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22Australian cities multiple choice: Brisbane
20Five westernmost major cities by continent
20Countries A-Z West of New York
20Guess the Location #37 (Series 3)
20If ...... Were a Country, Where Would it Rank in the World
20Cities Mentioned in the Interesting Facts
20Guess the Location #18 (Series 2)
20EVERY City in the World that Starts with X
20A+ Baseball Teams Map Quiz
20Countries that Import the Least
20US States Latitude Test
20Countries and U.S. States by Tallest Building
20Smallest County in Each US State (Pop)
20Largest Towns of Worcestershire on a Map
20Which Distance is Shorter? - Cities
20New Zealand Geography by Letter - T
20Wards of Sakai City Japan - Map Quiz
20Top 10 Highest State Population Density
19Top 20 Countries By Population Density Updated
1920 biggest nordic islands
19New Zealand Geography by Letter - W
19Counties With The Highest and Lowest Population Densities
19Driest Cities in Oceania
19Most Populous Bordering Canadian Province Pairs
19Sectors of Guinea-Bissau with a Map
19Northernmost and Most Populous Combined World Cities
19Municipalities of Polog with a Map
19Alabama Superlatives
19Increasing Biggest Cities #002 - Albania
19Increasing Biggest Cities #007 - Argentina
19Increasing Biggest Cities #010 - Austria
19Trace the Coast of Hispaniola
19Cities by suburb: Ireland
19U.S. States by City Flag
19Higher or Lower? Populaton Density!
19Cities/Settlements of Polog with a Map
19Australian geography by letter: R
19Top 10 Oldest Canadian Capitals
19Islands by Population Density
19Every City with an MLB Team
19Click a Valid Country Flag, Shape, or Flag Shape #5
19Largest Islands in Saudi Arabia Quiz
19Pacific Ocean Countries and Territories by Flag
19Districts of the Côte d'Ivoire
19Largest Cities in Kentucky with Exceptions
19Top 7 Biggest Cities In Grenada
19Geography Multi-select #24
19Portuguese District Capitals
1910 Biggest Cities in Guinea
19Biggest Cities in Iceland
19Cities in Connecticut Quiz
19Click a Valid Country Flag-Shape #3
19Cities of Saskatchewan
19District Seats of New Zealand
18Random National Flags of the Americas
18Azores islands Parishes (Freguesias) with a Map
18U.S. States by Total City Population
18Sub-districts (Upazilas) of Bangladesh with a Map
18Regions of Faroe Islands with a Map
18State Capital by Airport Code
18Countries Mentioned by Bad Bunny
18Union Councils of Bangladesh with a Map
18Former Flags of Europe
18South Korea by Year, 2010–present
18Largest Cities of Islands #2
18Visa Waiver Program USA Exempt Countries
18Political Geography: Spanish Colonies #2
18Guess the Location #17 (Series 2)
18Click a Valid Country Flag #5
18Massachusetts Superlatives
18Guess the Country from The Population Pyramid
18Guess the Location #31 (Series 2)
18Country of the Day #15-Saudi Arabia
18Geography Multi-select #22
18Cities by Climate Type Part 1 (Tile Select)
18Hawaii Superlatives
18Top 10 Biggest Cities In Gambia
18Subdivision to country
18Swedish counties by population density
18Sub-Counties of Kenya on a Map
18OIAS Countries
18Where Are They From - City #9
18Province's Quiz of The Netherlands
18Australian geography by letter: Q
18Most Populated Cities in New Hampshire
18central african republic (car)
18Where Are They From - City #12
18Easternmost and westernmost 10k cities
18Where Are They From - City #14
18Flags of Canadian Provincial Capitals Quiz
18Contributing countries 2021
18Districts of Equatorial Guinea with a Map
17Prefectures of Comoros (with map)
17Guess the Location #43 (Series 3)
17Prefectures of Togo (with map)
17English Counties with the Lowest Population Density
17English Counties with the highest population density
17European Capitals' Ring Road Names
17American Geographical Vacation
