Geography Quizzes - Page 19

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Can you name the modern-day-countries whose current territory was part of Austria-Hungary in 1914?
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Where British royals are married, crowned, and buried?
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Can you name the ten southernmost countries that are considered to be part of Asia?
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These countries are about to get a lot less crowded.
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Name the countries that have the greatest number of locations in the McDonald's restaurant chain.
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Name any European country that belongs in each selected category.
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Can you name the countries of Europe in the year 1444, based on the video game "Europa Universalis 4"?
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Try to name the most populous cities in the United States that start with the letter S.
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Name the countries that executed the most people from 2015 to 2018, according to Amnesty International.
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Name the American cities that have at least 8 completed buildings of at least 150 meters in height.
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Name the countries with the most runners who have run a sub-2:10 marathon.
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Name the 7 different countries that border Iran - with a map!
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Can you name the European countries that are the furthest east?
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In each group, guess the thing that is biggest.
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For each year, name the 10 largest cities in the world of that year.
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Can you name all the countries that have territory on the Balkan Peninsula?
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Name the countries where King Charles III is currently the ceremonial head of state.
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There are 6 countries whose territory touches the Arctic Sea. How many can you name?
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How many state capital cities can you name - but without the state as a hint?
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Can you name the countries that have the most sheep?
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Rating: 4.80
Name the countries, overseas territories, and crown dependencies of the United Kingdom.
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Name the most well-known American cities, based on JetPunk stats.
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Rating: 4.25
Can you name the state where each U.S. president had their political base?
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Can you guess the states of the United States which have the lowest population density?
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Try to name the 17 autonomous communities of Spain.
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Rating: 4.90
Name the countries that are closest to the Persian Gulf.
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Fill in the map of the world by naming the most popular spectator sport in each country.
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Another more difficult version.
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Try to name the eight members of the Warsaw Pact - aka the Soviet Bloc.
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Name the Asian countries that don't border any other countries - or that border only one other.
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Name the countries of the world that have the most airports or airfields recognizable from the air.
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Rating: 4.96
Name the countries with the highest population that border each other.
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Guess the country that fits in each series of categories until only one country remains.
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Rating: 4.45
Given the statement, name the only U.S. state which fits with the clue.
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Name the most populous urban areas whose name starts with Saint, San, São, Santa, or Santo.
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Name the 10 African countries with the highest quality of life as measured by the Human Development Index.
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Rating: 4.65
Unless you've been to Japan, good luck naming more than four!
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Rating: 4.96
Try to name the most populous city in all 196 countries of the world.
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Rating: 4.27
Try to name the most populous cities in the United States that start with the letter B.
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Rating: 5.00
We put two countries head to head with each other in a series of stand offs! Can you select the winning country in each scenario?
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Will be tough unless you're British.
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Rating: 3.95
Name the warmest large cities in the United States.
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Name these 10 random state capitals of the map. The answers change every time you play!
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Can you name all the countries that Germany has bordered since its unification in 1871?
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Rating: 3.97
Among the 45 countries that are considered to be "European" countries, which ones have territory that extends furthest south?
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Can you guess these facts about the country of Israel?
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Try to name any country featured within each hexagon of the world map.
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Which countries pass through the prime meridian or the equator? Use the map to help you.
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Name the most populous countries and empires in the year 1950.