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Played: 1,417,126
Rating: 4.96
In 4 minutes, name as many NFL football teams as you can.
Played: 222,927
Rating: 4.72
Should be very easy if you follow the NFL at all.
Played: 176,990
Rating: 4.35
The first logo has been scientifically proven to make Ohio State fans angry.
Played: 170,904
Rating: 4.78
There are 131 bowl-eligible college football teams. How many can you name?
Played: 127,759
Rating: 4.34
For each city on the map, name the NFL team that plays there.
Played: 125,620
Rating: 4.25
Try to guess the team names of the 131 teams in the Bowl Subdivision of college football.
Played: 123,454
Rating: 3.99
Try to name the NFL's bestselling jerseys for the last three seasons.
Played: 111,463
Rating: 3.68
Silver and black is a famous combo.
Played: 106,041
Rating: 4.38
Can you guess the last name shared by each group of NFL players?
Played: 105,129
Rating: 4.29
How many NFL teams can you name in just one minute?
Played: 101,012
Rating: 4.14
Try to name these American football positions based on their abbreviations.
Played: 98,155
Rating: 4.09
Based on the logo, name the college team.
Played: 85,537
Rating: 4.37
Win a Super Bowl and you can date a super model.
Played: 83,057
Rating: 4.32
How many players can you guess that have been named MVP of the National Football League?
Played: 81,123
Rating: 4.35
There were 159 different starting quarterbacks in the NFL during the decade of the 2010s. How many can you name?
Played: 80,730
Rating: 4.10
More of a word-guessing game than a football quiz.
Played: 76,987
Rating: 4.29
I can remember where I was during many of these games.
Played: 76,538
Rating: 4.25
Name the NFL football teams with the lowest winning percentage since 2000.
Played: 73,410
Rating: 3.74
Fill the blanks in these nicknames of NFL teams.
Played: 70,766
Rating: 3.69
Can you guess where these current and former NFL players played in college?
Played: 69,165
Rating: 4.13
Can you guess the players who set these memorable NFL football records?
Played: 60,672
Rating: 4.28
Name the schools that have won a NCAA football championship since 1950.
Played: 59,887
Rating: 3.88
Good "luck" guessing them all!
Played: 59,761
Rating: 4.28
Name the NFL football teams with the highest winning percentage since 2000.
Played: 58,946
Rating: 3.72
Name the athletes who have been honored/cursed with the cover of John Madden's NFL video game.
Played: 58,223
Rating: 4.06
Try to name the career passing leader for each of the 32 active NFL teams.
Played: 49,380
Rating: 4.19
Ohio State fans might not like this quiz.
Played: 48,599
Rating: 3.85
Can you guess where these NFL players played in college?
Played: 47,005
Rating: 4.96
Name all 32 teams that played in the 2018 FIFA World Cup, now with a visual bracket.
Played: 46,567
Rating: 3.83
A lot of old timers on this list.
Played: 44,980
Rating: 4.37
Try to name the NFL quarterbacks who have passed for 4,000 yards in a single season. A number that used to mean something....
Played: 43,002
Rating: 3.90
Can you name these NFL Football player based on the history of teams they have played for?
Played: 42,597
Rating: 3.88
Name the college football teams that play in these famous rivalry games.
Played: 37,652
Rating: 3.40
I doubt you'll ever see two D'Brickashaws in the same room.
Played: 37,619
Rating: 3.98
Can you name the main acts in the Super Bowl half-time show since 2001?
Played: 35,524
Rating: 4.21
Name the NFL players who've recorded the most passing, rushing, and receiving touchdowns in a single season.
Played: 34,701
Rating: 4.30
Try to name the NFL's all-time passing, rushing, and receiving yardage leaders.
Played: 33,836
Rating: 4.07
Name the quarterbacks who have been drafted in the first round of the NFL draft since 2000.
Played: 33,591
Rating: 4.13
Try to name the city in which each FBS college is located.
Played: 33,081
Rating: 3.98
Try to name the career rushing leader for each of the 32 active NFL teams.
Played: 32,771
Rating: 3.48
Guess these football players who changed teams - either in a trade or free agency.
Played: 29,915
Rating: 3.90
Can you name the 25 greatest quarterbacks in NFL history according to a 2019 ranking by analyst Elliot Harrison?
Played: 29,643
Rating: 3.89
We give you the stadium, you name the college.
Played: 28,610
Rating: 4.17
For each of the major pro sports leagues, name the 5 most guessed teams on their quizzes.
Played: 28,394
Rating: 3.80
Can you name these players who played their entire NFL career with just one team?
Played: 27,161
Rating: 3.96
Name the quarterbacks who have LOST a Super Bowl.
Played: 27,096
Rating: 3.91
Can you name the players who have led the NFL in passing since 1970?
Played: 26,312
Rating: 3.79
Name the players who have won the Heisman Trophy as the best player in college football.
Played: 26,266
Rating: 4.18
Try to name all the active NFL teams that have never won the Super Bowl.
Played: 25,765
Rating: 4.00
Name the players who have led the NFL in rushing since 1957.
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