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Played: 40,939
Rating: 4.00
Such a popular Australian animal.
Played: 38,608
Rating: 4.31
Such as an alpaca's larger cousin.
Played: 36,660
Rating: 4.07
Such as a certain type of ape.
Played: 33,543
Rating: 3.98
Such as a very tall African animal.
Played: 32,339
Rating: 3.99
Guess these words that contain RR.
Played: 31,829
Rating: 4.13
Based on the definitions, guess these words that contain DD.
Played: 31,184
Rating: 4.24
Whale fat? Jewish religious leader?
Played: 28,167
Rating: 4.17
Such as a mixed-breed dog.
Played: 27,268
Rating: 4.04
Such as an elite special operations soldier.
Played: 26,938
Rating: 4.09
Such as a large double-reed instrument.
Played: 25,592
Rating: 4.02
Such as a type of blue gem.
Played: 25,339
Rating: 4.00
Such as a group of geese.
Played: 25,149
Rating: 4.08
Such as a hotel for dogs.
Played: 24,527
Rating: 4.06
Those Italians sure do like their double C's!
Played: 62
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