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Can you place the states of the U.S. in their right place on the map? What about the countries of Europe? Try these beautiful quizzes with custom interactive maps.
Take a Random Map Quiz
Fill in the map of Europe by correctly guessing each highlighted country.
Do you know where all 50 states are located? Fill in the map of the U.S. by correctly guessing each highlighted state.
Fill in the map of Africa by correctly guessing each highlighted country.
The easiest of our continental map quizzes.
Fill in the map of East and Southeast Asia by correctly guessing each highlighted country.
Watching the news might help you place these countries on the map.
Fill in the map of Central America and the Caribbean.
Can you put all the countries of Asia on a map?
Fill in the blank map of Canada by clicking the name of each highlighted province or territory.
Plan your ultimate vacation by filling in the map of Oceania.
Click the name of each highlighted British city.
3,704,653 Europe Map Quiz
3,570,408 United States Map Quiz
1,752,295 Africa Map Quiz
1,251,928 South America Map Quiz
1,243,243 East Asia Map Quiz
1,166,196 Middle East Map Quiz
785,968 Central America and Caribbean Map Quiz
649,314 Asia Map Quiz
522,789 Canada Provinces Map Quiz
500,521 Oceania Map Quiz
394,021 UK Cities Map Quiz
295,931 Europe Cities Map Quiz
281,467 Australia Map Quiz
268,268 Click a Valid Country A-Z
258,656 Counties of England Map Quiz
223,410 The Seven Continents Map Quiz
199,954 NBA Cities Map Quiz
184,001 United States Cities Map Quiz
171,822 NFL Cities Map Quiz
151,295 Regions of Spain Map Quiz
148,355 North America Map Quiz
121,035 50 Largest Countries on the World Map Quiz
118,701 France Cities Map Quiz
115,009 Regions of Italy Map Quiz
110,250 Italy Cities Map Quiz
109,954 Regions of France Map Quiz
109,054 Australia Cities Map Quiz
108,292 U.S. State Capitals Map Quiz
107,517 States of Germany Map Quiz
103,006 Caribbean / Lesser Antilles Map Quiz
100,984 Eastern Europe Map Quiz
100,522 South American Capitals - Map Quiz
100,411 Canada Cities Map Quiz
92,076 East Asia Cities Map Quiz
91,198 European Capitals - Map Quiz
91,074 Germany Cities Map Quiz
90,888 "Stan" Countries - Map Quiz
80,443 Western Europe Map Quiz
79,732 Latin American Countries Map Quiz
78,690 Africa Cities Map Quiz
78,357 China Cities Map Quiz
78,214 NHL Hockey Cities Map Quiz
77,380 Mexico States Map Quiz
76,269 California Cities Map Quiz
74,901 Provinces of China Map Quiz
73,316 Cities by Skyline Silhouette - Map Quiz
72,658 Europe Map - Puzzle Game
71,210 World Map - Puzzle Game
69,007 Nordic Cities Map Quiz
68,634 Spain Cities Map Quiz
68,171 Texas Cities Map Quiz
66,121 European Landmarks Map Quiz
65,722 South and Central Asia Map Quiz
62,400 Countries Bordering the Mediterranean - Map Quiz
60,049 Click a Valid US State A-Z
53,785 Click a Valid World Capital A-Z
53,380 MLB Cities Map Quiz
50,039 India Cities Map Quiz
49,664 Western Africa Map Quiz
49,563 Eastern Africa Map Quiz
47,886 U.S. National Parks Map Quiz
46,993 Florida Cities Map Quiz
43,081 African Capitals - Map Quiz
40,282 Country Flag and Shape Dominoes
39,753 Asian Capitals - Map Quiz
38,335 Europe Map Quiz - "B" Cities
37,604 Identify the Language on the World Map
36,256 North American Capitals - Map Quiz
34,222 United States Landmarks Map Quiz
33,291 World Map Quiz
33,087 Modern-Day Countries of the Holy Roman Empire on a Map
31,464 New York Cities Map Quiz
31,085 California Counties Map Quiz
30,571 Oceanian Capitals - Map Quiz
30,196 Brazil States Map Quiz
29,275 Brazil Cities Map Quiz
27,254 Mexico Cities Map Quiz
27,067 Don't Go West ! - United States
24,989 Fill the Map of Europe by Guessing Flag Colors
24,15613 Original American Colonies Map Quiz
23,653 UK Rivers Map Quiz
23,086 Tolkien's Middle Earth Map Quiz
20,873 Rust Belt Cities Map Quiz
19,656 Topological Map of the USA Quiz
19,427 Washington Cities Map Quiz
18,695 Topological Map of Mainland Europe
17,955 American Monopoly Board - Map Quiz
17,629Texas Rivers Map Quiz
17,476 Hawaiian Islands Map Quiz
17,047 British Monopoly Board - Map Quiz
15,544 Michigan Cities Map Quiz
