English Premier League Quizzes

Take a Random English Premier League Quiz
Try to name the clubs in England's top football division for the 2023–24 season.
Name all the teams that have ever appeared in the English Premier League since its introduction in 1992.
Try to name the players who have scored 100 or more goals in Premier League matches.
Only seven different teams have won the Premiership since it started. Can you name them all?
Name the "countries" that have produced the most English Premier League players.
Can you name the Golden Boot winner from each season of the Premier League?
Name the six teams who have played in the Premier League every season since its inception.
Name the teams that have been relegated from the English Premier League since its inception.
Name the top 10 Manchester United goal-scorers of all time.
So far, nineteen players and two managers have been inducted into the Premier League Hall of Fame. How many can you name?
597,716 2024 English Premier League Teams
206,146 All EPL Teams Ever
180,877 English Premier League 100 Goals Club
140,273 English Premier League Champions
130,867 Countries of Premier League Players
126,953 EPL Leading Scorer by Year
108,966 EPL Teams That Played Every Season
93,385 Premier League Relegated Teams
55,051Manchester United Current Squad
51,231 Soccer Teams David Beckham Played For
41,651 Top 10 Manchester United Goalscorers
33,582 Top 10 Liverpool Goalscorers
26,051 English Premier League Hall of Fame
21,963All Premier League Managers Ever
20,346Manchester City Current Squad
20,137Arsenal Current Squad
18,836Premier League Winning Teams, Managers, Captains and Top Scorers
18,803Liverpool Current Squad
17,948Basic Premier League Quiz
16,942Chelsea Current Squad
14,457Manchester United Champions League Final Winning Team 2008
13,599Manchester United Trivia
12,803Premier League Top 4
12,229Tottenham Hotspur Current Squad
12,058English Football Clubs by Badge
11,564Football (Soccer) Player's first names from the EPL
11,085Top 100 Premier League Players
10,583Liverpool F.C. Transfer Record
10,546Premier League 2016-17 Logos
10,456Premier League Top 6
10,403Manchester United Premier League Players
10,222Premier League 2010's Winners Starting XI
9,981Manchester United 2010's Starting XI
9,920Chelsea Champion's League Final 2012 Starting XI
9,8972015-16 Leicester City Winning Squad
9,113Liverpool 2010's Starting XI
8,750Best Premier League Players on FIFA Soccer 13
8,685Chelsea 2010's Starting XI
8,641Liverpool Premier League Players
8,629Arsenal Best Scorer By Year
8,568Arsenal 2010's Starting XI
8,431Top 10 Arsenal Goalscorers
8,439Premier League Top Scorers by Year
8,252Manchester United Best Scorer By Year
8,083Manchester United's Title Winning Squad 2012/13
8,017Manchester United Premier League XIs
7,926Manchester City 2010's Starting XI
7,560Chelsea FC 2012/13 Premier League Squad
7,364Arsenal Premier League Players
7,161Fifa 15 Highest Rated English Premier League Players
7,061Liverpool Best Scorer By Year
7,028Every Premier League Goalscorer (2022/23)
6,905Manchester United All-Time Greatest XI
6,597English Premier League Top Goalscorers
6,494Finishing Order of Premier League 2011/2012
6,284Premier League Stadiums
6,245Arsenal Invincibles Season 03/04
6,246Premier League Golden Glove Winners
6,012Chelsea Premier League Players
7,089Every Premier League Goalscorer (2023/24)
5,810Football players who have played for Chelsea and Real Madrid
5,76030+ Goals in a single Premier League Season
5,709All of Sir Alex Ferguson's Signings For Manchester United.
5,647Chelsea Best Scorer By Year
5,546Liverpool FC Squad 2017-2018
5,535English Premier League Players With 50 Or More Assists
5,467Chelsea Trivia
5,257Liverpool 2020's Starting XI
5,205Top 20 Manchester United Scorers in the Premier League (football/soccer)
5,043Arsenal Trivia
4,957Nationalities that have won a English Premier league
4,725EA Sports FC 24 Top 100 Premier League Players
4,658Newcastle United Current Squad
4,645Aston Villa Current Squad
4,622Manchester City's 2011-12 Title Winning Squad
4,542Barcelona vs Manchester United - UEFA Champions League final 2009 squads
4,438Premier League Players at the 2022 FIFA World Cup
4,384Manchester United 2020's Starting XI
4,362Liverpool FC Squad 2021-2022
4,354Tottenham Hotspur 2010's Starting XI
4,334Tottenham Hotspur Premier League Players
4,223Current Liverpool Players
4,199Greatest Premier League Players
4,176Arsenal 2020's Starting XI
4,109Arsenal FC Squad 2016-2017
4,077Manchester City Premier League Players
4,087Chelsea 2020's Starting XI
4,032Chelsea FC Quiz
3,945Manchester City 2020's Starting XI
3,916West Ham United Current Squad
3,897Never-relegated Premier League teams.
