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Name the countries with the highest per-capita alcohol consumption.
Try to name the twenty countries that produce the most wine.
Try to guess which countries produce the most beer. You might be surprised!
For each selected beer, guess the country of origin.
For each selected beverage, name the country in which it originated.
Can you name the countries that produce the most beer per capita? 🍺🍺🍺
Can you name the countries that produce the most wine per capita? 🍷🍷🍷
We give you the cocktails. You tell us the ingredients.
Based on the ingredients, name the cocktail.
Can you guess the most common pub names in the United Kingdom?
Try to guess whether each grape varietal produces a red wine or a white wine.
175,682 Countries by Alcohol Consumption
152,231 Countries that Produce the Most Wine
98,388 Countries that Produce the Most Beer
68,684 Beers by Country Quiz
62,365 Best Selling Beers in the U.S.
52,469 Drinks by Country
47,331 Top Cocktail Ingredients
41,133 Top 10 Countries in Beer Production per Capita
40,334 Top 15 Countries in Wine Production per Capita
38,824 Synonyms of Drunk
37,955 Cocktail Shopping List Quiz
34,108 Word Scramble - Beers
28,627 Name That Cocktail Quiz
17,049Synonyms for Bar Quiz
15,478 100 Most Popular Pub Names in the UK
11,786 Red Wine... or White?
8,790Common Wine Varietals
8,171 The Wonderful World of Wine
6,641 Beer Brewery Locations Quiz
5,246Top 10 States in Consumption of Alcohol
5,146Drinks by Picture 🥤
3,588Beer in 10 languages
3,056Wines by Country
2,348Indian Food and Drink (by Picture)
2,239Alcoholic Drinks and the Raw Ingredients for Each
2,190Most popular beer brands in the UK
1,717Alcoholic Beverages A to Z
1,364TOP 20 Countries in Beer Consumption
1,305Alcohol recognition
1,256Most common pub names in England
1,239100 Most Common Pub Names in the UK
1,178Beer Drinking Countries
1,064Top ten wine consuming countries
981French Wine Regions
974Most Widely-Consumed Drinks in the World (Easy)
963Biggest Beer-Buying Holidays in the US
860Most Popular UK Pub Names - Picture Quiz
819Countries where Wine is the most consumed alcoholic beverage
744Most Famous Wine Varietals
732Food and Drink that are an Acquired Taste (by Picture)
703Celebrity Alcohol Deaths
671Ingredients of Six Basic Mixed Drinks (Cocktails)
648Coke… or Pepsi? 🥤
638Best-selling beers in Europe
600Countries by beer consumption per capita
561U.S. States that Drink Drive the Most
49610 Biggest Selling Beer Brands Globally
495Top Coffee-Exporting Countries
467The beer quiz
461Malt Whisky Distilleries in Scotland
412U.S. States that Drink Drive the Most - with a Map
394Some of the World's Best-Selling Whiskey/Whisky Brands
379TOP 10 Biggest Wine Producers
352Coca-Cola (Coke) Ingredients
328Italian wines by region
307Beers by Country
294Famous film cocktails
288Liqueur Flavours
273Countries That Drink the Most Wine
273Top 20 Beer Drinking Countries
272Where's that beer from?
244International wine regions
2325 most alcoholic countries by continent.
228Most Popular Beers by Country
225TOP 10 Countries in: Beer Production
210Most popular German Beer Brands
191The Nine Classic International Varieties of Wine
187Wine Bottle Sizes (with an SVG image)
184Major Wine Grapes
17815 Countries That Drink the Most Wine, per capita
174Biggest importers of Belgian Beer
172Champagne Bottle Sizes
169Global beers A to Z
167Beer and Beer Brewing Multiple Choice
166Top 10 Countries that produce most Wine
165Food and Drink: Keto... or Not?
158Energy Drinks by Clue
156US States with the 50 Drunkest Counties
155Top 10 UK Beer Brands
148Top 10 Beer Consumers
146German Beer Trivia
143Top 10 Countries that Produce the Most Wine
143French Wine Regions
138Best-Selling Beers in the World
133Countries that Drink the Most Wine per Capita
120Countries with Highest Per Capita Wine Consumption
113Top 50 Craft Beer Breweries in the United States
107Top Wine Producing Countries
98Main Ingredients in Beer
94Which Countries Consume Most Beer Per Capita
94Beer, Sausage, Emperor, or Bundesliga Team - A Germany Click Quiz
90French Wine
86Biggest europian beer consuming countries per capita
86Countries That Drink the Most Beer
84Beer Brands by Wikipedia Description
83Countries where alcohol is illegal
83Trappist beer
79Wines of Italy
69Countries with the most alcohol consumption
68Countries that Export the Most Liquor
63Countries that drink the least wine per capita
59Beers of the world
58London's Oldest Pubs
55The Largest Beer Companies
54Wine Varietals
49Victorian (Australia) Wine Regions
44Countries that drink the most soda
43Brazilian Beers
41Countries that Import the Most Liquor
32Beer connoisseur? #1
31Countries With the Highest Alcohol Consumption by Continent
30Trappist Beers
27Wine Regions of Canada
26Trappist beers
24Trappist beers around the world
23Countries where there is no minimum drinking age
12Napa Valley Wine Regions
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