Europe Quizzes - Page 11

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In terms of population, which European urban areas rank in the top 200 globally?
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Can you guess whether these statements about the Republic of Ireland are true or false?
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Guess the first names that appear in Beatles lyrics.
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Name these facts from Italian history post-Roman empire.
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Give the shape (animal) of the Patronus charm for various Harry Potter characters.
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A sometimes light-hearted quiz relating to British History.
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Name the countries that are visited by the greatest number of Sweden residents who are on holiday.
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For each given English word, can you select the correct French translation?
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Can you name the city based off an excerpt from its Wikipedia article?
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Name the top countries that Russia exports to and imports from.
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Guess these Beatles song titles, where most of the words have been replaced by synonyms.
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It's a World Cup trivia showdown. Try to guess whether each statement applies to Argentina, France, or both.
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Can you name the six most populous cities in North America that were originally founded as French settlements?
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Probably not. But, even so, try to answer these multiple choice questions about William Shakespeare and his many plays.
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Name the cantons of Switzerland. With a map!
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Flying nanny delights children? Based on a summary, try to name these movies that took place in London.
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Guess these words related to the United Kingdom.
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Such as the satellite that launched the space race.
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Can you name the players on England's football team for the 2018 FIFA World Cup?
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Can you answer these questions that might appear on the Life in the UK Test required to become a British citizen?
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For each letter A-Z, guess the answer that pertains to London.
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Name these 10 random cities within 1000 km of Paris on the map below. The answers change every time you play!
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Mother Mary has three words of wisdom?
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Can you guess the cities that are depicted in this picture quiz?
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Can you guess theses answers related to the geography of ancient Greece and its colonies?
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A quiz for history dorks.
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Can you name the 100 biggest communes in France? As you name them, they will appear on the map.
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Can you guess the countries mentioned in the Wikipedia page of Germany?
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Can you guess these facts about the country of Albania?
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Name all teams in the 2016 UEFA European Championship.
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Can you answer these multiple choice questions about the history of Great Britain?
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Based on the descriptions, name these popular French foods.
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Name the players and the manager representing England at Euro 2020.
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Question #1: What are the two largest Scottish lochs?
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Name the missing lyrics to Coldplay's Vida la Vida.
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Guess these facts about Napoleon and his reign as Emperor of France.
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For each box, enter the only European country that fits the description excluding countries that have already appeared on the quiz.
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For each statement, guess whether it applies to Greenland, Iceland or both.
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For each selected category, name any of the countries that ranks higher than Portugal.
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Can you guess these facts about the autonomous territory of Greenland?
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Name the teams that have been champions of the top tier of Italian football.
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Question #1: What lake is often considered to be the source of the Nile River?
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Guess the modern-day countries with territory that was once part of German Empire.
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Name all the European cities that have an operating metro system.
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For each letter A-Z, guess the answer that pertains to the country of France.
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For each letter of the alphabet, guess these answers that pertain to the country of Scotland.
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Can you answer these questions about the Trojan War in Greek mythology?
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In the winter, it drizzles. In the summer, it sizzles.
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Guess these facts about the life of the Roman leader Julius Caesar.