15,345 Ontario Cities Map Quiz
14,345States of India Map Quiz
9,519No Outlines - Countries of Europe Map Quiz
9,166The Seven Continents Map Quiz - 15 Seconds
8,297Canadian Provinces in French - Map Quiz
7,812Japan Cities Map Quiz
7,742Regions of Japan - Map Quiz
7,309Random US City Map Quiz - Hard
7,192Most Populous Islands on a World Map
6,667Can you Identify the Highlighted Languages on the World Map? #2
6,443Topological Map of the World Quiz
6,218Provinces of Belgium - Map Quiz
6,184North Africa Map Quiz
5,655Europe Clickable Empty Blue Map Quiz
5,355Provinces of Turkey Map Quiz
4,923United States Capitals Quiz Map
4,794Capitals of Europe - Map Quiz
4,776Russia Cities Map Quiz
4,768Great Lakes - Map Quiz
4,747Regions & Departments of Peru on a Map
4,725Seas of the World - Map Quiz
4,635Regions of New Zealand Map Quiz
4,557Mediterranean Islands Map Quiz
4,536African Capitals - Map Quiz
4,522Historical Provinces of Ireland Map Quiz
4,391No Outlines - Countries of Africa Map Quiz
4,323Colors on the South African Flag (with a Colored Map)
4,25935 Most Populous Cities in the World - Map Quiz
4,203Topological Map of Africa Quiz
4,080Northern Africa Map Quiz
4,079Map of Asia by Flag Colours
4,061Central America Flags Map Quiz
4,025Fill in the Numbers of a Dart Board - Clickable Quiz
4,017Central Africa Map Quiz
3,953Southern Africa Map Quiz
3,744European Cities Beginning With "A" Map Quiz
3,689Prefectures of Japan Map Quiz (Highlighted Version)
3,561Oregon Rivers - Map Quiz
3,498No Outlines - Countries of Asia Map Quiz
3,420Eurasia Map Quiz
3,404The Seven Continents Empty Map Quiz
3,291Regions of Finland Map Quiz
3,197Indonesia Cities Map Quiz
3,181The Flag of Germany Timeline Map Quiz
3,154Topological Map of Asia Quiz
3,116Tribes of Israel Map Quiz
3,084Visual Satisfaction - Match the Colors #1
3,066US Interstate Highways to Map
3,001Ohio Cities Map Quiz
2,946Countries that Start with A - Map Quiz
2,929US Catholic Dioceses Map Quiz
2,925Map of Africa by Flag Colours
2,920Four Main Islands of Japan - Map Quiz
2,860Counties of Ireland Map Quiz
2,849Countries that Start with C - Map Quiz
2,809Major Landmasses on Pangea - Map Quiz
2,804Topological Map of the Americas Quiz
2,788London Underground Zone 1 Stations - Clickable 'Map' Quiz
2,736European Cities Beginning With "C" Map Quiz
2,687British Columbia Cities Map Quiz
2,660United States Flag Colors - Clickable Map Quiz
2,660Animal Silhouettes - Map Quiz
2,657Southeast Asia - Map Quiz
2,597Balkans Map Quiz
2,592European History on the Map
2,566Asian Capitals - Map Quiz
2,501Countries by Language Map Quiz
2,453Köppen Climate Zones - Click Map Quiz
2,432Languages of Pakistan on a Map
2,427European Union Countries Map Quiz
2,42650 U.S. States, 50 Cities Map Quiz
2,420Islands of Greece Map Quiz
2,348New Hampshire Towns and Cities Map Quiz
2,341Australian Capitals - Map Quiz
2,327Boroughs of London Map Quiz
2,312Mario Kart Wii Tracks - Map Quiz
2,251Federal Subjects of Russia Map Quiz
2,244Scheduled Languages of India Map Quiz
2,211All Celtic Languages on a Map
2,208Terrestrial Biomes - Map Quiz
2,178Letters on a Keyboard - Map Quiz
2,175Guess the European Language Map Quiz
2,174Motorways of England and Wales - Map Quiz
2,170Pakistan Cities Map Quiz
2,162Districts of Maharashtra Map Quiz
2,153NFL Logos Map Quiz
2,140Ethnicities of China on a Map
2,103Second Largest Cities by European Countries: Map Quiz
2,092Places on a Risk Board - Map Quiz
2,083Provinces of the Netherlands Map Quiz
2,016Europe in French - Map Quiz
2,002World in 1914 Map Quiz
1,998EU Capitals - Map Quiz
1,980African Cities by Country Map Quiz
1,890Arabic Speaking Cities Map Quiz
1,888South America Map Quiz - 15 Second Sprint
1,875Australian States and Territories Map Quiz
1,867European Capitals on Dots Only Map
1,865Counties of Wales Map Quiz
1,861Western United States Map Quiz
1,861Seven Hills of Rome - Map Quiz
1,851Quebec Cities Map Quiz
1,847Former Flags of Europe Map Quiz
1,825Disputed Areas Map Quiz
1,798Random Historic States - Map Quiz
1,783Caribbean Islands Map Quiz
1,782Asian Cities Beginning With "A" Map Quiz
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