Geography Quizzes - Page 11

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Such as a famous Munich festival.
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Try to name the world's 50 most grown crops based on total amount produced.
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Such as four-letter U.S. state.
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Question #1: What city was once called New Amsterdam?
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Name every country of Africa, in sequence, in a randomly generated order.
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Can you guess these facts about the country of France?
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Such as the title of the Russian emperor.
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Name the countries of the world that have the highest % of Orthodox Christians.
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For each region, name the country in which it is located.
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Name the countries of the world that have a higher population than any of their neighbors.
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Guess the capital city that fits in each series of categories until only one city remains.
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What are the richest countries in Europe based on GDP per capita?
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In just 2:00, name the state that corresponds to each state capital.
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50 state flags. Can you match each flag to the state to which it belongs?
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For each letter of the alphabet, name any world capital that starts with that letter.
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Try to name the 74 sovereign countries of the world that existed in the aftermath of World War II.
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Once you've seen Australia, it's obvious why they named one of the states after Southern Wales.
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Name the country with the most international borders whose name starts with each letter.
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Name the 10 European countries that have the highest percentage of Islamic residents.
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Can you guess these geographic answers that are only six letters long?
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Based on the capital, name the country or region.
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Can you guess the English names of these places based on a spelling in one of their native languages?
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Rating: 4.94
Can you name all the countries that lie inside an empty ring of the world?
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Rating: 4.88
There are 8 countries that have territory in the Alps. Can you name them all?
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Rating: 4.59
Munich is the capital of one of the answers.
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Can you name the urban areas of the world that are home to at least 20 billionaires?
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Try to name the 100 islands that have the highest population.
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Name any of the countries that belongs in each selected category.
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Can you name the six states whose names are 5 letters long or less?
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Can you guess the modern-day countries that were settled by the Vikings?
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Name the most populous cities in Europe for each century-ending year, 1000 to 1900 AD.
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Name the countries with the highest GDP per capita that border each other.
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Rating: 3.83
Solve short clues and then unscramble country names.
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Rating: 4.92
There are 7 countries that used to be part of Yugoslavia. How many can you name?
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Rating: 4.12
The last letter of each answer is the the first letter of the next.
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Rating: 4.96
Without seeing the countries as a hint, can you guess the capitals of the world's 20 most populous countries?
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Can you guess the five least populated countries in each continent?
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Name the countries that take up the highest percentage of the area of a continent.
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Some of these cities are still important. Others, not so much.
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There are 9 countries whose names end in the letter I. Can you name them?
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Half of major earthquakes happen in just 8 countries.
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Unscramble these city names, such as PRIAS, UQITO or IMAMI.
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Can you identify these airlines based on their logos?
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Three of these agglomerations have over 20 million residents!
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Name the countries whose capital city starts with the same letter.
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For each team, guess the state in which they play.
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Question #1: What language does the word tsunami come from?
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Try to name the coldest countries in Asia based on average annual temperature.
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Question #1: What is the oldest national park in the United States - and also the world?
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Such as the longest river in the EU.