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227,705 Most Expensive Football Transfers Ever
10,792Liverpool F.C. Transfer Record
7,817Most Expensive Transfers German Bundesliga Soccer/Football
7,000Real Madrid Record Transfers
4,625Most Expensive Transfers in English Football by Year
3,934Chelsea F.C. Transfer Record
3,485Most Expensive Footballer by Country
3,410FC Barcelona Record Transfers
3,307Record transfers: FC Barcelona
3,132Arsenal F.C. Transfer Record
2,729Manchester City Record Transfers
2,376PSG Record Transfers
2,279100 most expensive transfers
2,259Football (Soccer) - Record-Breaking Transfer Fees
2,152Arsenal Record Transfers
2,037Chelsea FC Highest Transfer Fees
1,538Biggest Transfer Flops in Football
1,377Football : 2014-2015 record transfers
1,374Bayern Munich Record Transfers
1,356Football : 2010's record transfers
1,310Most Expensive Football(Soccer) Transfers of Season 2022/23
1,265All time Premier League Record Transfers
1,235Everton F.C. Transfer Record
1,213Soccer : The 10 biggest transfers history !
1,203Premier League Transfers 15-16
1,127Chelsea Record Transfers
1,094Liverpool Record Transfers
1,091Football : 2000's record transfers
1,067Record transfers: FC Bayern München
1,044Juventus Record Transfers
928AC Milan Record Transfers
89450 Biggest Transfers in Football History
865Liverpool Transfers 2012-2014
78950 Most Expensive Premier League Transfers
776English Premier League Transfers (Soccer / Football)
744Record transfers: Juventus FC
720most expensive Football (soccer) transfers of all time (Male)
712Football : 90's record transfers
699Manchester United Transfers - starting 1991
695Top 10 free transfers (Soccer)
686Most Expensive Football Transfers Ever by Nationality
670Most Expensive Football(Soccer) Transfers of 20/21
652Highest Transfer Fees
642Most valuable soccer players by country
613Galatasaray Record Transfers
599Football : Brazilian players record transfers
517Most Expensive Transfers from Olympique Lyonnais
500Most Expensive Football Transfers of Season 2023/24
494Record transfers: Paris Saint-Germain
489Arsenal's Transfers Since 1990
475Manchester United Transfers since Ferguson left
459transfers football quiz
455Football : 2015-2016 record transfers
449Most Expensive Football(Soccer) Transfers of Season 2021/22
439Atlético Madrid Record Transfers
437Football : 80's record transfers
430Real Madrid Record Transfer Fee Signings
429Most Expensive Football Transfers in 2017/18
427Premier League Summer Transfers For The Season 2015/16
420Olympique Lyon Record Transfers
415West Ham record transfers
414FC Barcelona Record Transfer Departures
409Football : 2013-2014 Record Transfers
408Record transfers: Manchester United FC
381Record transfers: AC Milan
378Liverpool transfers starting 1989
32130 most expensive football transfers
319The Clubs Liverpool Bought From
304Record Transfer Signings for Bayern Munich
296Top 50 of Most Expensive Football Transfers (2013)
292Football record transfers
291Football : Argentine players record transfers
278The 100 most expensive transfers in football history
278AS Monaco Record Transfers
261Highest Transfer Fees Paid by Real Madrid
258Record transfers: Arsenal FC
255English Premier League Top 10 Most Expensive Transfers
220AC Milan Record Transfer Departures
220Chelseas Most Recent Transfers
204Record transfers: FC Porto
191Transfer World Records in Football
183Most Valuable Free & Loan Football Transfers Season 2022/23
171Most Valuable Free Football(Soccer) Transfers of Season 2021/22
171Most Expensive Football Transfers by Club for Season 2022/23
15850 Most Expensive Bundesliga Transfers
153Barcelona Biggest Transfers
152Most Expensive Football Transfers From/To Brazil
152Most Expensive Premier League Transfer by Season
146Atlético Madrid's Most Expensive Transfer Signings
141Top 10 La Liga Transfer records 2018 edition
133Most Valuable Free & Loan Football Transfers of Season 2023/24
133West Ham 2014 transfers- 2015 Summer Transfers
130Most Expensive Football(Soccer) Transfers Before 2000
109Most Expensive Football Transfers From/To Argentina
108Most Expensive Football Transfers Ever A-Z
100Top 10 Most Valuable Footballers
80Most Expensive Transfer Departures from Valencia CF
61Most Expensive Transfer of a French Footballer Every Year Since 1995
54Most Expensive Winter Football Transfers of 20/21
48Valencia CF Record Transfer Arrivals
48Most Expensive Transfer of a Spanish Footballer Every Year Since 1995
46Top Transfer of an Argentinean Footballer Every Year Since 1995
45Top Transfer of a German Footballer Every Year Since 1995
42Barcelona Permanent Transfers
27Top Transfer of an African Footballer Every Season Since 1995
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