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14,077Countries of the World in 1882 with a Map
14,028 First American Cities in History to Reach 100,000 People
14,000 Largest Caribbean Islands
13,989Country Shapes in the World Map - Chain Game #1
13,948World Capitals - 15 Second Sprint
13,940 Merged NHL Logos
13,940 Geography of Germany
13,930Countries of the World - Two Minute Sprint
13,904 Ultimate "Burg" Geography Quiz
13,866 Countries Growing the Most by 2070
13,849Capitals of the Americas
13,857 Crossword - Countries
13,843 Biggest Cities in Turkey on a Map
13,818World Geography on a Map #4
13,805Solve the Secret Country #4
13,797Top Five African Countries by Category #1
13,784 Countries with the Largest Sovereign Wealth Funds
13,780Africa Flags Map Quiz
13,726World Currencies on a Map
13,711Minnesota Counties Quiz
13,711Random Geographic Groups of Seven
13,882 The Only Two Capitals...
13,684Countries in Random Hexagons of an Empty World Map
13,676 Which Asian Capital?
13,676 Ultimate "Mountain" Geography Quiz
13,593Flags of the Countries that Start with B
13,602Biggest Cities Starting With I
13,559 Islands of "The World" in Dubai
13,559 Last U.S. States to be Settled by Europeans
13,555 US Presidents in Film & TV - Picture Quiz
13,531Top 20 Most Jewish Countries
13,53210 Random Asian Countries on an Empty Map
13,528 U.S. Cities that Americans Move To
13,455 Largest Rivers by Discharge
13,461World Capitals Containing Each Letter A-Z
13,319Mississippi Counties Quiz
13,307 Amsterdam Trivia
13,289Countries Closest to an Unknown Country A-Z #5
13,285Countries by Initial Letter and Continent #3
13,280 Capital Cities Closest to the Equator
13,258American Countries by First Two Letters
13,258 The Americas Geography by Letter - W
13,223 The Most Populous U.S. City by Category
13,223 Milan Trivia
13,234Provinces of Indonesia (map quiz)
13,225 Countries Losing the Most Area to the Mercator Projection
13,209 Tile Select - Cities
13,206 Countries that Beat Iraq
13,208 U.S. States with Exactly One Major Pro Sports Team
13,205 Rome A-Z
13,198World Capitals By Letter - I
13,19520 Countries on an Empty Map #2
13,175Top Five North & South American Countries by Category #1
13,168 U.S. States with the Coldest Hottest Recorded Temperature
13,166Cities Beginning With "E, F, G" on a Map
13,166 Birth States of U.S. Presidents - Click Quiz
13,155 U.S. Cities - Rich or Poor?
13,140 Largest Countries Without Glaciers
13,139Capitals AND Countries That Start With A
13,120 Philadelphia Trivia
13,11890 secs Countries of the World: by Borders
13,115 Biggest Cities Ever Under Danish Rule
13,077 Where Do Musk Oxen Live?
13,067 Capitals Hidden in a Letter #1
13,071 Geography Generator Puzzle #5
13,055African Map without 10 Random Countries
13,046Name One Country In Each Continent - 15 Second Sprint
13,003Top Five Asian Countries by Category #1
12,982South Carolina Counties Quiz
12,968Flags of North America
12,946Countries by Larger and Smaller Neighbour in 90 Seconds on the Disappearing World Map
12,942Counties of Utah
12,929 U.S. States by Picture #1
12,927 Foods by U.S. State
12,890 Cities of the Pearl River Delta
12,875 Geography Generator Puzzle #8
12,870 Canada by Picture
12,8521,000 World Cities furthest from Larger City by Longitude Proximity
12,845 U.S. State Capital Superlatives - Top 2
12,837Draw All Country Borders on the Empty World Map
12,790 Geography Generator Puzzle #7
12,789 Lakes in the United States Quiz
12,757Ultimate world countries and capitals quiz
12,736 City to River #2 - Difficult
12,733Louisiana Parishes Quiz
12,731Biggest Cities in Turkey
12,722Five Languages with the Most Total Speakers by Continent
12,644 Yakko's World Lyrics Quiz With a Map
12,64110 Random Megacities on the World Map
12,626 Biggest Cities by Trait #2
12,621 U.S. Cities by Picture #2
12,610 U.S. States with the Most Endangered Species
12,605 Greece by Picture
12,560 U.S. State Capitals Furthest from the State Border
12,551Countries Bordering India
12,530 Every U.S. City that Has Ever Been the Largest In Its State
12,526 Books by U.S. State
12,503 States That Shifted to Biden in 2020
12,501 U.S. Landmarks Picture Quiz
12,505Cities Beginning With "K" on a Map
12,488 Airports Named for People #2
12,462 Which City in New York State?
