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4,085Country Shapes in the Map of Europe #5
4,078Provinces of Ecuador
4,071 Every City in Colorado on a Map
4,070Newest Countries A-Z
4,070Random Constellations on a Map
4,068Countries of Africa in Alphabetical Order
4,070Modern-Day Countries of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth on a Map
4,06820 Biggest Cities in the UK on a Map
4,075Random World Cities on a Map A-Z
4,064Countries of the World - By Official Names (Insanity Level: 9999)
4,056All Modern-Day Countries Ever Controlled by Oman
4,055Countries that Start with L - Shape Quiz
4,047Country Shapes in the Map of Asia #3
4,048Countries of Africa With a Disappearing Map
4,045All Modern-Day Countries Ever Controlled by the Saudis
4,041Countries With Most Cars
4,059Top Five Busiest Airports by Country
4,03510 Largest Countries by Colours in Their Flags
4,034Random Easy Flag to Country
4,033European Countries with One Border (Hints)
4,030Top 20 Hindu Countries
4,030African Countries by Clue
4,029Indian Geography on a Map
4,028European Countries by Northernmost Point on Land, with an Empty Map
4,027U.S. States, Capitals, & Largest Cities By Population
4,034200 Biggest World Cities on a Map
4,023Connecticut Counties Quiz
4,020World Capitals Containing the Letter T
4,019Counties, Towns and Features of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) - with an SVG Map
4,017All 50k+ Cities in France with a Map
4,015Abolished Monarchies - 20th and 21st Centuries
4,016Countries of the World with Tricolour Flags - Only Flags will Appear
4,013Random Southern Hemisphere Cities on a Map
4,009Name a State A-Z
4,008American Twin, Tri and Quad Cities Quiz
4,004Random Flag-Shape to Country
4,001Random Capitals with Letters Missing
3,999Top 10 Countries with the Most Total Soccer Players
3,998Countries That Colonized Africa
3,99125 Best Places to Visit in the USA
3,991Poland Immigration by Country
3,985200 Largest U.S. Cities
3,979Word Scramble - States
3,981Modern-Day Countries of the Second French Colonial Empire on Map
3,973Countries with the Most Neighbors within 100 Kilometers
3,971Canadian Capitals - Map Quiz
3,966Provinces of the Philippines
3,963Countries of the cold war
3,961Geography Ending in D, Starting with A-Z
3,962Provinces of Spain on the Map
3,955Countries Containing Y (no continent prompts)
3,952Biggest Cities in Nebraska
3,950Regions of Belarus Map Quiz
3,950Trace the Ferdinand Magellan Expedition on a Map!
3,948Least Known Countries
3,944Prefectures of Japan Map Quiz (Highlighted Version)
3,943Top 50 poorest countries
3,943All Modern-Day Countries Ever Controlled by the Habsburgs
3,940Modern-Day Countries of the Chinese Empire under the Tang Dynasty
3,942All 50k+ Cities in Romania with a Map
3,935Countries With the Most Atheists/Agnostics
3,936Modern-Day Countries of Ancient Carthage on a Map
3,933Countries That End in -IA
3,929Countries that Start with D - Shape Quiz
3,928Countries Closest to Malta
3,926Countries that begin and end with consonants
3,93610,000 Biggest U.S. Cities as of the 2020 Census on a Map
3,923States of the Holy Roman Empire in 962 with a Map
3,923Modern day countries of French colonial empire on a Map
3,921Countries That Have Two or More Words
3,919Five Smallest Island Countries by Continent
3,91950 Biggest Cities in France
3,911Flags of Countries that Border Serbia
3,909Countries Closest to Czechia
3,905Countries of Europe in 1860 (With a Map!)
3,903U.S. States - 30 seconds HOW MANY CAN U NAME?
3,905Most Common Surnames by Country
3,903Solve Five Secret Countries by Continent #2
3,903Countries Bordering Zambia
3,901Five Countries with the Shortest Coastline by Continent
3,894Star Spangled Banner Lyrics Quiz
3,893Countries Containing O
3,892Countries A-Z by Neighbor #2
3,883European Capitals Multiple Choice Quiz
3,880Biggest Cities in Maine
3,879Countries That Start with H, J, O, Q, Y, Z (with a map)
3,878World Ethnicities
3,878Countries Symbolized in a War Scene ⚔️
3,873Countries bordering Countries Larger than All Neighbours, with an Empty Map
3,869Largest cities in Austria-Hungary Empire
3,873Countries of the World in Random Order
3,865Hidden Words In Bordering Countries
3,863Which Countries Do You Transit With These Straight Lines?
