Geography Quizzes - Page 10

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Such as the U.S. states on the Pacific Ocean.
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Guess what is pictured in these satellite images.
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Name the landlocked countries that border other landlocked countries.
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In this quiz the answers change every time you play! Can you guess the capital when given its country?
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Can you guess these facts about the country of Japan?
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Such as the tallest tower in Paris.
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For each selected category, name any of the countries that ranks higher than the United States.
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Guess the country that fits in each series of categories until only one country remains.
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Everything's bigger in Texas! How many of Texas's 30 most populous cities can you name?
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There are 11 U.S. states that share a land or bridge border with Canada. How many can you name in 90 seconds?
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For each continent, name the five countries that are projected to have the highest population in the year 2050.
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Can you name all of the European languages with over a million L1 speakers with the aid of a map?
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Identify the English name of the following capital cities.
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We made a list of Europe's 50 busiest airports. Name the cities they serve.
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Which countries are nearest to Japan?
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Six countries have a name that ends in -BIA. Can you name them?
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Guess every major city in the U.S. by guessing any city within 700 kilometers.
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Can you name the ten African countries with the largest GDPs?
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Can you guess these facts about the country of Germany?
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Name all the countries that have a population of at least 100 million people.
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Can you name the five smallest countries by area in each continent?
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Such as the capital of Denmark.
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Chinese kids can name the American states, probably.
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Type the names of two bordering countries to make their border appear. In addition, type the names of borderless countries to make them appear as well.
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See if you can answer 20 random geography questions. The answers change every time!
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Name the coldest countries in the world based on average annual temperature.
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Name the countries with a W in their name.
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Name the country where each airline is based.
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Name the countries that lie closest to the continent of Africa, but that aren't considered to be part of Africa.
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In many countries, oil consumption is actually decreasing.
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Try to name all the countries of Europe just before World War I in 1914.
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Can you name the 10 countries that have the largest area within Asia?
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Guess the U.S. states and European countries that had a population of at least 10 million people in 2022.
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Fill in the map of Eastern Europe by clicking each highlighted country.
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Can you name all the countries that share a land border with Saudi Arabia?
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Click the name of each highlighted city in Italy.
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The Sahara Desert touches 10 countries. How many can you name?
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Using the map of the human body, name the 12 organs pictured.
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Can you name the top five countries in each of these categories?
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In this quiz the answers change every time you play! Can you guess the correct European Country for the flag shown?
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Twenty countries have been colored black in the world map. Can you name them?
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Name the countries that have the longest north/south spans.
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Can you guess these facts about the country of India?
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For each category, name the largest country by area.
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Can you name the 14 countries of the world that are larger than any country they share a land border with?
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Rating: 4.95
We describe the origin of the country name. You guess the country.
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Rating: 4.82
Taj Mahal, Kremlin, Space Needle? For each selected landmark, name the country in which it is located.
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See if you can correctly guess each highlighted city in East Asia.
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Rating: 4.78
Can you identify the following countries from just their last two letters?
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Rating: 4.95
Try to name the most commonly spoken language in the country whose flag is given.