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9,664World Capitals By Letter - Z
9,634Top Five Asian Countries by Category #2
9,620 California Cities starting with SAN or SANTA
9,605Countries Containing Two or More Words
9,594 Places That Have Never Reached 100° F
9,573Countries in Random Squares of an Empty World Map
9,563Nevada Counties Quiz
9,539Countries of Napoleonic France (With Map!)
9,531USA States by First 3 Letters
9,528World Capitals By Letter - U
9,470250 Biggest World Cities on a Map
9,430 The Voyage of Darwin - Animated Map Quiz
9,411California Bay Area Cities Quiz
9,410 Florence City Trivia
9,410 Houston Trivia
9,397States That Shifted to Trump in 2016
9,367Geography by Letter on the Map of Europe - B
9,358World Currencies Quiz on a Map
9,345 Paris A-Z
9,336Country Shapes in the Map of Africa #1
9,313 Puerto Rico Trivia
9,311All Islands on the World Map
9,314 European Cities... in Texas
9,29720 Countries on an Empty Map #3
9,302Languages of Austria-Hungary with a Map
9,243Countries of the Americas in 1820 (with Map!)
9,234Modern Day Countries of the Kushan Empire on a Map
9,214Name Capitals Containing Each Letter A-Z
9,197European Geography on a Map #1
9,188Provinces of South Korea (with map)
9,166Persian Gulf Countries with an Empty Map
9,148US States and Canadian Provinces and Territories With Map Quiz
9,152Maryland Counties Quiz
9,101The Seven Continents Map Quiz - 15 Seconds
9,101Top 20 languages in the world by total GDP
9,101Top 20 Football Clubs in Europe (with a map)
9,074200 biggest cities in the US on a map
9,088All 100k+ Cities in the World on a Map
9,025Biggest U.S. Cities Starting with H
9,025No Outlines - Countries of Europe Map Quiz
9,023Countries of the World by Any 3 Consecutive Letters in 90 seconds: with a map
9,007Map of the Americas with Random Merged Countries
9,012First Five Countries Alphabetically by Continent with Exceptions
8,972 Corporations by U.S. State - Multiple Choice
8,967Countries Forgotten With an Empty Map
8,954Top Five North & South American Countries by Category #2
8,953 Mountains A-Z
8,960Empty European Map without 10 Random Countries
8,945 What Do These Two U.S. States Have in Common?
8,934Every North American Country Shape Quiz
8,919Top Five African Countries by Category #2
8,923Countries Closest to an Unknown Country A-Z #7
8,903Countries Closest to an Unknown Country A-Z #8
8,897 Chicago A-Z
8,892Category Elimination - Five Countries by Continent
8,874Five Biggest Island Countries by Continent
8,862Biggest U.S. Cities Starting with J
8,858Provinces and Territories of Canada with an Empty Map
8,830Countries by Any 3 Consecutive Letters with a Map
8,815Maine Counties Quiz
8,830Departments of Colombia (with a map)
8,793 Miami City Trivia
8,804 A Superlative for Every European Country
8,781Random Countries on the Pixelated World Map
8,754Five Closest Countries by Sea (relessness version)
8,739Countries of Eurasia with a Map
8,726Country Shapes in the Map of Europe #1
8,731Random Counties of the United States on a Map
8,709 All About Atlanta
8,684Territorial Evolution of the United States on a Map
8,661Biggest U.S. Cities Starting with R
8,650Towns of Connecticut
8,6371,000 World Cities furthest from Larger City by Latitude Proximity
8,639Can You Name These 50 Random World Capitals?
8,635Random American Countries on a Map in 15 Seconds
8,631Cities Beginning With "K" on a Map
8,623 States of Origin - American Popular Music
8,618Countries Closest to Russia
8,615 Venice Trivia
8,611 U.S. State Capitals Closest to Denver
8,603Name Two Countries In Each Continent - 15 Second Sprint
8,587Five Biggest Producing Countries By Product #2
8,591Flags of the Countries that Start with K
8,556Asia Geography Decoder
8,551100k US Cities By Proximity On An Empty Map
8,530All 50k+ Cities in Germany with a Map
8,515Flags of the Countries that Start with M
8,508 U.S. Coastal Cities > 100,000 Population
8,508Geography by Letter on the Map of Europe - C
8,501 Boston Multiple Choice
8,496 People by U.S. State - Multiple Choice
8,491 Largest Scottish Islands
8,466Solve the Secret Country #6
8,438 Geography of California
8,423Empty Asian Map without 10 Random Countries
8,417Asian Countries by Containing Letters in 15 Seconds
8,412Latin America Countries Map Quiz
8,414All Country Borders in the World!
