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Can you name the full-length, animated movies released by Walt Disney Studios?
You'll forget a different one every time.
Some of these characters whistled while they worked.
We give you the animal character. You tell us what kind of animal it is.
Can you guess these facts from Disney's 1994 animated classic "The Lion King"?
Can you answer these questions about the animated movies released by Walt Disney Studios?
Believe it or not, "Frozen" premiered 10 years ago today. Can you fill in the missing lyrics to the headline song from the movie?
Name these heroines from animated and live-action Disney movies.
Can you match each scene to the Disney movie that it comes from?
Click the Disney film that each song belongs to.
To achieve quarterly profit goals, Disney executives have decided to dumb down these movie titles. Can you guess the original name based on the dumbed-down version?
327,577 Name the Disney Animated Movies
313,127 Name the 7 Dwarfs
238,653 Disney Feature Films by Characters
199,836 Disney Animals
71,842 Disney's "The Lion King"
51,582 Disney Animated Movie Trivia
50,947 Disney's Frozen - Let It Go Lyrics
45,227 Disney Heroines
35,248 Disney Movie Images - Click Quiz
30,997 Click the Disney Film by Song #1
26,302Category Elimination - Disney Animated Movies
19,119 Dumbed Down Disney Movie Titles
16,607 Disney's Frozen Quiz
15,791 Click the Disney Film by Song #2
13,308Disney's Frozen Quiz
12,885Disney Films by Character
12,035Disney Movies
10,069 Disney's "The Little Mermaid"
9,930 Disney's Frozen 2 - Into the Unknown Lyrics
9,823Name a Valid Disney Animated Movie
7,586Encanto - We Don't Talk About Bruno All Lyrics
7,129Disney's Frozen - Let It Go Lyrics
6,139Lion King Trivia
6,050Disney Channel Original Movies
5,867Disney Movie Images - Click Quiz #2
5,246Disney Movies
5,052Frozen - Do you want to build a snowman lyrics
4,815Disney's Encanto Quiz
4,412Disney Character Anagrams
4,317Finding Nemo Characters
4,283Disney Movies By Character
4,273The Lion King Trivia
4,187Moana 'How Far I'll Go' Lyrics
4,020Disney Films
3,841Lion King Characters
3,402Badly described Disney movies
3,363Guess These Badly Described Disney Movies
3,236The Tangled Quiz
3,148"Frozen" Songs
2,914Frozen Characters
2,663Disney Characters
2,575The 52 Disney Classics
2,406Mountain Ranges of the World (hard)
2,316Tangled - When Will My Life Begin Lyrics
2,265Frozen Quiz
2,174Disney Descendants
2,168Name a Disney/Pixar Movie A-Z
2,167Colours of the wind- Pocahontas
2,127Disney Animated Quotes
2,111All the lyrics to Moana's "how far I'll go"
2,096Frozen - Love is an open door lyrics
2,014Beauty and the Beast (Disney)
1,958Disney's Tangled Quiz
1,950Disney Characters
1,893Click the Disney Film by Song #3
1,857Guess characters from Encanto
1,596Disney Channel Original Movies 1997-2023
1,592One Question Per Disney Film
1,582Ultimate Frozen Quiz
1,580Disney Songs by Movie - Tile Select #1
1,557The Little Mermaid (Disney)
1,551Finish the Lyrics (Frozen)
1,501Every country by highest elevation
1,444The Lion King - Who Says What?
