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All Tanzania's neighbors have fallen into the sea! Guess their names to bring them back.
Which 20 countries are geographically closest to Ethiopia?
Name all countries that share land border with Kenya.
Fill in the map of East Africa by clicking each highlighted country.
Can you guess these facts about the country of Ethiopia?
Name these facts about the country of Tanzania.
Can you guess these facts about the country of Kenya?
Can you guess these facts about the country of Sudan?
Can you guess these facts about the country of Madagascar?
Can you answer these questions about the country of Somalia?
Can you guess these facts about the country of Uganda?
56,324 Countries Bordering Tanzania
54,127 Countries Closest to Ethiopia
49,154 Countries Bordering Kenya
45,643 Eastern Africa Map Quiz
33,301 Ethiopia Country Quiz
23,853 Tanzania Country Quiz
21,142 Kenya Country Quiz
19,319 Sudan Country Quiz
18,596 Madagascar Country Quiz
17,514 Uganda Country Quiz
17,271 Somalia Country Quiz
15,480 Mauritius Country Quiz
15,393 Eritrea Country Quiz
15,315 Rwanda Country Quiz
15,047 Seychelles Country Quiz
14,890 Djibouti Country Quiz
14,462 Comoros Country Quiz
13,940 South Sudan Country Quiz
3,223Countries Closest to Ethiopia - Without Map
1,675Counties Of Kenya On A Map
1,621Flags of Countries that Border Kenya
1,562Countries Closest to Kenya
1,561Districts of Uganda with a Map
1,365Madagascar Country Quiz
1,054Countries Closest to Eritrea
1,052Regions and City Administrations of Ethiopia
1,025Countries Closest to Sudan
1,009Regions of Ethiopia With a Map
1,004Countries Closest to Djibouti
926Countries Closest to Tanzania
917Regions Of Tanzania With A Map
844Countries Closest to Ethiopia
804Countries Closest to Mauritius
767Countries Closest to Uganda
764Countries Closest to Rwanda
685Countries That Speak Swahili
669Countries Closest to Seychelles
625Wakanda... or Uganda?
586Countries Bordering Uganda - Map Quiz
567Countries Bordering Sudan With a Map
564Provinces of Sudan
554States of Somalia
530Uganda Country Quiz
506Countries Closest to Somalia
470Click to Translate - Swahili
464Mauritania... or Mauritius?
453Ethiopia bordering countries
435Countries that Beat Ethiopia
434Biggest Cities in Tanzania on a Map
430Countries Bordering Kenya - Without a Map
405Countries that Visit Kenya the Most
386States of South Sudan with a Map
364Burundi... or Rwanda?
355Countries Bordering Kenya - Map Quiz
352Countries that border Somalia
343Biggest Trading Partners - Somalia
340History of Ethiopia Quiz
327Regions and City Administrations of Ethiopia Map Quiz
322Flags of Countries that Border Tanzania
317Regions of Eritrea
316Countries that Beat Madagascar
312Regions of Eritrea Map Quiz
312What are the major cities of Kenya.
286Cities Closest to Kilimanjaro on the Map (East Africa)
276Regions of Madagascar Map Quiz
274Regions of Djibouti with a Map
268Countries Bordering Ethiopia Clockwise - Map
265Ethiopian Quiz
262History of Somalia Quiz
247Countries that Visit Seychelles the Most
232Largest Tribes in Kenya
231Countries Bordering Uganda
225Ethiopian Airlines destinations
225Zones of Ethiopia With a Map
221Countries Closest to South Sudan
220Biggest Cities in Somalia
211Countries Bordering Eritrea
210Biggest Trading Partners - Ethiopia
210Sudan, or South Sudan?
