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Name the countries that were formerly referred to by these names.
Try to guess the modern names of these cities that were formerly known by a different name.
Is it hard? Yes. Is it fair? No. Is it even fun? You decide. Try to guess the modern-day official names of these 50 cities based on a former name.
66,950 Countries by Former Name
45,511 Cities by Former Name
15,294 Cities by Former Name - Beyond Thunderdome
3,890Former to Present Geographic Name
2,999Former Names of Countries
1,813Former Countries/Country Names
1,448Countries by Former Name (HARD!)
1,190Countries by Former Name
1,091Old Name of Countries #1
1,068Countries By Their Former Name #3
825Modern-day Countries by their Former Colonial Names
583Select Former Names/ Countries That Don't Exist Anymore
433Former Names of Countries and Cities
374Countries by their Former Names
351Former Names of Places #1
282Former Names of Cities
271Former Country Names
251Cities by Former Names
236Former Names of Places #2
235former names of countrys
222Former Country Names
211Guess the countries based on their alternate or former name
198City by Former Name
192Cities by Former Name
171Former / Historical Country Names
160Countries by Former Name
154former names of countrys 2
152African Countries Former Names
149Modern-day Countries by their Former Colonial Names #2
147Places Former Names
147Former Country Names
146Former Names of London UNDERGROUND Stations
138Russian Cities by their Former Names
133Former Names of Places #3
126Countries By Their Former Name
126Countries By Their Former Name #2
123Former Names of Places #4
122African Countries by Former Name
118Countries by Their Former Name
114Cities by Former Names #2
112Former City Names
109Former Official Names of Serbia
105Former Names of Countries
101Can you name former countries on the ussr
97Names of former British Colonies and Protectorates
92Cities by their Former Name
90Former Names of English Football & Premier League Stadia
89Former Country Names
88Former Country Names #1
88Countries By Their Former Name #7
87Former Countries Today
80Modern-day Cities by their Former/Historical Names
80Places by Former Name A-Z
75Cities by former name
72Spanish Names for Cities in the Former Habsburg Netherlands
71Countries By Their Former Name #4
70Former names of cities 1
67Former Country and City Names
66Countries By Their Former Name #5
65Random Places by Former Name
64Countries by Their Former Names
62Former names of cities 2
61Chinese Cities by Former Names
60Indian Cities by Former Names
58Countries By Their Former Name #6
58Cities by Former Names - Hard Version
48Former Names of PARIS Metro Stations
46Former Country Names #2
45Country by its Former Name
38Indian States and Union Territories by Former Name
21JetPunk Users by Former Name
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