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5,109Five Biggest Cities by Country - Extreme
5,113100 Biggest Cities in Europe in 1900 with a Map
5,097Old flags of countries
5,082Biggest Cities in Kansas
5,071Countries with the Highest Jewish Population
5,063Top 20 Most Christian Countries
5,062Biggest Cities in Connecticut
5,065Countries of Europe in 476 AD (with a Map)
5,063Biggest Cities in Europe in 1650 with a Map
5,059Countries Closest to China
5,048Countries Containing I
5,044100 Biggest Asian Cities on a Map
5,044Countries by Partial Flag Images #8
5,049Countries in Solid Squares of an Empty World Map
5,044Countries By Wikipedia Word Clouds
5,043Countries With Territory in Oceania (with empty map)
5,034Famous Landmarks Out Of Focus #3
5,032Vermont Counties Quiz
5,033African Capitals by First Two Letters
5,029All countries by Area - as you proceed you are given starting letter as hint
5,031Countries of Europe in 1700
5,035Collapse of the Soviet Union with a Map
5,027Random Geographic Groups of Four
5,028Biggest Cities Starting with X
5,025African Geography A-Z
5,006Country Word Search #9
5,003Countries with Top 100 Universities
4,998Countries bordering the Soviet Union
4,993World Capitals Containing E
4,992Five Closest Countries to London by Continent
4,986100 Biggest US Cities with Exceptions
4,991All Major Afroasiatic Languages (with a map)
4,985States of Austria - Map
4,983World Map with 10 Extra Borders
4,987Countries in Hexagons of an Empty World Map
4,970Countries Closest to Norway
4,965Random Sequential Capitals on a World Map
4,961Oceania Flags Map Quiz
4,962The Last Foreign Power to Occupy Each European Country
4,961Five Closest Countries to New York City by Continent
4,929Unlock the Final Answer - Geography
4,925United States Capitals Quiz Map
4,938Countries by Second and Third Letter
4,92190 secs Countries of the World: by 2nd and 3rd Letter
4,921Countries anagrams
4,923Top 10 Immigrant Countries and Their Origin Countries
4,911Canada Province Capitals
4,917Countries Ending in A
4,906Five Countries in Their Native Language by Continent
4,910Country Quiz on a Map - Germany
4,895Countries of the Roman Empire
4,892The Only Two Countries ...
4,889US States by Borders: 30 Second Sprint
4,888Countries Chain Game
4,88210 Easternmost Countries in Africa
4,873World Capitals Containing A
4,879Countries Closest to Algeria
4,872Countries with Seven Letters Quiz
4,869Name a City in Every Asian Country - No Capitals
4,86420 Biggest Cities in China on a Map
4,864Countries Containing L
4,855World Capitals Containing P
4,852First Five World Cities Alphabetically by Continent
4,848Biggest Religion by Country - with Map
4,851Modern-Day Countries of the Serbian Empire on a Map
4,849Random Sequential European Capitals on a Map
4,830Historic counties of England
4,82725 Most Populous countries in 2100
4,826Top 20 US Metropolitan Statistical Areas by population
4,822Modern-Day Countries of the Armenian Empire on a Map
4,815Countries That Start With The Same 3 Letters
4,809Five Busiest Airports by Airline
4,811NCAA D1 Basketball Teams On A Map
4,803Counties of New England with a Map
4,798Modern-day countries of the Swedish Empire on a Map
4,797Countries with the most Nobel Prize Winners
4,795All Countries of the World from North to South by Geographical Center
4,794Capitals of Europe - Map Quiz
4,797U.S. States by First and Last Two Letters
4,791Countries Larger than All Neighbours, with a Map
4,792100 Biggest Cities of Europe in 1850 with a Map
4,786Separatist Movements on a World Map
4,776Russia Cities Map Quiz
4,783Random Countries on the Map of Western Africa
4,77324 Busiest Air Routes from Dubai on a Map
4,772UK Geography on the Map
4,769Great Lakes - Map Quiz
4,769 Dallas City Trivia
4,767Which Countries Are Real?