17UK Town and City Trivia - Inverness
17Click a Valid Country Shape #5
17US Capitals - 1790
17Region Seats of New Zealand
1725 largest countries in terms of gross national product - World
17Guess the Country by its National Anthem #2
17Guess the Location #20 (Series 2)
17Geography Multi-select #7
17Playing Cards Suits Around the World
17Civ 5 Arabian Cities
17Guess the Location #47 (Series 3)
17New Zealand Geography by Letter - K
17Municipalities of South Carolina Counties- Spartanburg
17Political Geography: Oceania
17Arctic Ocean Countries and Territories by Flag
17Least densely populated countries by population-weighted density
17Guess the Location #49 (Series 4)
17Increasing Biggest Cities #001 - Afghanistan
17Argentina Provinces with the Highest Population Density
17Texas Superlatives
17Cities by suburb: New Zealand
17All Cities to Host the All Blacks
17Wisconsin Superlatives
17U.S. National Parks by Density
17Every City in 18 Wheels of Steel: Across America (with a Map)
16Regions of Burkina Faso
16Canadian City Flags Quiz
16Most Populated Tows/Cities in Rhode Island
16Country of the Day #13-Nicaragua
16Geography Multi-select #17
16Guess the Location #52 (Series 4)
16Guess the Location #24 (Series 2)
16Largest cities in Liberia
16Guess the Location #25 (Series 2)
16biggest cities in Iceland
16Provinces of Madagascar
16Guess the Location #40 (Series 3)
16Largest lakes in Denmark
16Guess the Location #36 (Series 3)
16Guess the Location #35 (Series 3)
16Guess the Location #46 (Series 3)
16U.S. City Flags Quiz #2
16Largest US Cities without a Cathedral
16Geography Multi-select #4
16Guess the Location #48 (Series 3)
16Click a Valid Country Shape #4
16Countries With the Least Corona Virus Tests per Capita
16Cities in Delaware Quiz
16Australian cities multiple choice: Alice Springs
16South Dakota Superlatives
16A Baseball Teams Map Quiz
16Countries with the most people born in October
16Australian cities multiple choice: Rockhampton
16German states by bordering states
16Wales County Quiz - West Glamorgan
16Islands by Satellite Image #10
16Most Populous Brooklyn Neighborhoods
16Tennessee Superlatives
16More Islands of the U.S.
16Communes of Cambodia with a Map
16Guess the City of Brazil by Picture
16Biggest African Cities by Letter - U
16British Cities and Towns by Picture - 3
16Australian cities multiple choice: Darwin
16Australian cities multiple choice: Sunshine Coast
16Click a Valid Country Shape #3
16Australian cities multiple choice: Bendigo
16Cities by suburb: South Pacific
15Country of the Day #16-South Africa
155 Biggest Cities In Belize
15Countries With Trolleybus Systems
15Municipalities of South Carolina Counties- Horry
16Landmarks in Pencil Grayscale
15Crown Dependency Quiz - Isle of Man
15Virginia Superlatives
15Indian Ocean Countries and Territories by Flag
15Increasing Biggest Cities #003 - Algeria
15Economic Cooperation Organisation Countries
15Countries by Population Density
15Largest Towns In Nunavut
15Vermont Superlatives
15Guess the Location #26 (Series 2)
1515 largest countries in terms of gross national product - Europe
15Countries with highest labour/trade union density
15Guess the Location #28 (Series 2)
15World Cities by Mayor
15Click a Valid Country Flag, Shape, or Flag Shape #4
15Countries by the Flags of their States
16Top Feldspar Producing Countries Quiz
15Geography Multi-select #5
15Cities by Population Density
15Geography Multi-select #10
155 Most Populous Cities by Country 2
15Australian geography by letter: I
15Islands by Satellite Image #9
15Guess the Oceania City by Picture
15Australian cities multiple choice: Wollongong
15Guess the Location #45 (Series 3)
15Big Things in Australia
152023 Number 1 Artists in Anglosphere Countries
15Guess the Location #22 (Series 2)