Europe Quizzes - Page 5

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See if you can correctly guess each highlighted Nordic city.
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Rating: 4.45
The capital of Austria, for example.
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How many of Russia's 20 most populous cities can you name?
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How many Roman emperors can you name?
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Where British royals are married, crowned, and buried?
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Guess what is pictured in these satellite images of Europe.
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Name any European country that belongs in each selected category.
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Click the name of each highlighted city in Spain.
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Can you name the European capitals whose final letter is N?
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Name the 10 European countries with the lowest quality of life as measured by the Human Development Index.
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Can you translate these ancient Greek words into English?
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Try to name the 17 autonomous communities of Spain.
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There are 134 different counties in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Can you guess them all with the help of a map?
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Can you name all of London's underground stations? Fill in below and the station names will appear on the map
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Can you name the European countries that are the furthest east?
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"Wonderwall" is not a Tesla product, it's a song by Oasis. It was big in the 1990s. Can you fill in the missing lyrics?
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Can you name all the countries that have territory on the Balkan Peninsula?
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Name the countries, overseas territories, and crown dependencies of the United Kingdom.
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Name these 12 capitals of Europe on the map. The answers change every time!
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Name the countries where King Charles III is currently the ceremonial head of state.
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Name the 85 federal subjects or Russia which include oblasts, republics, krais, federal cities, etc...
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The Soviet Union had 7 dictators. Can you name them all?
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Can you name all the countries that Germany has bordered since its unification in 1871?
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Rating: 4.82
Name the ten capital cities that have been guessed most frequently on the European Capitals Quiz.
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Rating: 3.95
Among the 45 countries that are considered to be "European" countries, which ones have territory that extends furthest south?
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Will be tough unless you're British.
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Try to guess the most common last names in Wales, Scotland, England, and Northern Ireland.
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Guess the modern-day countries that were once part of the Spanish Empire.
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Try to name the 32 boroughs of London, with the help of a map.
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How many of the 200 most populous urban areas in Europe can you name?
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Rating: 3.98
Try to name the 20 best-performing teams of all-time in the UEFA Champions League.
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Rating: 4.24
For each year, try to guess the 20 most popular baby boy names in Germany.
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Rating: 4.49
Can you guess these facts about the country of The Netherlands?
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Rating: 4.30
Guess these things that are associated with Great Britain.
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Rating: 4.72
Can you answer these questions about Greek mythology?
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Can you answer these multiple choice questions whose answers are European countries?
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Can you name the modern-day countries with the most territory that was part of the Roman Empire?
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You might not remember them all, but you've probably at least heard them.
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Can you guess these facts about the history of Ancient Greece?
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I apologize for the difficulty of this quiz!
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Beat the clock to unscramble the names of official cities of the United Kingdom. The answers change every time you play.
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Can you name the five sovereign Nordic countries and their capital cities?
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Name the countries that were invaded by the Soviet Union with hostile intent.
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I heard they had a lot of toga parties back then.
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Name the countries of Europe that are still, technically speaking, monarchies.
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Have too much time on your hands? Try to name as many of Europe's 1153 first-level administrative divisions as you can.
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Can you answer these questions about the geography of Europe?
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There are 6 countries that touch the Adriatic Sea. Can you name them all?
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Rating: 4.31
Name the most populous metro areas in the Nordic countries.
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Rating: 4.78
Can you name the largest modern-day cities that are located within the former territory of the Roman Empire?