4,763Countries With the Most Romanian Speakers
4,752Geography Safe Cracker Challenge #1
4,760Regions & Departments of Peru on a Map
4,748Every Oceanian Country Shape
4,742Biggest Cities in the Western Hemisphere
4,736US States and Capitals Map Quiz
4,737The only remaining country in the world that... (with a map)
4,734Top 20 Most Buddhist Countries
4,727Seas of the World - Map Quiz
4,726Modern-Day Countries of the Frankish Empire on a Map
4,723Arabic Countries
4,721Most Countries in Oceania You Can Name in 30 Seconds
4,717Biggest Cities in South Carolina
4,718Five Countries with Most Jews by Continent
4,712Most Asian Capitals You Can Name in 1.5 Minutes
4,706Europe Map with 8 Extra Borders
4,710All 1M+ Cities in Africa on a Map
4,701Top 20 Longest Country Names
4,69650 Biggest European Cities on a Map
4,690Capital Cities by Country - Random Order
4,687Guess Country Flags to Reveal the Final Flag #1
4,686A Square of Merged Countries #3
4,676Federal Subjects of Russia Quiz
4,724Capital Cities Based on First Two Letters #2
4,674Plural Countries
4,673Biggest Cities in Oklahoma
4,673Countries Closest to X
4,669Bordering Countries With The Same First Letter
4,665Regions of Greece - Map Quiz
4,663Random Things Missing on the World Map
4,662Capital Cities Beginning with "B"
4,663Five Biggest Countries by Letter #1
4,662IATA Airport Codes by City (EUROPE)
4,659Biggest European Cities within 100 Km
4,656Solve the Secret Country by 6 Clues in 45 Seconds #1
4,672Cities in European Economic Areas on a Map
4,648100 largest Cities and Towns in the UK
4,637Country Shapes in the Map of Europe #1 - 30 Seconds
4,636Counties of Croatia with a Map
4,636Regions of New Zealand Map Quiz
4,632United States Flags Map Quiz
4,634Countries by Their Highest Ever FIFA Rank
4,629Country Shapes in the Map of Europe #4
4,627Five Least Peaceful Countries by Continent
4,623Countries Containing V
4,620Five Least Bordered Countries by Continent
4,617Random Oceania Flag to Country
4,614Every City in California on a Map
4,61090 secs Countries of the World: by same 3rd letter
4,609Countries of Europe by First 3 Letters
4,603Trace the Route of Francis Drake on a Map
4,595Countries with V
4,618Countries and Capitals by First and Last Letter #2
4,582Empty Pixelated Europe Map
4,582Country Word Search #11
4,573Flags of the World Chain Game #3
4,570Countries that American Airlines flies to - with a map
4,567Modern-Day Countries of the Byzantine Empire with a Map
4,567States of Venezuela (With a Map)
4,559Highest Life Satisfaction Countries
4,557Mediterranean Islands Map Quiz
4,557Poorest Countries Bordering Each Other
4,556European Countries in 1950
4,553Solve the Secret Locations
4,554100 Biggest Cities in the Roman Empire with a Map
4,541Straits on the World Map
4,540Name a Valid Country other than the U.S.
4,541Countries that Start with J - Shape Quiz
4,536African Capitals - Map Quiz
4,533United States Trivia: Geography
4,530Airports With Most Destinations
4,527Crown Lands of the Austrian Empire in 1850 with a Map
4,523Historical Provinces of Ireland Map Quiz
4,520Biggest cities/towns in Ireland
4,522Guess the American Countries Being Drawn
4,516Five Most Powerful Militaries by Continent
4,505Developed Countries
4,504Countries and Capitals of South and Central America
4,501Walking across Asian borders: from South Korea to Yemen
4,50210 Northernmost Countries in Asia
4,497Modern-Day Central Powers-Occupied Countries of WWI on a Map
4,494Top 20 of biggest Dutch cities
4,486Country names that contain other country names
4,484Top 35 U.S. Cities for Food & Restaurants
4,486Complete the Countries
4,484Solve the Secret Country #7
4,483Airlines by Logo
4,482Countries ending in a letter that a bordering Country begins with
4,475Geography - The Roman Empire today
4,475Busiest Metro Systems
4,468 Largest Virgin Islands
4,46520 biggest cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina
4,461Airlines around the world
4,458World Capitals Containing the Letter O
4,456Italian Provinces with a map
4,460100 Longest Rivers in North America - with a Map
4,45420 Biggest Countries by Population (with a map)
4,451World Capitals - Three Minute Sprint
4,451Head to Head - Countries #3
4,439100 biggest cities in Ukraine
4,437Least Democratic Countries
4,449Biggest U.S. Cities Starting with Y
4,429Profile of Poland Quiz
4,427Countries and dependent territories - hard
4,426Countries of the World in 320 B.C. with a Map
4,424The Only Three Countries in the World
4,424All Countries by Population, with an Empty Map
4,421Colors of Country Flags - Random Tile Select