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When you name a country, your score is increased by the Scrabble value of the country name. How many points can you get in 2 minutes and 30 seconds?
Fill in the world map one puzzle piece at a time.
Professor Plum, Wrench, Conservatory. Can you guess these games based on a series of three short clues?
Can you name the six different chess pieces?
Name the countries that have at least 3 players ranked in the top 100 of world chess.
Can you name the squares on a typical American Monopoly board?
A game of world domination that always ends in tears.
Enter U.S. States to make your score increase by its Scrabble value. How many points can you earn in only fifty seconds? Good luck!
Guess these "most-popular" board games, based on the hints.
Connect the dominoes! Each of the domino pieces has the flag of one country, and the shape of another.
Name the characters, rooms, and weapons from the board game Clue.
85,895 Play Scrabble by Guessing Countries
77,789 Board and Card Games by Clues
74,263 World Map - Puzzle Game
59,775 Chess Pieces (With Board and Pictures!)
58,902 Countries with the Top Chess Players
57,638 Monopoly Board Quiz - United States
54,445 Play Scrabble by Guessing U.S. States
53,352 Most Popular Board Games Quiz
51,655 Places on a Risk Board Quiz
46,183 Clue Board Game Characters
41,306 Country Flag and Shape Dominoes
36,572 British Monopoly Board
34,385 Monopoly Game Tokens
31,082 Chess Pieces on a Board
28,772 Board Game Groups of Things
26,384 Board Games by Synonym
23,402 Do You Even Chess?
23,107 Scrabble Words From JETPUNK
18,167 American Monopoly Board - Map Quiz
17,226 British Monopoly Board - Map Quiz
6,0313-Letter Scrabble Words that start with "M"
5,010Chess Openings Quiz
4,861 Settlers of Catan
4,448Play Scrabble by Guessing Harry Potter Characters
3,942World Chess Champions
3,209Play Trivial Pursuit by Answering Random Questions
2,752Chess Terminology
2,7123-Letter Scrabble Words that start with "S"
2,698Hangman Game - Guess the Country!
2,617Scrabble Generator Puzzle #1
2,4593-Letter Scrabble Words that start with "C"
2,434Countries by Scrabble Score
2,354Board Games by Picture
2,351Clickable Chess Moves
2,3232 Letter Scrabble Words (Longer Time, 5 min.)
2,258Magic: The Gathering (MTG) Modern Ban List
2,215Chess Players Photo Quiz
2,110Places on a Risk Board - Map Quiz
2,1103-Letter Scrabble Words that start with "B"
2,031World Chess Champions
1,858Dungeons and Dragons Main Classes
1,799Best Selling Video Game Franchises
1,739Clue Board Game - Map Quiz
1,737Chess Openings by Notation
1,736All 4-Letter Words Starting with “A”
1,714Scrabble Generator Puzzle #2
1,670Countries with the most value in Scrabble
1,647Monopoly Board (UK)
1,5443-Letter Scrabble Words that start with "H"
1,394World City Picture Puzzle Game #1
1,361Scrabble Generator Puzzle #3
1,315Random Properties on a British Monopoly Board
1,301Operation Board Game - Map Quiz
1,263All 4-Letter Words Starting with “B”
1,206Random Properties on an American Monopoly Board
1,1953-Letter Scrabble Words that start with "D"
1,161All 4-Letter Words Starting with “F”
1,147Warhammer 40k Primarchs and Legions
1,141Races and Creatures in Dungeons and Dragons
1,123Board Game Objectives
1,121Magic the Gathering expansions 1993⁠–⁠2024
1,096All 4-Letter Words Starting with “C”
1,089Scrabble Generator Puzzle #4
1,0043-Letter Scrabble Words that start with "F"
995Spot the Difference (on a Drawing)
993Hangman Game - Guess Three Countries!
989NBA 40 Point Game Duo
979European Countries Ranking Game #1
978Sports Rhymes
975All 4-Letter Words Starting with “D”
971Colours of the sides of a standard 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube.
962All 4-Letter Words Starting with “R”
956Scrabble Generator Puzzle #5
951Warhammer 40K Trivia by Letter: A
950One-Word Countries With Highest Scrabble Value
9497-letter word scrambles
941All 4-Letter Words Starting with “E”
9333-Letter Scrabble Words that start with "A"
929Rubik's Cube Quiz
922All 4-Letter Words Starting with “H”
8903-Letter Scrabble Words that start with "G"
881Hangman Game - Guess the Phrase!