3,843Chelsea FC Squad 2016-2017
3,837Manchester City Squad 2017-2018
3,824Every Premier League Goalscorer (2021/22)
3,814Premier League Logos Quiz
3,798Manchester United Champions League Final Winning Team 1999
3,786UEFA Champions League Final 2006 Paris, FC Barcelona vs. Arsenal London
3,778Chelsea F.C. Transfer Record
3,730Premier League Players Nationalities
3,710Liverpool FC Squad 2016-2017
3,656Liverpool F.C. 2019/2020 Squad
3,616Premier League 100 Clean Sheets Club
3,479Manchester City Best Scorer By Year
3,481Everton Current Squad
3,356Tottenham Hotspur Squad 2017-2018
3,283Top 50 Premier League All-Time Top Scorers
3,256Tottenham Hotspur Trivia
3,253Nationalities of the 2023-24 Premier League Managers
3,216Manchester United Iconic Shirt Numbers
3,119Premier League - League 2 teams (Soccer)
3,115Premier League Footballer Career Path Quiz
3,093Fifa 13 Ultimate Team Barclays Premier League Best Players
3,071Manchester United - Players to have scored - 2003/04 - 2014/15
3,001Arsenal - Players to have scored - 2003/04 - 2014/15
3,0032021 Champions League Final Manchester City - Chelsea
2,995Liverpool FC Squad 2014/15
2,9942022-23 Premier League First XI
2,997Liverpool Trivia
2,981Arsenal F.C. Transfer Record
2,956Tottenham Hotspur Best Scorer By Year
2,954Most Premier League hat tricks
2,907Premier League 2017-18 Logos
2,894Brighton & Hove Albion Current Squad
2,893Top 10 Premier League Best Starting XI
2,813Manchester United F.C. Transfer Record
2,791Premier League - Most games played together
2,792English Football Champions
2,743Football Tic-Tac-Toe #4
2,712All English Premiership Football Teams Ever
2,707Manchester City F.C. Transfer Record
2,692Manchester City Record Transfers
2,664Tottenham Hotspur 2020's Starting XI
2,658One Arsenal Player by Nation
2,631Chelsea FC - Players to have scored - 2003/04 - 2014/15
2,6342019 Champions League Final Tottenham Hotspur - Liverpool
2,618Every Premier League Goalscorer for Manchester United
2,599English Premier League Stadiums Quiz
2,597Arsenal Football Club
2,584Manchester City Trivia
2,586Top 10 Manchester United Starting XI
2,569Liverpool Opponents In UEFA Champions League
2,540Manchester United Squad 2016-2017
2,491Premier League Record Holders
2,487Everton Premier League Players
2,486Football Tic-Tac-Toe #3
2,472Top 10 Manchester City Starting XI
2,4622018 Champions League Final Real Madrid - Liverpool
2,460Premier League and First Division Champions 1888-2022
2,436Arsenal All-Time Greatest XI
2,415100 Goals For Manchester United
2,398Premier League Clubs by Emojis
2,396Premier League Manager of the Season Winners
2,393Premier League: Wins
2,392One Chelsea Player by Nation
2,365Liverpool FC 2018-2019 Squad
2,346Top 10 Arsenal Starting XI
2,298Liverpool FC - Players to have scored - 2003/04 - 2014/15
2,301Arsenal Premier League XIs
2,282FIFA 14 EPL Team of the Season
2,286English Premier League 150 Goals Club
2,264Wolverhampton Wanderers Current Squad
2,234One Manchester United Player by Nation
2,224Newcastle United top Premier League scorers
2,225Merged Premier League Badges
2,225Premier League Winning Nations
2,2142011/12 English Premier League Top Goalscorers
2,213Crystal Palace Current Squad
2,170Liverpool FC Squad 2022-2023
2,142Newcastle United Premier League Players
2,139Brentford Current Squad
2,132Arsenal FC Squad 2017-2018
2,133Manchester United - The Ultimate Quiz
2,129Premier League Managers 2023/2024
2,119Arsenal Record Transfers
2,122All Teams Never to Play in the Premier League
2,106One Manchester City Player by Nation
2,088Chelsea FC Squad 2017-2018
2,079Chelsea All-Time Greatest XI
2,069Leeds United Current Squad
2,060One Liverpool Player by Nation
2,049Premier league (English soccer league) winners quiz
2,024Chelsea FC Highest Transfer Fees
2,017Liverpool All-Time Greatest XI
2,019Premier League Winners’ XIs
2,009Everton 2010's Starting XI
2,006Top 10 Liverpool Starting XI
1,984Liverpool Best XI
1,988Football Tic-Tac-Toe #2
1,985All Premier League Teams Logo Quiz
1,970Football players who have played for Chelsea and Atletico Madrid
1,943Football/soccer players to score 15 goals in the EPL
1,941Arsenal: The Premier League Years
1,939Football Tic-Tac-Toe #5
1,919Chelsea FC 2020-2021 Squad
1,898Arsenal players with 200+ Premier league appearences
1,892Tottenham Hotspur Squad 2016-2017
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