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Sharing a land border with Russia hasn't been so great lately.
Try to guess the countries that were part of the Soviet Union before it dissolved.
There are 7 countries that border Poland. Can you name them all?
There were 12 countries that had a land border with the Soviet Union in the post-WWII era. How many can you name?
We made a map of all the countries that are historically considered to be part of Eastern Europe. Fill in the map by clicking each highlighted country.
There are 7 countries that used to be part of Yugoslavia. How many can you name?
Can you name these facts about the country of Russia?
Can you name the 7 countries that border Hungary?
Name the 85 federal subjects or Russia which include oblasts, republics, krais, federal cities, etc...
Can you name all the countries where a majority of the population speaks a Slavic language?
Can you guess the countries that border Ukraine? When you guess each country, it will appear on the map.
371,878 Countries That Border Russia
147,917 Countries of the Soviet Union
131,100 Countries that Border Poland
129,871 Countries that Bordered the USSR
103,051 Eastern Europe Map Quiz
93,346 Countries Formerly in Yugoslavia
91,986 Russia Country Quiz
86,420 Countries that Border Hungary
83,839 Federal Subjects of Russia
80,142 Slavic Countries
78,119 Countries Bordering Ukraine, with an Empty Map
74,143 Most Mentioned Enemies of Russia
73,054 Countries Bordering Serbia
69,328 Biggest Cities in Russia
69,177 Non-Bordering Countries Closest to Russia
66,977 Countries with Territory in the Balkans
65,985 Soviet Leaders 1917–1991
60,645 Countries Invaded by the USSR
59,916 25 Biggest Cities of the Soviet Union
57,238 Soviet Union Country Quiz
52,220 Flags of Countries That Border Russia
47,952 Poland Country Quiz
45,845 Countries that Beat Russia
45,627 Countries With the Most Russian Speakers
45,030 All Slavic Languages With a Map
44,465 Slavic Languages
40,727 Biggest Cities in Poland
36,622 Ukraine Country Quiz
35,899 Slovakia... or Slovenia?
34,760 Russia Multiple Choice
34,036 The Dictator Files: Joseph Stalin
33,623 U.S. States Closest to Moscow
32,884 Romania Country Quiz
32,832 Czech Republic Country Quiz
32,080 Hungary Country Quiz
31,389 Croatia Country Quiz
30,223 Most Mentioned Allies of Russia
29,590 Biggest Trading Partners - Russia
29,109 Albania Country Quiz
27,529 History of Russia Quiz
27,261 Russia True or False?
27,259 Serbia Country Quiz
26,107 Bosnia and Herzegovina Country Quiz
24,124 Latvia Country Quiz
23,845 Lithuania Country Quiz
23,459 Russia A-Z
23,292 Estonia Country Quiz
23,217 Moldova Country Quiz
23,099 Bulgaria Country Quiz
23,055 Slovenia Country Quiz
22,855 Slovakia Country Quiz
22,167 Belarus Country Quiz
21,167 Famous Russians Quiz
20,916 North Macedonia Country Quiz
20,570 The Dictator Files: Vladimir Lenin
18,663 100 Biggest Soviet Cities in 1989 with a Map
18,633 Kosovo Country Quiz
18,221 Geography of Russia
18,166 Embarrassing Chapters in Russian History
18,165 Montenegro Country Quiz
16,858 Russia by Picture
15,568 Russian History A-Z
15,381100 Biggest Cities in Russia on a Map
13,322 Word Chain - Russia
12,372100 Biggest Cities in Poland
12,009 Arms Exports - Russia
11,44220 biggest cities in Serbia
11,230Oblasts of Ukraine (With a Map)
11,201Counties of Romania with a Map
10,993 Russian Inventions
9,855All Modern-Day Countries Ever Controlled by the Russian Empire
9,00930 Biggest cities in Croatia
8,780Countries Closest to Russia
8,541Provinces (Voivodeships) of Poland (With a Map)
8,494Municipalities of Slovenia with a Map
8,412Balkan countries
8,402Countries Closest to Hungary
8,105100 Biggest Cities in Poland on a Map
7,394Countries Closest to Poland
6,837All Modern-Day Countries Ever Controlled by Polish People
6,733Countries that bordered Czechoslovakia in the 30's and 80's
6,479Indo-European Languages in 250 BC with a Map
5,946Countries that border Serbia
5,816Oblasts of Ukraine on a Map
5,685200 Biggest Cities in the Czech Republic with a Map
5,648Biggest Cities in Ukraine
5,366Countries Closest to Albania
5,322100 Biggest Cities in Russia
5,314Collapse of the Soviet Union with a Map
5,282Biggest Cities in Hungary
5,045Countries bordering the Soviet Union
5,014Modern-Day Countries of the Serbian Empire on a Map
4,925Counties of Croatia with a Map
4,883Countries With the Most Romanian Speakers
4,851Russia Cities Map Quiz
4,729Federal Subjects of Russia Quiz
4,579Rulers of Russia and the Soviet Union
4,554Municipalities of North Macedonia with a Map
4,53520 biggest cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina
4,533100 biggest cities in Ukraine
4,529Poland... or Portugal?