3,86320 Biggest Cities in Italy on a Map
3,857 Islands of the Galápagos
3,855Biggest Cities in New Mexico
3,855Countries that Start with O, Q, and R - Shape Quiz
3,853Switzerland Immigration by Country
3,853100 Largest Cities in Germany
3,854Geography A-Z #6
3,852Longest Countries
3,847Biggest Cities in South Korea Quiz
3,846Random World Country Dots - Empty Map Quiz
3,844Countries where the largest city is not the capital
3,843Biggest Cities in South Dakota
3,839Municipalities of Iceland with a Map
3,835Country names in Latin
3,834Random Cities of the United Kingdom on a Map
4,105Modern-Day Countries of the German Empire on a Map
3,829Can You Name These 5 Random Countries?
3,829Biggest Cities in Balkans
3,826Italian Countries in 1815 (with a Map)
3,825Five Biggest Producing Countries By Product #4
3,823Countries that Don't Recognize Israel
3,820Random Geographic Groups of Three
3,817Countries of the World in 1000 with a Map
3,812US Mountain West & Midwest Practice Quiz
3,812Countries that Start with F - Shape Quiz
3,80925 Largest Canadian Cities (metro)
3,806Click the Asian Flags
3,799Language by flag
3,797Five Countries with the Most JetPunk Users by Continent
3,793Where is this city?
3,794World Capitals Containing the Letter N
3,792London Tourist Attractions
3,790Countries that Start with E - Shape Quiz
3,788Random Sequential Asian Capitals on a Map
3,7827-Letter Geography Chain
3,781Walk the border of mainland USA - Name the States Going South from Washington State.
3,782Modern-Day Countries of the Qing Empire on a Map
3,775Asian Countries by Population
3,775All 196 Countries of the World : No Vowels
3,771World Capitals by 1M City Proximity on the World Map in 2 Minutes
3,771Biggest Cities in Nevada
3,773Official and Regional Languages of Oceania on a Map
3,771Flags of the World Chain Game #2
3,771All Countries by Highest Recorded Temperature
3,768Countries by Population - In order
3,763Baltic Sea Countries with an Empty Map
3,759Busiest Airports in the US and Canada
3,760Départements of France
3,758100 Biggest Cities in Italy
3,757Merged Country Names
3,756All 1M Cities on the Borderless World Map with hints on Dots by typing Countries
3,755Five Countries by First Two Letters by Continent #2
3,752Countries Containing P (no continent prompts)
3,751Category Elimination - US National Parks
3,749Name that Country
3,746Fill the World Map by typing Furthest Countries
3,747World Capitals Containing J
3,744Country Flags Hidden in the Norwegian Flag
3,748European Cities by Map #3
3,743Countries that Start with S - Shape Quiz
3,742Biggest Cities Not in the 20 Most Populous Countries
3,741Every City in Oregon on a map
3,735Country Word Search #15
3,735Countries that Start with G - Shape Quiz
3,738Busiest Air Routes from the U.K.
3,79850 Busiest Air Routes from the United States on a Map
3,730US States by Containing Letters in 15 Seconds
3,729Countries that Start with R - Shape Quiz
3,721Communist Countries on a Map
3,719Five Most Populated Countries in 1950 by Continent
3,721Modern-Day Countries of the Georgian Empire with a Map
3,717Countries that End In Y
3,715Top 10 most sexually active countries
3,714Food Dish to Country
3,714Every 1,000,000+ North American City on a Map
3,71390 secs World Capitals: by Capital City within 3,000 km
3,705Boroughs of Alaska
3,702Flags of the Countries that Start with D - Click Quiz
3,700The 100 Largest Cities in California
3,70110 Southernmost Capital Cities in Europe
3,699Balkan Flags Quiz
3,698Guess The Country By Connecting The Lines
3,698Most Guessed Countries Bordering Each Other
3,694Countries with the most IKEA stores
3,694Countries of Europe in 850 AD (with a Map)
3,691Name a Valid First-Level Subdivision for Every Country - Pro
3,686Least Corrupt Countries
3,684Countries Closest to Austria
3,682Ultimate Rivers of the UK (with map)
3,68050 Biggest non-metropolitan cities in Canada (by population)
3,679World Map 30 X 32 Puzzle by 250 Largest Cities
3,6771,000 World Cities furthest from Larger City by Semi-Proximity
3,680No Outlines - Countries of Asia Map Quiz
3,674Most Peaceful Countries
3,673Overseas departments and territories of France
3,671Countries Whose Closest Country is France
3,667Solve the Secret Capital City #5
3,663Only 20 Countries on the World Map #4
3,663Biggest Cities in Former Yugoslavia
3,663Countries Currently at War
3,659Biggest Immigrant Group by Country