberBapper's Most Listened To Artists
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76Category Elimination - Discord Members
76Category Elimination - JetPunk Discord Members
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66JetPunk Discord Members with the Most Takes
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43Name a Discord Member A-Z
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36Revised US State Capitals
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33Higher or Lower - Discord Messages
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32JP Discord Members Who Live In The U.S. With A Map
30Name The Discord Member That Lives In The Given Country
24JetPunk Discord Server Analogies
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24JetPunk Discord Members by Messages per Mention Ratio
21JetPunk Discord Members by User Profile
21Honourable Members by Favourite Flag
21JetPunk Discord Members by Highest Total Level
21Jetpunk Discord Members
19Fastest JetPunk Discord Members to Reach 1K Messages
18Discord members by PFP #4
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17All JetPunk discord server members that have pinged MDawg396
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10#punkipedia Members
10Jetpunk Discord FCs by # of Messages
8Jetpunk Discord FCs by # of Quizzes
5Jetpunk Discord FCs by Level
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