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They say that money is the root of all evil. But oil is a close second.
Can you name the 20 countries that consume the most oil?
Name the countries which have the most proven oil reserves.
Which countries have the most installed solar capacity?
Try to name the countries where at least 50% of their exports consist of oil, gas, and petroleum products.
Try to name the countries that produce the most crude oil per person.
Can you name the ten countries that have the most installed geothermal power generational capacity?
Can you name the ten states of the U.S. which produce the most crude oil?
147,461 Top Crude Oil Producing Countries
105,393 Countries by Oil Consumption
60,624 Top Oil Reserve Countries
52,538 Top 10 Solar Power Countries
41,801 Oil Export Dependent Countries
39,038 Top 10 Countries by Per Capita Crude Oil Production
28,211 Top 10 Geothermal Countries
26,878 Top U.S. States in Crude Oil Production
3,049Five Biggest Oil Producing Countries by Continent
2,571Top 20 Oil Producing Countries in 1940
2,37510 Biggest Oil Producers and Consumers
2,161Five Biggest Oil Consuming Countries by Continent
2,125Biggest Energy Counsuming and Producing Countries
1,742Top Oil Importers
1,307Top 50 Countries by Oil Production
646Countries by Oil Imports
510Mal's Top 30 Countries by Energy Consumption per Capita
420TOP 10 Countries in: Oil Exporting
378Countries with the most oil
316TOP 10 Countries in: Oil Importing
296Top 10 US states by proven oil & natural gas reserves
292Countries With Most Reliance On Nuclear Energy
280Countries by Proven Oil Reserves
252Oil Production - World's 20 Largest Crude Oil Producing Companies in 2013
251Seven Sisters of the Oil Industry
248Top Uranium Producing Countries
244Oil Production - World's Top Oil Producing Countries 2017
225Energy Drinks by Clue
212Countries that Produce the most Oil
206Name the Changes of State of Matter (Phase Transitions)
192US States with OIL
190Leading U.S. States for Nuclear Power Generation - 2018
169Countries with the Most Renewable Water
161Countries by Per Capita Oil Consumption
161Destination of Oil Products Exports from USA - 2017
155Top Twenty Oil Producing Nations
153Countries With Most Renewable Energy
149World’s top oil producers
141Foreign Crude Oil Suppliers to USA - 2017
136Countries by Oil Production A-Z
131Countries With The Worlds Biggest Oil Reserves
116Countries with the Highest % of Energy from Renewables
115Countries that Produce the Most Electricity from Solar Power
111Countries that Produce the Most Electricity
107Top Oil Producing Countries in Africa
9710 Countries With the Most Oil Reserves
96Countries with the Longest Total Pipelines
91Top Five Countries By Energy Production
70All Countries with Geothermal Energy Production
65Most Hydroelectric dependent countries
54Countries with Most Hydropower as a % of Total Energy
49Most Solar Power as a % of Total Energy Production
46Countries A-Z with the Most Nuclear Reactors
44UK Nuclear Power Stations
42US states whose largest source of energy is renewable
30US States With No Wind Energy Production
2410 States with Highest Installed Wind Energy Capacity
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