8,402 Flags to Largest Cities
8,383Countries Containing A
8,351Airlines with the A380
8,338Countries Containing B (no continent prompts)
8,265Biggest cities/towns in Scotland
8,278Languages of the Ottoman Empire with a Map
8,25620 Biggest Cities in Germany on a Map
8,258Cities Beginning With "E, F, G" on a Map
8,249Balkan countries
8,254Districts of Portugal Map Quiz
8,242International Airport Codes
8,240European Countries by Borders in 15 Seconds (with a map)
8,228Geography by Letter on the Map of Africa - A
8,221All Modern-Day Countries Ever Controlled by the Russian Empire
8,215Caribbean Countries
8,212Top 50 oldest countries
8,207 The First U.S. State to Do It
8,188Which country is bigger?
8,181Capitals in Random Squares of an Empty World Map
8,174Biggest U.S. Cities Starting with G
8,177Flags of the Countries that Start with F
8,152 International Suburbs Quiz
8,142US States with no MLB, NHL, NBA, or NFL teams
8,130Countries of the World in German
8,117Countries Ending With Two Consonants
8,116Random Difficult Flag to Country
8,107Official Country Names of the World Quiz
8,086Biggest Cities in Minnesota
8,079 U.S. States with the Most Workplace Fatalities
8,073Country Word Search #5
8,065100 Biggest Cities in Africa - with a Map
8,038Country Shapes in the World Map - Chain Game #2
8,031Biggest Cities in Alabama
8,032Irish Counties
8,024Countries Of The British Empire
8,016First Five World Capitals Alphabetically by Continent
7,999Capitals and Countries of the World - HARD
7,995Most Capitals of Oceania You Can Name in 30 Seconds
7,987U.S. States Word Search
7,98190 secs Countries of the World: sorted by Latitude of Northernmost Point
7,927Five Best Summer Olympic Nations by Continent
7,921Municipalities of Puerto Rico (with a map)
7,910Top 50 Population by Country 2019
7,903 Cities of Origin - American Popular Music
7,905Countries Closest to Hungary
7,928 Bordering Countries Forming Words #2
7,890 U.S. Cities with the Most Precipitation
7,886All Countries by Southernmost Point, with an Empty Map
7,868Bodies of Water on the World Map
7,869 Asian Countries - Type the First Letter
7,834Really Hard Geography Questions
7,825Every country by total GDP with a map
7,822Canadian Provinces in French - Map Quiz
7,827Crossword - Countries
7,802 Berlin City Trivia
7,790Countries in Random Shapes on the World Map
7,767Country Picture Puzzle Game #4
7,754 U.S. States with the Fewest Traffic Fatalities
7,746Countries of the World in 1900
7,746Countries of Europe in 1938/39 (With Map!)
7,733Landlocked Countries with a Map
7,725Countries by Partial Flag Images #6
7,727U.S. City Skylines Quiz (easy)
7,730Countries Bordering Libya
7,70290 secs Countries of the World: by same ending letter
7,686 Geologic Time Scale
7,667Flags of the Countries that Start with S
7,660Countries whose capital isn't the largest city.
7,660 History of Louisiana
7,652Biggest European Cities in 1900
7,652 Every City in New York on the Map
7,647Countries Containing M (no continent prompts)
7,64310 Largest Cities in Random US States
7,651Five Closest Countries by City #1
7,644Japan Cities Map Quiz
7,619Progressive Geography Test #1
7,617Category Elimination - European Countries #2
7,608World's Busiest Airports - Extreme
7,599Countries by Five Closest Countries In One Minute
7,574Regions of Japan - Map Quiz
7,569States Of The USA
7,571Geography by Letter on the Map of Europe - D
7,564Countries by Any Two Letters in 45 Seconds
7,567Flags of the Countries that Start with L
7,564Most Guessed Cities by Country #3
7,557North Dakota Counties Quiz
7,546Countries Closest to Finland
7,505Countries with 5 or more cities over a million population
7,510 Which City in Florida?
7,504 Los Angeles A-Z
7,504Geography - Countries by Numbers #3
7,468European Countries in Alphabetical Order
7,496Provinces (Voivodeships) of Poland (With a Map)
7,469Guess the Country by its Flag
7,459Top 50 Richest Countries of the World
7,427Five Biggest Cities By European Country
7,409Biggest U.S. Cities Starting with I
7,399Five Most Murderous Countries by Continent
7,372Flags of the Countries that Start with D
7,358World Map 6 x 16 Puzzle by World Capitals
7,348Flags of the Countries that Start with E
7,313All countries by population Size (As of 2023)