205Geography of Tanzania Quiz
202Réunion Trivia
200Countries Visiting Tanzania the Most
196Countries bordering Sudan
196Countries that border Djibouti
189Click to Translate - Amharic
186Amharic Alphabet
182History of Madagascar
165Biggest Cities in the East African Federation
164Countries Closest to Kenya by first two letters
1617 Largest cities in Ethiopia
161Countries that Beat Rwanda
154Biggest Cities in Kenya
153Countries Closest to Comoros
153Countries that border Rwanda
152Countries Closest to Eritrea by first two letters
148Countries Closest to Somalia A-Z
148Ethiopia Country Quiz
143Shapes of Countries That Border Ethiopia
134Countries Closest to Somalia
1335 Largest cities in Sudan
123Biggest Trading Partners - Madagascar
120Countries Bordering South Sudan
117Eritrea Country Quiz
113Countries that Bordered Sudan before 2011
110Comoros First Level Subdivisions
109Largest Cities in Sudan
1085 Biggest Cities : Kenya
105Largest cities in Madagascar
104Countries with embassies and consulates in Mauritius
103General quiz about Eritrea
102Countries bordering Rwanda
101Largest cities in Mauritius
100Largest cities in Uganda
98Djibouti First Level Subdivisions
9810 Biggest Cities in Sudan
96Largest cities of Somalia
93Click to Translate - Somali
91Biggest Cities in Djibouti
91Country that Bordered Ethiopia before 1991
90Air Seychelles-Victoria
90Ethiopian Airlines Destinations-Addis-Ababa
89Countries with military bases in Djibouti
8810 Biggest Cities in Tanzania
8410 Biggest Cities in Kenya
84Countries Apart From South Sudan That.....
85Countries that Beat Sudan
83Colors on the Flag of Seychelles
81Largest cities in Eritrea
7410 Biggest Cities in Uganda
73Countries with Ethiopian embassies
7110 Biggest Cities in Ethiopia
68Can you answer these questions about Tanzania?
67Ethiopian Quiz
64Countries with embassies and consulates in Rwanda
62Countries with Somalian embassies
60Countries with Eritrean embassies
60Largest cities in South Sudan
60Countries Closest to Kenya - One Minute Sprint
59States of Sudan
58Countries Bordering Sudan
57History of Tanzania Quiz
57Districts and Zones of Mauritius
57Djibouti Country Quiz
56Provinces of Kenya
56Largest cities in Kenya
54Largest cities in Rwanda
52Click to Translate - Malagasy
51Name the Major Somali clans of Somalia
50Biggest Cities in Tanzania
50Biggest Cities in the Seychelles Quiz
47Countries with embassies and consulates in South Sudan
45Countries with embassies and consulates in Seychelles
45Countries Bordering Djibouti
44Top 10 Biggest Cities In Eritrea
43Countries with embassies and consulates in Sudan
42Countries with embassies and consulates in Eritrea
42Countries with embassies and consulates in Comoros
41Countries with embassies and consulates in Tanzania
41Comoros Quiz
40Tanzanian Superlatives
38Countries with embassies and consulates in Somalia
38Countries with embassies and consulates in Kenya
36Largest islands in Seychelles
35Largest Islands in Madagascar
34Countries with embassies and consulates in Djibouti
34Regions of Ethiopia
33South Sudan National Anthem Lyrics
32Top 10 Largest Cities in Rwanda
31Click to Translate - Oromo
31Biggest Cities in Ethiopia
31Countries Closest to Kenya - 15 Second Sprint
28Countries with embassies and consulates in Uganda
27Largest Lakes in Uganda
27Countries Closest to Kenya - 30 Second Sprint
27Countries that Border Ethiopia
27Top 10 Biggest Cities In Djibouti
26Countries with Ugandan embassies
26Countries Bordering Ethiopia
26Countries Closest to Mogadishu
26Biggest Cities in Tanzania Quiz
26Countries that border Ethiopia
24Regions of Djibouti
24Provinces of Rwanda
22Regions of Eritrea
21Largest Lakes in Tanzania Quiz
21Largest Islands in Comoros
20Districts of Tanzania on a Map
20Biggest cities in Ethiopia
20Uganda Trivia Quiz
20Countries Bordering (Countries Bordering) South Sudan
18Top 10 Biggest Cities In Seychelles
16Districts of Eritrea (with map)
15Prefectures of Comoros (with map)
15Sub-Counties of Kenya on a Map
12Districts of Rwanda (with map)
11Provinces of Madagascar
11Mayotte Trivia
9Districts of Djibouti
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