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64Boroughs of Inner London
60Municipalities of Nicaragua with a Map
60Biggest Cities In Italy
60Countries with a Female Majority in Parliament
60Regions of Belarus Map Quiz - (15 second Sprint)
60US Cities to State
60Australian cities multiple choice: Melbourne
6010 Largest U.S. States
60Select Countries by Language
60Around the World - Bangkok to London
60Random Capitals Quiz
60States with the Lowest Average FICO Credit Scores
60Closest City to UK Towns #3
60States Bordering New York
60Berlin by Picture 1
60New Zealand Cities Quiz
60Indian Cities and Nick names
60Which city in Michigan
60Top 25 Trading Partners - United States of America
60Top 25 Trading Partners - Singapore
60Countries with the Highest Buildings
60Top 25 Trading Partners - New Zealand
60State Capitals Closest to Houston
60Random Latin American Cities by Wikipedia Description
60Largest Cities/Towns in Oceania Beginning With 'A'
60Western Sahara Country Quiz
60Fictional People by U. S. State
60Capitals of the U.S. Beginning with the A
60World Capitals Closest to Miami - One Minute Sprint
60Northernmost and southernmost 100k cities
60Capital Cities Tile Quiz
60Eurovision Winners (Countries)
60European capitals (with Map)
60Top 10 Most Populous U.S. States in 1900
60Countries Closest to Pakistan - 15 Second Sprint
60Countries Most Similar to Angola
60Oceanian Geography by Letter - L
59States Bordering Florida
59Countries Closest to Turkmenistan - 30 Second Sprint
59World Capitals Closest to Kinshasa
59Largest Cities in Azerbaijan
59Countries Bordering Hungary
59Islands in F.S. Micronesia
59Biggest Cities in the Solomon Islands
59Biggest African Cities by Letter - J
59Countries with Most Deaths from Coronary Heart Disease
59National Parks with Wolves
59Most Republican and Democrat US States in the 1864 Election
59State Capitals Closest to San Antonio
59Word Scramble - English Counties
59Countries Closest to Pakistan - 30 Second Sprint
59Five Most Populated Countries
59Countries Bordering Pakistan
59US States and Canadian Provinces by National Park and Border
59Spokane-CDA Metropolitan Area
59Sestieri of Venice on a Map
59Most Common Answers in Country Quizzes
59Countries Closest to Poland - 30 Second Sprint
59Multiple Choice U.S. Presidential Election Trivia
59US States with Catholic Basilicas
59States Bordering Idaho
59Regions of Norway
59Largest cities in Iceland
59Detroit Trivia Quiz
59Census County Divisions of Kentucky With a Map
59Top 10 Largest Cities In Alaska
59Closest U.S. Capital City Pairs Quiz #1
59Countries bordering Switzerland
595 Biggest Cities : Burundi
59Islands of Kiribati
59Largest Cities by Peninsula
59Ceremonial County Flags of England
59Countries With At Least Three a's
59Countries where McDonald's Coffee Comes From ☕️
59Countries Closest to Palau - 15 Second Sprint
59Countries Bordering (Countries Bordering) India
59Largest Municipalities of KENTUCKY by First Letter
59Five Most Guessed Counties by State #1
5910 Biggest Cities in Mali
59U.S. State Trivia by Letter - P
59Biggest Lakes in Finland
59U.S. City By Neighborhood (Difficult)
59Countries where Mohamed is the most common last name
59Next Country in Line
59Greek Islands - Largest Islands of the Cyclades
59Random city to country
59Updated Top 5 Cities in California by Population
59Random city to country #2
5910 Largest Cities in Iceland
59Biggest Cities on the Missouri River on a Map
59Biggest Country by Lake
58U.S. Cities by Letter - C
58Countries with the same second and last letter in the name
58Largest Cities in the World With at Least Two L's
58Largest Cities on Each Continent Ending in 'i'
58Scotland Council Quiz - Argyll and Bute