1,351Characters by Screen Time in a Random Disney Movie
1,276disney's descendants songs films 1-3
1,259Moana Character Quiz
1,257Disney Animals
1,237Moana 'You're Welcome' Lyrics
1,209Disney Movies A-Z
1,202Disney Movies by Picture
1,185Click the Disney Film by Song #4
1,097Let it go lyrics
1,064Pocahontas: Colors of the Wind Lyrics
1,062Dumbed Down Disney Movie Titles 2
1,056Aladdin movie trivia
1,009Frozen Quiz
1,002The Lion King Characters Picture Quiz
989Frozen: Olaf Quotes
949Tangled Quiz
947Disney Descendants
945Tangled Trivia
939frozen disney
910Disney Aladdin
904Beauty and the Beast Characters
899The Incredibles
897Surface Pressure-Jessica Darrow (Encanto)
891Mary Poppins Returns Quiz
868Frozen For The First Time In Forever Lyrics
854Disney Feature Films by Character #2
851Cinderella (Disney)
843Disney's Encanto Family Members
819Songs in Disney's Moana
818♫ I've Got a Dream Lyrics - from Tangled ♫
818Disney Song Lyrics: Frozen: Let It Go
810The lion king songs
772Frozen Quotes
765Waiting On A Miracle - Encanto (All Lyrics)
745Animals from Disney Movies
673Snow white and the seven dwarfs (Disney)
668Frozen 2- Show Yourself Quiz
637Highest Grossing Animated Movies - Inflation Adjusted
637Disney's Tangled Quiz
609Moana Movie Quiz
604Frozen - Reindeers are better than people lyrics
579Encanto Character Quiz!!!!
576Sleeping Beauty (Disney)
564Disneys Descendants cast
562Disney's The Little Mermaid
538Big Hero 6
528Zootopia Characters Quiz
521Encanto Word Chain Quiz
520Beauty and the Beast (All Lyrics)
516Mulan Movie Songs
515Disney PIXAR Finding Nemo Characters
505Disney Songs by Movie - Tile Select #2
493Mary Poppins Trivia Quiz
489Finding Nemo Quiz
479Encanto Songs Quiz
474Encanto A-Z
474Mulan Characters Quiz
469'Under The Sea' Lyrics
460Moana's "Shiny" Lyrics
435Beauty and the beast lyrics quiz
417Tangled Characters Quiz
370Lightning McQueen Countries Visited Map
335Beauty and the Beast (1991 film) Characters Quiz
332Finding Nemo/Dory Typing Challenge
330Mary Poppins Songs
323All Marvel and DC Comics Based Films (Disney, Sony, Fox, Warner etc.)
307Be Our Guest Lyrics - Beauty and the Beast
302'I Am Moana' Lyrics
300Guess The Lyrics - Reflection (Mulan)
282Pocahontas Trivia
262Beauty and the beast 2017
261Moana Quiz
259Disney's Frozen Characters
254Name the characters of Beauty and the Beast.
251Big Hero 6 Quiz 2 (Harder)
237Disney Groups of Things #1
232All Disney & Pixar Animated Films
231Disney Animated Movies A-Z
225finding nemo quote quiz
180All the Star Wars Jedis
178Disney Song Lyrics: Frozen: Frozen Heart
177Frozen Characters by Screen Time
174Disney Movie by Song Quiz
153Name every person in the family Madrigal (Encanto)
150Pocahontas Characters Quiz
144Mary Poppins by Picture
136Disney's Beauty and the Beast Characters
124Films Based on Disney Rides and Attractions
122Beauty and the beast 2017 cast
121Disney Animated Movies (2000-2021)
106All 1990's Animated Disney Movies
86All 2010's Disney Films
72All Disney Animated Films
63Mulan Franchise
62All Disney Plus Premier Access Movies
56Finding Nemo Franchise
47Disney Movies in Kingdom Hearts
45All 3D Animated Disney Movies
43All Disney Plus Movies
40All 2019 Disney Films
35All 2021 Disney Films
34Most Popular Disney+ Movies As of 2021
32All 2020 Disney Films
28Big Hero Six (2014) Characters
26All 2017 Disney Films
25All 2022 Disney Films
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21All 2023 Disney Movies
18All 1990's Disney Animated Movies
15All 2000's Disney Movies (HARD!)
11All Disney Animated Home Video Movies
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