French History Quizzes

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Rating: 4.42
Name these facts from French history.
Played: 31,486
Rating: 4.98
With the help of a map, can you name the modern-day countries that were fully or partially under the control of France?
Played: 22,782
Rating: 4.43
Guess these facts about Napoleon and his reign as Emperor of France.
Played: 19,090
Rating: 4.24
Can you guess the names of the kings and emperors in French history?
Played: 16,906
Rating: 3.41
Guess these people, places, and things in French history that the country would probably rather forget.
Played: 14,295
Rating: 4.47
Can you answer these multiple choice questions about the history of France?
Played: 9,385
Rating: 4.20
Can you guess these people, places, and things from French history starting with each letter of the alphabet?
Played: 6,972
Rating: 4.74
Played: 4,434
Rating: 4.21
Played: 1,806
Rating: 3.40
Played: 1,198
Rating: 3.67
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