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Name the teams that have been champions of Ligue 1, the top tier of French football.
Name the players and the manager representing the championship squad from France at the 2018 FIFA World Cup.
Try to guess all the winners of the Tour de France including the three winners who were disqualified for doping.
25,801 Ligue 1 Champions
22,826 France World Cup Squad 2018
10,700 Tour de France Winners
7,227France Football Team World Cup Starting XI
6,417Ligue 1 Top 4
5,595Ligue 1 2010's Winners Starting XI
5,589Paris Saint-Germain 2010's Starting XI
5,570France World Cup Squad 2014
4,7522024 Ligue 1 Teams
4,284Football Players by Picture #8 - France
4,280Countries Visited by the Tour de France
4,107All Ligue 1 Teams Ever
3,5042020 Champions League Final Paris SG - Bayern Munich
3,339Ligue 1 Clubs (All Time)
2,793Paris Saint-Germain 2020's Starting XI
2,612Lyon 2010's Starting XI
2,576France 2018 FIFA World Cup Squad
2,370Paris Saint-Germain Players Quiz
2,239PSG Record Transfers
2,182Marseille 2010's Starting XI
2,129Ligue 1 Winners
2,051France World Cup 1998 Squad
1,902Best Player in Ligue 1
1,806Tour de France last ten years top ten
1,757PSG Squad 2021-2022
1,649Marseille 2020's Starting XI
1,599Lyon 2020's Starting XI
1,568Top 10 Ligue 1 Best Starting XI
1,510Top 10 Paris Saint-Germain Starting XI
1,471France Euro Squad 2016
1,291Paris Saint-Germain Best Scorer By Year
1,268Monaco 2010's Starting XI
1,240France National Football Team Scorers 2010s
1,235French Ligue 1 Clubs by Badges
1,229All Jersey Winners in Le Tour de France
1,210UEFA Euro 2016 Final Portugal - France
1,182Buteurs du PSG depuis 2020
1,157One Paris Saint-Germain Player by Nation
1,1392022 FIFA World Cup Final - Argentina - France
1,124Ligue 1 Clubs
1,112Football players who have played for Chelsea and PSG
1,060Top 100 Ligue 1 Players XXI Century
1,051France Euro 2012 Squad
1,050Top 10 Lyon Starting XI
1,045Tour de France 2020 riders
1,043French soccer club ever play a cup in Europe
1,036Ligue 1 Top Goalscorer since 2000
1,020PSG squad 2019-2020
1,003Lille 2010's Starting XI
993Paris Saint-Germain Current Squad
993PSG Players By Market Value (2023/24 Season)
979Ligue 1 2020's Winners Starting XI
948Ligue 2 Top 4
886Grand Tour winners
876Tour de France Top 3
870Ligue 1 Teams 2013-2014
821Olympique Lyonnais Current Squad
815Paris SG - Real Madrid UEFA Champions League 2015-2016
805Ligue 1 Logos Quiz
803Lille 2020's Starting XI
789Monaco 2020's Starting XI
787Every Club to Knock PSG Out of the Champions League
774Coupe de la Ligue
761Ligue 1 2017-18 Logos
740Most Capped Footballers(Soccer) for France
724France National Team footballers since 2010
724Starting Locations of Le Tour de France.
