Football Quizzes - Page 2

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Name the quarterbacks who have LOST a Super Bowl.
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Name the players who have led the NFL in rushing since 1957.
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Some day, there will be a stadium!!
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Updated for 2022. How many current NFL coaches can you name?
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Name the NFL quarterbacks with at least 100 regular season wins as a starter.
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Try to name the career receiving leader for each of the 32 active NFL teams.
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Can you name the players who have been named MVP of the Super Bowl?
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Name the players who had the greatest-ever fantasy seasons at each position.
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We give you one question about NFL football for every year from 1967 until 1999. Can you answer them all?
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Name the NFL players who have rushed for 1,500 yards in a single season.
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Cincinnati is to Bengals as Miami is to _______.
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Name the players and coaches who were elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in their first year of eligibility.
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Try to name the NFL quarterbacks who have rushed for the most career and single-season yards.
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Try to name the players who have won the NFL's Defensive Player of the Year award.
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Name the universities where the Super Bowl winning quarterbacks played their college ball.
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Can you guess the players named NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year by the Associated Press?
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Try to name the college football bowl games that have been held the most number of times.
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Name the quarterback-receiver combos who have connected for the most touchdown passes in NFL history.
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My favorite old-timey nickname: The Galloping Ghost.
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Name the coaches and quarterbacks who have teamed up for the most NFL wins.
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Say what you will about the Lions, they've never lost a Super Bowl!
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For each statement, guess whether it applies to international football (soccer), American football, or both.
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Name the NFL players who have recorded at least 1,500 receiving yards in a single season.
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Name the football coaches who have won a NCAA national championship since 1970.
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For each selected player, name the team with which they made their NFL debut.
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Can you name all 130 NCAA Division I FBS football programs with the help of a map?
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Name the NFL head coaches who have won the most regular season games.
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Name the players who have been most highly ranked by their fellow players in annual polls since 2011.
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Based on the school and the tenure, name these college coaches.
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Name the NFL players who have run for more than 200 yards in a single game since 1990.
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A quiz that combines vocabulary and team name recognition.
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Can you name the coaches who have led their team to Super Bowl victory?
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Name the quarterbacks who started the first game of the 2016-2017 NFL season.
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Try to name every quarterback who started a regular-season NFL game since the start of the 2020 season.
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For each decade, name the NFL's top 10 passers by yards gained.
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Two NFL teams and their logos have been merged! Can you guess the teams based on each logo?
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Name the team by looking at their helmet. Can you get them all?
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B: Hoodie enthusiast.
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Gig 'Em is to Ags as Hook 'Em is to _____.
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Question #1: Who set a single-season record by catching 23 touchdown passes in 2007?
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Only 8 players have rushed for at least 2,000 yards during a regular NFL season. Can you name them all?
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Name the top 3 all-time passing yards leaders for each NFL team.
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Name each team's starting QB, RB and WR's.
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Can you answers these multiple choice questions about NFL football?
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We give you one question about NFL football for every year from 2000 until the present. Can you answer them all?