12,460 All First-Level Subdivisions of Oceania on a Map
12,450 Hated U.S. States
12,430100 Biggest Cities in Poland
12,432World Capitals By Letter - Y
12,394Biggest Cities in Utah
12,363 Bay Area or Los Angeles Suburb
12,360 Fictional Characters Merged with British Celebrities
12,336 Tile Select - U.S. States
12,324Human Biology Multiple Choice Quiz #2
12,322 Countries at 45 °N Latitude
12,293All First-Level Subdivisions of Asia by Proximity on a Map
12,277 Top 10 U.S. States Wider than Tall
12,259 Spain by Picture
12,257 U.S. State Population - North or South
12,256Capitals AND Countries That Start With M
12,248 Same Start and End Letter - Geography #2
12,245 Countries Shrinking the Most by 2070
12,232Biggest Cities Starting With V
12,212Geography - Countries by Numbers
12,474Modern-Day Countries of the Mayan Empire on a Map
12,189 North Dakota... or South Dakota?
12,182 Poorest Metro Areas in the U.S.
12,163Counties of Oregon Quiz
12,146 Arms Exports - Russia
12,136Geography by Letter on the Map of Europe - A
12,112County towns of England (with map)
12,115Geography by Letter on the World Map - R
12,108Countries of Europe before World War II with a Map
12,100 Most Common Demonyms in American Writing
12,090All Countries that have Ever Participated in Eurovision
12,080Geography by Letter on the World Map - O
12,057Geography by Letter on the World Map - P
12,051 Longest Rivers in the UK
12,048Modern Day Countries of the Mughal Empire on a Map
12,017 Fictional Characters Merged with American Celebrities
11,992 Name a Valid Island by Archipelago
11,934 Largest U.S. Cities on State Borders
11,918 U.S. States by Haiku
11,918Countries That End in Unique IA's
11,919 Geography Generator Puzzle #4
11,912Fifty States in Two Minutes
11,898Seven Continents Map Quiz - Speed Typing Version
11,883World Capitals By Letter - Q
11,879 Countries Breakdown Puzzle #5
11,805 Top 10 U.S. States Taller than Wide
11,804 Hong Kong A-Z
11,795Countries of Europe in 1810 with a Map
11,751Nebraska Counties Quiz
11,741 Northernmost Country by Clue
11,739 Canadian Islands on the Map
11,719Five Busiest Cities by Airports by Continent
11,693 Word Scramble - Italian Cities
11,673 All Cities in Canada on a Map
11,654Most visited cities in the USA
11,634 Regions and Collectivities of France on a Map
11,624 Geography of China Quiz
11,60220 Random missing Countries by Capital Cities (Hard Version)
11,577 U.S. States Californians are Moving to the Most
11,554 Vienna City Trivia
11,549Most Countries in South America You Can Name in 30 Seconds
11,542Arkansas Counties Quiz
11,537 U.S. State Capitals with the Most Precipitation
11,53520 biggest cities in Serbia
11,531 Word Puzzles - U.S. Cities #2
11,528 Countries Breakdown Puzzle #6
11,535Counties of Romania with a Map
11,517Montana Counties Quiz
11,514Donald Trump's New Travel Ban
11,505 Six Degrees of Separation - U.S. States
11,48115 Biggest cities in a random Country on a map - Europe
11,472Countries Closest to an Unknown Country A-Z #6
11,461Asia Flags Map Quiz
11,444Oblasts of Ukraine (With a Map)
11,425Draw all US, Canada and Mexico subdivision borders
11,412 U.S. States With the Hottest Coldest Temperature
11,404Regions of Western Europe on the Map
11,355All 1M Cities on the World Map with letter hints
11,343 Ultimate Rust Belt City Quiz
11,332Americas Map without 10 Random Countries
11,328 Places by Country - Tile Select
11,329 U.S. State Capitals Closest to the Mississippi River
11,28310 Random American Countries on an Empty Map
11,280 Words that are Names of UK Towns
11,276Oklahoma Counties Quiz
11,274Random 3 Million Cities on the World Map
11,258 Capital Cities Nearest to Islands
11,254 Countries with the Highest Percentage of Cultivated Land
11,237 Previous Country Alphabetically
11,22620 Countries on an Empty Map #3
11,218100 Biggest Cities on an Empty Map
11,2143 Largest Countries by Each Letter
11,212 Las Vegas City Trivia
11,193 State Capitals That Beat Phoenix
11,170Ten Biggest Countries by Continent
11,136 All First Level Subdivision Capitals
11,131 20 Most-Visited Places in Canada