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Take a Random French Language Quiz
Can you name the countries where more than 25% of people speak French?
Would you like some vin with your fromage?
A French quiz for people who don't speak a lick of French.
Can you correctly spell the words for the numbers 1-10 in Spanish, French, and German?
The heir to the French throne is an aquatic creature. Makes senses to me.
You'll be surprised by how many you know!
Build your French vocabulary by translating these random English words into French.
Translate these French verbs into English.
Translate these greetings into various European languages.
For each given English word, can you select the correct French translation?
Can you correctly spell the words for these colors in Spanish, French, and German?
196,220 French-Speaking Countries Quiz
143,534 French Food Words Quiz
137,983 Random French Words #1
129,875 Count to 10 in Europe
104,925 French Animal Words
90,722 Random French Words #2
69,893 French Vocabulary Mega-Challenge
62,316 French Verbs
54,552 European Greetings Quiz
45,828 Random French Words #3
43,967 Click to Translate - French
43,061 Colors in Europe Quiz
42,086 French Phrases used in English
36,749 Movie Titles in French
35,384 Most Common French Words
28,981 French Phrases
26,536 Vocabulary Mega-Challenge: French Origin
25,228 Days of the Week in Europe
23,169 TV Title Translation - French
22,667 Song Title Translation - French
21,535 French Place Words Quiz
19,980 French Antonyms
19,259 Numbers in French
17,488 Days of the Week in French
12,912 Proverbs Translated into French
8,468Canadian Provinces in French - Map Quiz
8,265French Vocabulary - Learning Mode
4,729150 Common French Verbs
4,008Months of the Year in French
3,672French Colors
3,631Countries With the Most French Speakers
3,176Countries where French is an official language
2,972French Verbs
2,747Countries of the World in French
2,626French Word Translation - Animals
2,427100 Animaux (Animals English-French)
2,134Europe in French - Map Quiz
2,025Jobs In French
1,997DR MRS P VANDERTRAMP French Verbs
1,901random french words Quiz
1,878French Vocabulary Mega-Challenge #2
1,823French phrase translations
1,742French Loan Words 2
1,631French Word Translation - Colours
1,619French Verbs 2
1,596French 1-10 in 15 seconds
1,533Ultimate French Vocabulary Quiz
1,510Official French Speaking Countries
1,458Translate These Countries from French into English
1,438French Speaking Cities Map Quiz
1,336French to English
1,306150 More Common French Verbs
1,220French Verbs #3 Aller (to go)
964Biggest French-Speaking Cities
939Top 20 Most Famous French Words
930Most global French-speaking cities in the world
898100 Most Common French Verbs
882French Days of the Week
819100 Most Common French Words
816Numbers in French
816French language in Europe
803Random French Words #3
781French Months of the Year
768French Basics
747La Francophonie Countries Quiz
729French - Family
715Top 20 Countries Where French is an Official Language
624French TV And Film Names
614French Food Words Quiz
613French-Speaking Countries with Exceptions
563Words in french
560French irregular verbs #1
541Random French to English - Countries
517Translate French Words
502French verbs taking "être"
495Math in French
453French Words A-Z
443French - Weather
432Names of countries in French - difficult
432US States or Canadian Provinces with The Most French Speakers
415French Names Translation Quiz
407Simple French Words
393Regular French Verb Conjugation
371French Names in English
367French - Difficult GCSE words Pt2
359French Speaking Countries
337Conjuguer les verbes en -ger
329French: Common, Irregular Present-tense Verbs (1 of 2)
326French Months
325English Words of French Origin
320French irregular verbs #2
315French Geography Words to English
307Random French Words
276French speaking countries
271Common French Verbs
264Matchup - Countries in English and French
260French - Difficult GCSE words Pt1
260French Versus English Names
258United States Cities with French Names
249French Authors Quiz
245French regular verbs: -er group
241Irregular French Verbs Past Tense
235Words in French (English to French)
234Countries With The Most French Speakers
230French irregular verbs #3
225Countries Where French is the Official Language
212Countries that are the Same in French and English
204French irregular verbs #4
196French to Spanish Words
189French Words in English
181French Words for Clothing
180Languages Most Similar to French
179Count to 10 in French
178French - Verbs Pt1
173French Words
169English Words in French
161French irregular verbs #6
158Ultimate French Verb Quiz
149French regular verbs: -re group
148French irregular verbs #5
145French Words
141French: Common, Irregular Present-tense Verbs (2 of 2)
138French Names
135French regular verbs: -ir group
131NBA Team Names In French
119Verbs in European Languages
115Countries in French
113A Journey of French-Language Spotlights
90French to English Capital Cities
90English Words By French
81French irregular verbs
77One-Letter Words by Language
62French Words for Clothing #2
6215 French City Names
56English Translations of Paris Streets
54French borrow words quiz
52Months of the Year in Europe
42French Republican Calendar - Months
252022 French presidential election results
16Listenburg Country Quiz
7French Republican Calendar - Days
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