Geography Quizzes - Page 13

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Which countries does the United States trade with the most? Try to guess the largest import and export partners for the US.
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Can you name the 10 richest states in the USA, based on median household income?
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Name the countries with the highest population that aren't in Asia.
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Can you name the modern-day countries in whose territory each pair of ancient cities were located?
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Name the 13 countries where tigers still exist in the wild.
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Name the countries that share a land border that have the largest difference in area.
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Can you name the 10 largest North and South American countries in terms of area?
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For each selected flag, name the country whose name starts with A.
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For each event, name the city where it took place.
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Guess the country that fits in each series of categories until only one country remains.
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Can you guess each highlighted European capital on the map?
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Can you name the 8 countries that border Austria?
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Name the countries of the world whose names start with "Saint", "San" or "São".
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Name the countries of the world whose flags contain ONLY the colors red and white.
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Can you name the capital cities of every country in the European Union? Maybe. But can you do it without any hints?
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Click the name of each highlighted country whose name ends in "Stan".
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Name the 12 countries who suffered the most deaths due to an armed conflict in the years 2016–2021.
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Name the 10 countries that have the most native speakers of Spanish.
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Name the countries that have territory below the equator.
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Name the countries of Europe that neither invaded other countries nor were themselves invaded during World War II.
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Try to guess which countries produce the most beer. You might be surprised!
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Start in one country. Cross a border. Where are you now?
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Guess the state that fits in each series of categories until only one state remains.
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Can you guess the countries that use these similar-looking flags?
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The three European countries that start with I?
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Twenty countries have been colored black in the world map. Can you name them?
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One of four countries of the UK?
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Can you name these well-known rivers based on a description?
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Name all of the present-day countries whose territory Alexander the Great controlled at least 20% of.
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Try to name the modern-day countries whose current territory reached a population of 5 million people at the earliest date.
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For each category, name the country that is #1.
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Can you name the modern-day countries whose territory was part of the Roman Empire in 117 AD?
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We made a list of the 20 biggest cities in Africa. Name as many as you can in 5 minutes.
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For each continent, name the five countries that have the northernmost points.
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How many of the world's longest rivers can you name?
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Name the countries of the world whose name ends in the letter U.
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Name any country featured within each square of the world map.
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Such as the capital of the United States.
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A "boot-shaped" country, for example.
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Guess the most populous urban areas that start with the letter D.
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Can you name the 7 countries that border Hungary?
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Name the countries that have two or more islands greater than 10,000 km2.
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Can you name the ten southernmost African countries?
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There are 9 countries that come into contact with the Baltic Sea. Can you name them all?
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All Turkey's neighbors have fallen into the sea! Guess their names to bring them back.
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For each selected flag, name the country that borders France.
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Can you name the 20 countries that lie closest to Turkey?
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Can you name the countries with the largest Christian populations?
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Name the countries that collect the most tax as a percentage of GDP.