719Ligue 1 Teams (2021-2022)
711Le Tour de France 2012 - Teams
707Top 10 Tour de France by year
673Tour de France stage winners 2005-15
667Top 10 Marseille Starting XI
654Tour de France 2017 - riders
652Paris SG Squad 2013-2014
640France Euro 2000 Squad
6351998 FIFA World Cup Final Brazil - France
622Top 50 Equipe de France Players
620Saint-Etienne 2010's Starting XI
611Tour de France 2015 riders
610Countries That Have Won the Tour de France
606France National Football Team Best Scorer By Year
604Lyon Best Scorer By Year
603Tour de France by nations
570PSG - Players to have scored - 2003/04 - 2014/15
568Paris SG - Barcelona UEFA Champions League 2016-17
549Marseille Best Scorer By Year
547Top 10 Olympique Lyonnais Goalscorers
546Premier League French Best Scorer by Year
544Top 10 Tour de France 2010s
537Rennes 2020's Starting XI
5372021-22 Champions League Paris Saint-Germain - Manchester City
525FIFA 23 Top Ligue 1 Players
521France National Football Team: Top 30 Most Capped Players
507Paris Saint-Germain Champions League XIs
486Paris Saint-Germain Trivia
475Most Expensive Transfers from Olympique Lyonnais
468Paris SG Squad 2014-2015
459Record transfers: Paris Saint-Germain
457Top Rated FIFA Ultimate Team Ligue 1 Players 2014
4512014 Tour de france Results
443Teams in the Tour de France since 2000
441Top 10 Monaco Starting XI
437Players who have played for Newcastle United & Paris Saint Germain
421PSG Squad 2020-2021
414Olympique Lyon Record Transfers
412FIFA World Cup 2006: Final Italy vs France
411Countries That Kylian Mbappé Scored Against
409Equipe de France Soccer Team 2013
409Highest Ranking French Ballon d’Or Nominees per Season
404Football Clubs Zinedine Zidane Played For
403France 23-man Euros 2016 Squad
400Football players who have played for Chelsea and Marseille
397Countries with stage wins in the Tour de France
392Tour de France 2019 riders
3912006 FIFA World Cup Final Italy - France
383FIFA 16 - Guess the player (Ligue 1)
381Olympique de Marseille Current Squad
3742022-23 Ligue 1 First XI
369Paris SG Opponents In UEFA Champions League
368One Marseille Player by Nation
360Olympique Lyonnais Champions League XIs
359Top 10 Lille Starting XI
357One Lyon Player by Nation
355PSG's Ideal Starting 11
349Olympique Lyonnais Squad 2014-2015
341France national football team all time top goal scorers
3342022 FIFA World Cup Quarter Finals - England - France
327Ligue 1 Scorers 2012-2013
323Lens 2020's Starting XI
323Ligue 1 Players
320Champions League French Best Scorer by Year
319Equipe de France scorers 2000-2009
315Olympique Lyonnais Trivia
295Paris Saint-Germain Squad 2018/19
293Olympique Lyonnais 2019/2020 Squad
293Paris Saint-Germain Goalkeeper By Year
292Olympique de Marseille Champions League XIs
290Manchester City - Lyon Champions League 2019-20
281Top 10 Paris Saint-Germain Goalscorers
2752023-24 Ligue 1 First XI
270AS Monaco Record Transfers
270Guess the PSG player 2020-2021
264Olympique de Marseille Squad 2014-2015
255French Players in Premier League 2019-20
252Tour de France winners by Nationality
250Tour de France Yellow Jersey Wearers
249Olympique de Marseille scorers in Ligue 1 2015-2016
248Most Stage Wins in the Tour de France
248Paris Saint-Germain Scorers in 2010s Champions League
246Germany - France UEFA Euro 2016 - Semi Finals
243FIFA 20 - French Player Names
243France Euro 2016 Squad
241AS Monaco Current Squad
240Olympique Lyonnais Squad 2016-2017
240Cycling - Winners of Consecutive Tour de France Individual Stages since 1990
240Real Madrid - Paris Saint-Germain Champions League 2019-20
239Marseille Goalkeeper By Year
238Top 10 Ligue 1 Clubs by Points of the Decade (2010s)
238Olympique de Marseille Trivia
236Paris Saint-Germain 2017/18 Squad
235Paris Saint-Germain Top 10 Leaders
233World Cup 2014 - France's Squad
231Lyon Goalkeeper By Year
228Ligue 1 Champions
223Tour de France 2019 stage winners
2222004 Champions League Final Monaco - Porto
222Top 10 Bordeaux Starting XI
221Countries That Thierry Henry Scored Against
220Paris SG scorers in Ligue 1 2014-2015
216Olympique de Marseille 2020-21 Squad
214Teams that Beat France in Football
214French Ligue 1 Logos
213Olympique Lyonnais Squad 2017-2018
205Paris SG Squad 2016-2017
202Paris Saint-Germain F.C. 2019/2020 Squad
200Coupe de France Winners
199Top 10 Saint-Etienne Starting XI
196Lyon Top 10 Leaders
194Teams that N'Golo Kanté Has Played For
192Juventus - Lyon Champions League 2019-20
189All-Time French Football Honours
184UEFA Euro 2000 Final France - Italy
183Tour de France riders 2018
183Monaco Best Scorer By Year
1792021 UEFA Nations League Final Spain - France
175Marseille Champions League Winner Starting XI
175AS Monaco Squad 2016-2017
173Top 10 Olympique de Marseille Goalscorers
169Paris SG - Borussia Dortmund Champions League 2019-20
167Football Clubs in Paris
166Paris SG Squad 2017-2018
1652020-21 Ligue 1 Map Quiz
164Top 10 Ligue 1 Goalscorers of the Decade (2010s)
163Tour de France 2003 riders
162Ligue 1 Teams 2015-2016
160Euro 2020 Group F - France - Germany
159Football Clubs Managed by Arsène Wenger
158Tour de France 2014
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