58Most populous countries in 1989
58Two-Word Capital Cities
58Daily Country Riddle #127
5810 Most Depressing In My Opinion
58Modern countries once owned by Britain
58National Parks of Utah on a Map
58Country by its second largest city - Europe
58Geography tile select (#3)
58Top 25 Trading Partners - Albania
58First countries to legalize abortion on request
58Biggest Trading Partners - Estonia (Advanced)
58U.S. States Bordering Nebraska
58U.S. Cities with the Highest Murder Rate
58NBA Points by U.S. State - with a Map (Top 3 Scorers per State)
58Every Canadian Metro Area
58City Name Puzzle
58Most popular cities in by country (lite version)
58Country and city tile select #1
58Countries with Wild Marsupials
58Most populous Middle-Eastern cities
58Biggest Cities in Turkmenistan
58Countries that border Bolivia
58Countries but no Letters are Repeated
58Closest Cities Starting with the Same Letter
58Countries That Border Laos
585 Biggest Cities : Botswana
58Cities Once Part of France
58Largest Cities In Illinois
58Speed Country Writing
5820 Biggest cities in Indonesia
58Countries Bordering Eswatini
58Biggest Indian Cities by Letter
58Countries that Border Peru
5810 Biggest Cities in Order: Hawaii
58Top 20 countries by life expectancy
58Top 10 Largest Cities in Mauritania
58Largest Cities and Towns of RHODE ISLAND by First Letter
58Big Cities in Colombia
58Canadian islands
58Countries with the Same Borders
58Designated Cities of Japan
58Largest Cities in China
58Straight Shot to Null Island
58Countries Closest to Miami
58Island by National Capital Quiz
58Dominica First Level Subdivisions
58Random Oldest City to Country
58State Capitals Closest to Indianapolis
5820 biggest nordic cities
5815 French City Names
58Inland States of the USA
58State Capitals Closest to Corpus Christi
58Big U.S. Cities Closest to Dallas
58Countries Most Similar to Algeria
58Longest Rivers Entirely in the United States
57Inland Northwest Cities
57Quebec's Most Populated Cities
57Northernmost and southernmost 1M cities
57Biggest Local Government Areas of Sydney by Area
57Shifted Countries
57Which Countries Belong?
57Greek Islands with Clues
57Intergovernmental Organizations Multiple Choice Quiz
57Daily Country Riddle #112
57Republics of Europe
57Geographical Regions of Greece
57U.S. Geography by Letter - S #2
57From Which Countries are These McDonalds Products?
57Countries A-Z with the Most Time Zones
57Capitals of the U.S. Beginning with the T
57Largest City by Landmass
57Provinces of Kenya
57Groups of Five - Population Density
57Montana Trivia
57Suburbs in Camden Council, Sydney, NSW
57Borders: High vs. Low Life Expectancy
57Wettest Cities in the World With a Population > 4 Million
57Biggest cities in Moldova
57Largest cities in Mozambique
57Countries with secret police
57Capital Cities Closer to Cyprus
57Countries Bordering the Central African Republic
57Districts of South Africa on a Map
57Biggest Cities in the Marshall Islands
57Largest Cities in Taiwan
57Top 25 Trading Partners - United Kingdom
57Least densely populated US metro areas
57Top 25 Trading Partners - Azerbaijan
57Countries that border Switzerland
57Biggest Cities in the Midlands on a Map
57Largest Cities In Ohio
57Largest Cities In North Carolina
5710 Closest Megacities to Lagos
57Tallest Mountain Of Each European Country
57Largest Lakes in Sweden and Finland
57Minor Civil Divisions (Townships) of North Dakota With a Map
57Topological Map of Canada Quiz
57Biggest Cities In Australia
57Biggest northernmost and southernmost cities
57Biggest Cities in Japan Quiz
57Top 25 Trading Partners - Netherlands
57All 63 U.S. National Parks by Picture - Hard Version
57States that border Virginia
57Top 10 Sesame Oil Producing Countries