875All 4-Letter Words Starting with “T”
8723-Letter Scrabble Words that start with "T"
8673-Letter Scrabble Words that start with "E"
853Elevator Word Chain Game
849Scrabble Generator Puzzle #6
831All 4-Letter Words Starting with “J”
813Magic: the Gathering Color Combinations
810Top Chess Players in the World
808Best Starting Fives In NBA All-Star Game History
808All 4-Letter Words Starting with “W”
795All 4-Letter Words Starting with “S”
792Scrabble Generator Puzzle #7
789All 4-Letter Words Starting with “M”
776Ticket to Ride Cities
772Magic: the Gathering cards
7673-Letter Scrabble Words that start with "J"
766Cross the River
7643-Letter Scrabble Words that start with "Q," "X," or "Z"
764All 4-Letter Words Starting with “L”
758Super Mario Chess
752Name The Chess Opening
739Countries with the highest average Scrabble letter score
733Hangman Game - Guess the World Capital!
730All 4-Letter Words Starting with “O”
728All 4-Letter Words Starting with “G”
728Hangman Game - Guess Three Countries! #3
725All 4-Letter Words Starting with “P”
724Warhammer Fantasy - Factions
723Total War: Warhammer Legendary Lords
7133-Letter Scrabble Words that start with "R"
697All 4-Letter Words Starting with “N”
691Rubik's Cube Types
675Find the Flags #1
674All 4-Letter Words Starting with “I”
672Pandemic Cities
663Hangman Game - Guess Three Countries! #2
660Play Scrabble by Guessing Species of Walrus
658Magic: The Gathering Abilities
650All 4-Letter Words Starting with “V”
6462 Letter Scrabble Words (Expert Speed, 3 min.)
6433-Letter Scrabble Words that start with "W"
638Countries with a World Chess Champion*
631Jump around 12 cells - Months of the Year
630Word Scramble - Spanish Cities
622All 4-Letter Words Starting with “K”
601Board Game Antonyms
595Dungeons and Dragons Aligments
59425 Countries with Most Scrabble Points per Letter
590The Games Kids Play (by Picture)
589Scrabble! J E T P U N K
582Trivial Pursuit Categories
571Dungeons and Dragons Monsters
560Rubik's Cube - PLL Permutations
5543-Letter Scrabble Words that start with "P"
547Scrabble Rack Challenge #1
534Chess openings
531Warhammer 40k : the factions (a good one)
527Places on a Diplomacy Board
5073-Letter Scrabble Words that start with "L"
505All 4-Letter Words Starting with “Y”
4863-Letter Scrabble Words that start with "O"
477All 4-Letter Words Starting with “U”
4723-Letter Scrabble Words that start with "N"
470Name The Game By Looking At Jeppy
468Moves to piece in chess
466Short Scrabble Words Containing "Z"
461First Move in Chess
453Country Flags with a Rubik's Cube #3
450Cluedo (Characters, Weapons, and Rooms)
445Chess Players Rated 2800+
437Races of the Warhammer 40,000 Universe
437Monopoly Board - World Edition Quiz
436Short Scrabble Words Containing "X"
425Rubik's Cubes
4163-Letter Scrabble Words that start with "K"
415Highest-Rated Chess Players
406Dungeons & Dragons trivia
405Dungeons and Dragons Abilities
402Monopoly Property Prices
387All 4-Letter Words Starting with “Z”
386Chess Trivia
385Warhammer chaos gods
377Warhammer Trivia
3763-Letter Scrabble Words that start with "Y"
375All 4-Letter Words Starting with “Q”
3663-Letter Scrabble Words that start with "I"
357Short Scrabble Words Containing "J"
354Magic the Gathering Return To Ravnica Guilds
353Minesweeper Mini - Playable Game!
349Chess Openings Quiz
3413-Letter Scrabble Words that start with "U" or "V"
335Warhammer 40,000 Imperium of Man Trivia
335Best Countries at Chess
331Find the Flags #2
327Rubik's Cube Picture Quiz
319Countries With Lowest Scrabble Value
317All 3-Letter Scrabble Words
314Magic the Gathering sets
314Memory Game - Match 15 Pairs of Symbols
311Dungeons & Dragons Classes
307Top 100 Chess Players
301London Underground Monopoly Board Quiz
300Chess Openings by Picture
300Letter-Tile Scores in Scrabble
299U.S. States Featured on a Monopoly Board
299Short Scrabble Words Containing "Q"
298Warhammer 40,000 Weapons of the Imperium
284Subway Surfers World Tour Cities
275Scrabble Vowel Dumps
2742 Letter Scrabble Words
272Magic the Gathering Deck Names
256Common Chess Openings
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