European History Quizzes

Take a Random European History Quiz
Name the countries that had at least 10,000 military deaths during WWII.
Try to name all 24 Greek letters.
Guess the Greek and Roman names of the Olympian gods.
Can you guess the names of the kings and queens who have ruled England since the time of the Norman conquest?
Beat the clock to decode these randomly-generated Roman Numerals.
Do you have what it takes to name all 34 of Shakespeare's plays?
Guess the name of each selected Greek letter.
There are 56 member states in the Commonwealth of Nations, sometimes known as the British Commonwealth. How many can you name?
The Axis powers controlled parts of 69 modern-day countries. How many can you name?
Name the countries that had at least 1,000 military deaths during WWI.
Name these famous figures from Greek Mythology.
701,742 Countries in World War II
513,291 Letters of the Greek Alphabet
412,162 Olympian Gods Quiz
391,681 English Monarchs Quiz
351,250 Roman Numeral Decoding Quiz
313,495 Shakespeare's Plays Quiz
261,207 Name that Greek Letter
208,449 Commonwealth of Nations Countries
188,429 Countries in World War I
186,930 Axis Occupied Countries of WWII
153,704 Figures from Greek Mythology
148,664 Countries of Europe After World War II
133,964 WWII Trivia #1
123,432 Ye Olde Professions
117,404 Countries of Europe Before World War I
114,852 Neutral European Countries of WWII
103,543 Modern Day Countries of Nazi Germany on a Map
102,418 Countries the UK Declared War On
102,224 WWI... or WWII?
96,443 Modern-Day Countries of the Roman Empire on a Map
95,607 Roman to Greek God
93,886 Modern Countries Conquered by Alexander the Great
93,746 Countries Settled by Vikings
90,992 WWII Geography
88,428 Biggest English Cities by Century
87,297 World War II Multiple Choice
84,537 World War I Quiz
83,798 WWII A-Z #1
81,426 Roman Emperors
79,282 WWII for Dummies
77,801 WWII Trivia #2
77,380 Countries of the Japanese Empire
77,093 Important Cities in WWII
76,072 Ancient Greek Words
75,935 Things with Names from Classical Mythology
75,446 Biggest Roman Empire Countries
75,037 Notable People of WWII
71,270 Greek Mythology General Knowledge #1
70,507 101 Figures from Greek Mythology
69,579 Famous Ancient Romans
67,153 Ancient Roman Trivia #1
66,956 Countries "Ruled" by King Charles III
60,228 Countries in the Byzantine Empire
60,164 Modern-Day Axis-Occupied Countries of WWII on a Map
59,929 Biggest Cities once in the Roman Empire
59,779 Ancient Greek Trivia
57,015 European History for Dummies
55,789 British History Quiz for Dummies
52,121 Roman History Vocabulary
51,391 The Dictator Files: Adolf Hitler
47,468 Greek Mythology General Knowledge #2
46,580 Houses of British Monarchs
45,896 Top 100 UK Baby Girls' Names in 1850
45,063 WWII A-Z #2
44,196 WWII Decoder
44,103 WWII True or False?
44,059 All Modern-Day Countries Ever Controlled by French People
43,834 Word Chain - Greek and Roman Mythology
42,838 The 11th and 12th Century
42,323 Wives of King Henry VIII
42,228 English First Names of the Middle Ages
42,044 Countries Most-Visited By Queen Elizabeth II
41,707 States of the Holy Roman Empire in 1356
41,578 Name a Valid Answer - World War II
40,724 Count in Roman Numerals - 30 Second Sprint
39,869 British History Multiple Choice #1
39,723 All Modern-Day Countries Ever Controlled by Prussia
39,463 The 15th Century
38,695 Holy Roman Empire Countries
38,333 Medieval English History
37,718 Geography of the Roman Empire
37,664 History of Germany Quiz
37,430 The 14th Century
37,086 Roman Names for Places
36,768 History of France Quiz
36,361 Largest Cities in Alexander's Empire
35,598 Ancient Greece - Multiple Choice
35,255 Territory Changes in World War I
34,923 Modern-Day Countries of the Holy Roman Empire on a Map
34,860 Countries Settled by the Ancient Greeks
34,753 WWII First Names
34,721 The Dictator Files: Joseph Stalin
33,777 Normandy D-Day Beaches
33,288 Ancient Roman Trivia #2
32,920 Languages of the Roman Empire with a Map
32,896 The Reign of Napoleon
32,230 WWII Figures by Picture
32,056 English Royal Consorts
32,025 Trace the Route of Marco Polo on a Map
32,023 Which Country in WWII?
