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Played: 41,503
Rating: 4.10
Such as a hammer-wielding Norse god.
Played: 40,351
Rating: 3.98
Such as the original crazy Tea Party member.
Played: 36,779
Rating: 4.23
Such as a certain Middle Earth wizard.
Played: 34,667
Rating: 3.83
Such as a boxer who fought Apollo Creed.
Played: 34,439
Rating: 4.18
Such as girl who went down the rabbit hole.
Played: 34,383
Rating: 4.17
Such as a hero with an adamantium skeleton.
Played: 32,222
Rating: 4.05
Such as a certain Tomb Raider.
Played: 31,578
Rating: 4.19
Such as a person who wears glass slippers.
Played: 31,026
Rating: 3.92
One of them likes his martinis shaken, not stirred.
Played: 30,306
Rating: 3.84
Such as a very tall "Sesame Street" character.
Played: 27,369
Rating: 4.04
Such as a well-known beet farmer.
Played: 25,009
Rating: 3.96
Such as an intrepid Daily Bugle photographer.
Played: 23,703
Rating: 4.06
Such as Ron Weasley's better half.
Played: 22,960
Rating: 4.44
Such as Dana Scully's partner.
Played: 22,369
Rating: 4.08
Name these fictional characters whose names start with the letter S.
Played: 18,021
Rating: 3.81
One of them saw the ghost of Christmas future.
Played: 13,967
Rating: 4.30
Name these fictional characters whose names start with the letter O
Played: 10,497
Rating: 3.87
Kidnapped clownfish?
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