4,491Croatia 2018 FIFA World Cup Squad
4,455Profile of Poland Quiz
4,408Provinces of Bulgaria on a Map
4,356Modern-Day Countries of the Russian Empire in 1898 on a Map
4,322Russian Federal Subjects
4,277Country Quiz on a Map - Russia
4,222Modern-Day Countries of the First Bulgarian Empire on a Map
4,206All 50k+ Cities in Ukraine with a Map
4,097Municipalities of Latvia with a Map
4,018Modern-Day Countries of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth on a Map
3,951Poland Immigration by Country
3,926Crimea: Ukraine or Russia?
3,894Regions of Belarus Map Quiz
3,885Flags of Countries that Border Serbia
3,884Countries Closest to Czechia
3,878All 50k+ Cities in Romania with a Map
3,861Largest cities in Austria-Hungary Empire
3,812Biggest Cities in Balkans
3,748Click to Translate - Russian
3,745Most Popular Russian Girl Names
3,651Biggest Cities in Former Yugoslavia
3,570Subdivisions of the Russian Empire with a Map
3,545World Capitals Closest to Moscow
3,527Regions of Czechia with Map
3,502Counties of Albania
3,435Countries With the Most Polish Speakers
3,409Municipalities of Montenegro with a Map
3,350All Modern-Day Countries Ever Controlled by the Soviet Union
3,333Biggest cities in Slovakia
3,321Districts of Serbia
3,312Regions of Slovakia
3,237Famous People From Poland
3,209Countries With the Most Hungarian Speakers
3,194Random Serbian words
3,173All 50k+ Cities in Russia with a Map
3,123Counties of Estonia
3,011Countries that Occupied Serbia in World War II (WWII) - Map Quiz - Serbian History
2,95350 biggest cities in Romania
2,946Russian language in Europe
2,930Countries that Beat Poland
2,921Countries Closest to Bosnia and Herzegovina
2,892Syria... or Serbia?
2,883Countries Closest to Croatia
2,879Districts (Raions) of Moldova on a Map
2,865The Yugoslavia Quiz
2,828Flags of the USSR Republics
2,80950 largest cities in Slovakia
2,772Click to Translate - Polish
2,720Biggest Cities in Ukraine on a Map
2,703Modern-Day Countries of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania with a Map
2,630Countries with Russian Expatriates
2,616Countries that Bombed Serbia and Montenegro (FR Yugoslavia) in 1999 - Serbian History
2,607Most Visited Countries by Croatians
2,593Languages Of The Soviet Union (USSR)
2,587Countries of the Russian Empire
2,504All 50k+ Cities in Hungary with a Map
2,453Croatia 2022 FIFA World Cup Squad
2,452All Countries that had territory in the Balkans since 1800
2,449Countries Closest to Ukraine
2,44420 Biggest cities in the Czech Republic with a Map
2,441All 50k+ Cities in Bulgaria with a Map
2,430250 most common Polish last names
2,408Serbian NBA players
2,398Counties of Lithuania on a Map
2,368All 50k+ Cities in Poland with a Map
2,367Counties of Hungary with a Map
2,361Countries Closest to USSR
2,359Croatian words
2,353Croatian cities and towns
2,341All 50k+ Cities in Serbia with a Map
2,339Federal Subjects of Russia Map Quiz
2,338Russia... or USA?
2,326Flags of Countries that Border Ukraine
2,241Biggest Cities in the Czech Republic
2,229Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania
2,199Countries in the Former Soviet Union
2,189What countries border Romania?
2,188Bulgaria Country Quiz
2,185Largest Islands of Croatia Quiz - Map
2,185Countries that Bordered Yugoslavia
2,177Municipalities of Serbia on a Map
2,116Polish Ekstraklasa all time league table
2,114Updated: The Ukraine War
2,102Prague Metro Stops (including D line)
2,084Polish-Speaking Countries
2,063Biggest cities in Estonia
2,06530 Biggest Cities in Bulgaria
2,058Flags of Countries That Border Poland
2,048Serbian licence plates
2,047Highest mountains in Poland
2,024Click to Translate - Romanian
2,011Croatia... or Czechia?
2,008Bosnia and Herzegovina Country Quiz
2,008300 largest Russian Cities
1,991Latvia... or Lithuania?
1,977Regions of Ukraine
1,960Longest rivers in Poland
1,948100 Biggest Cities of the Russian Empire with a Map
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