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Played: 467,827
Rating: 4.05
Question #1: What island do lemurs come from?
Played: 369,950
Rating: 4.09
Question #1: What, primarily, do giant pandas eat?
Played: 325,607
Rating: 4.37
Question #1: What country does espresso come from originally?
Played: 263,015
Rating: 4.08
Question #1: Who is the wizard that advises King Arthur?
Played: 251,392
Rating: 4.13
Question #1: What is the fastest land animal?
Played: 243,300
Rating: 4.18
Question #1: What river flows through Paris?
Played: 224,240
Rating: 4.24
Question #1: What tourist destination is known as "Sin City"?
Played: 221,027
Rating: 4.23
Question #1: What is the Spanish word for bull?
Played: 199,576
Rating: 4.05
Question #1: What is the hardest material that is naturally-occurring on Earth?
Played: 194,936
Rating: 4.21
Question #1: What was New York City known as between 1624– 1664?
Played: 189,819
Rating: 4.09
Question #1: What religion has the most followers in India?
Played: 176,793
Rating: 4.37
Question #1: What is the tallest mountain in Japan?
Played: 175,638
Rating: 4.17
Question #1: Who was married to Guinevere?
Played: 173,357
Rating: 4.11
Can you answer these multiple-choice general knowledge questions?
Played: 172,645
Rating: 4.09
Question #1: What city is famously associated with gondolas?
Played: 169,249
Rating: 4.23
Question #1: What country is famous for windmills and wooden shoes?
Played: 166,236
Rating: 4.06
The picture's a pretty big hint to the first question!
Played: 163,859
Rating: 4.10
Question #1: What sport gave birth to slang terms such as "hang loose" and "tubular"?
Played: 155,287
Rating: 4.14
Question #1: What is the word for a male goose?
Played: 151,025
Rating: 4.34
Question #1: How many cards are in a standard deck - not including jokers?
Played: 148,348
Rating: 4.17
Question #1: What common food product do vampires dislike?
Played: 144,560
Rating: 4.01
Question #1: What animal are elephants supposedly afraid of?
Played: 143,564
Rating: 4.20
Question #1: What type of weapon does Thor carry?
Played: 143,082
Rating: 4.28
Question #1: What is the tallest mountain in Africa?
Played: 131,758
Rating: 4.21
Question #1: Who recorded the song "Poker Face"?
Played: 130,986
Rating: 4.09
Question #1: Who lived at Camelot?
Played: 130,756
Rating: 4.18
Question #1: What type of animal stereotypically rests on the shoulder of a pirate?
Played: 129,463
Rating: 4.31
Question #1: What is the central religious text of Islam?
Played: 126,030
Rating: 4.10
Question #1: You might hear "Right Foot Blue" in what party game?
Played: 124,412
Rating: 4.39
Question #1: What mountain was, according to legend, the home of the Greek gods?
Played: 123,982
Rating: 4.36
Question #1: Our solar system is located within which galaxy?
Played: 123,794
Rating: 4.12
Question #1: What was the only country to prohibit women from driving until it finally lifted the ban in 2017?
Played: 119,981
Rating: 4.35
Question #1: What city is famous for its gondolas?
Played: 119,783
Rating: 3.96
Question #1: What is the coldest country in South America by average annual temperature?
Played: 118,310
Rating: 4.14
Question #1: What period came before the Jurassic?
Played: 117,895
Rating: 4.21
Question #1: What ancient nation was led by pharaohs?
Played: 117,528
Rating: 4.12
Question #1: What is the most-consumed fruit in the United States?
Played: 117,512
Rating: 4.02
Question #1: What large desert can be found in China and Mongolia?
Played: 116,662
Rating: 4.35
Question #1: What city hosted the first Modern Olympics in 1896?
Played: 116,161
Rating: 3.93
When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary to take a quiz...
Played: 115,531
Rating: 4.26
Question #1: What type of cheese is most commonly used on pizza?
Played: 114,952
Rating: 4.19
A group of generic birds is called a flock. What do you call a group of crows?
Played: 113,347
Rating: 4.32
You probably should be able to get 100% on this easy general knowledge test!
Played: 110,417
Rating: 4.15
Question #1: What is a group of lions called?
Played: 104,938
Rating: 4.18
Question #1: In what country are Ferraris made?
Played: 104,454
Rating: 4.27
Question #1: What book is about a girl from "District 12"?
Played: 104,368
Rating: 4.25
Question #1: What is the world's most populous country?
Played: 103,857
Rating: 4.21
Question #1: What is the name of both a Native American tribe and a modern hairstyle?
Played: 101,997
Rating: 4.26
Question #1: What country is often described as being shaped like a boot?
Played: 100,309
Rating: 4.23
You probably should be able to get 100% on this easy general knowledge test!
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