31,959 Biggest Axis-Controlled Cities
31,881 WWI A-Z
31,719 The 13th Century
31,318 World Leaders of the World Wars
31,171 The Reign of Queen Elizabeth II
30,787 Mythology A-Z
30,537 The Life of Julius Caesar
30,469 Two Letter Roman Numerals
30,387 British History True or False
30,371 Dark Ages History
28,899 German Inventions
28,569 British History A-Z
28,304 Embarrassing Chapters in British History
27,896 Countries of the German Empire
27,779 Kings of France Quiz
27,417 Geography of Ancient Greece
26,867 French History Multiple Choice
26,729 The Trojan War
26,258 British History Multiple Choice #2
25,612 Geography of the British Empire
25,230 Ancient Rome - True or False?
24,764 Cities Bombed During WWII
24,576 The Reign of Henry VIII
24,294 WWII Movies
24,254 Flags of WW1
24,009 Byzantine History
22,669 History of London
22,378 The Reign of Elizabeth I
22,370 Countries by Percent WWII Deaths
22,188 Elizabeth I... or Elizabeth II?
22,094 Roman History by Picture
21,664 People in Pictures with Queen Elizabeth II
21,624 Animals in British History
21,049 Former Dominions of the British Empire
20,925 Countries of the Italian Empire
20,509 The Reign of Queen Victoria
20,069 Oldest Cities in the United Kingdom
18,925 Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms of England
18,231 Embarrassing Chapters in French History
18,133 History of Scotland
17,606 Giant Great Britain Millennium Quiz
17,132 Click Quiz: Roman to Greek Gods
17,073 British History - How Did They Die?
16,962 British Royal Titles
16,714Greek Gods and Goddesses
16,343 Most-Mentioned Characters in the Iliad
16,328 Three Real and One Fake - British History
14,945World War 2 Tanks Quiz (Difficult)
14,722 Largest Cities once part of the Byzantine Empire
14,685 Ancient Greek Inventions
14,546Greek Gods
13,279 Famous Ancient Greek People
13,013United Kingdom Overseas Territories
12,915 The Dictator Files: Benito Mussolini
12,268 Places Where Winston Churchill Said We Would Fight the Nazis
12,036 German History A-Z
11,813 People Buried at Westminster Abbey
11,629 The Life of Alexander the Great
11,436World War II Trivia
11,300 French History A-Z
11,063 Name a Valid Answer - British History
10,771 Embarrassing Chapters in German History
10,695 The Life of Winston Churchill
10,566Countries of Napoleonic France (With Map!)
9,764Territorial Losses of Germany after WWI with Disappearing Map
9,472Count in Roman Numerals - One Minute Sprint
8,712Kings and Queens of England and the United Kingdom
8,101Countries Of The British Empire
7,929Famous In WW2
7,814 Seven Hills of Rome
7,675Greek And Roman Gods
7,520 Anglo-Saxon and Viking Kings of England
7,164German WW2 tanks by pictures
7,118Byzantine (Eastern Roman) Emperors
7,044 Did You Even Watch - The Crown?
7,036WW2 Deaths By Countries
6,942World War 2 Quiz
6,280History of British Monarchs
6,272WW1 Or WW2?
6,212Administrative Divisions of Nazi Germany (with a Map)
5,805Flags of WW2
5,773The Napoleonic Wars
5,768Greek, Roman and Norse Gods
5,755European countries that were not occupied in World War II
5,658 British Prime Ministers by Clue
5,592German Tanks of World War 2
5,559(In)famous Nazis
5,467Modern-Day Countries of the Byzantine Empire with a Map
5,393100 Biggest Cities in the Roman Empire with a Map
5,073Countries that Declared War in WW1
5,003Modern-Day Countries of the Frankish Empire on a Map
4,960Countries of the Roman Empire
4,912Trace the Route of Francis Drake on a Map
4,797Royal Air Force and Royal Navy Aircraft of WW2
4,654Languages of Alexander the Great's Empire with a Map
4,650Random Letters of the Greek Alphabet
4,629Ancient Greek States in 300 B.C. with a Map
4,515Geography - The Roman Empire today
4,429Big Tudor Quiz
4,378Former Colonies of the British Empire
4,328Countries visited by Adolf Hitler
4,27120 Greatest Battles in British History
4,228World War II Casualties
4,209Greek mythology multiple choice
4,183Tanks of WW2 - Place of origin
4,170Kings and Queens of England
4,017Greek Gods and Godesses
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