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3,685Countries of the World in 1914 by Borders
3,68350 Biggest non-metropolitan cities in Canada (by population)
3,682Counties of Rhode Island Quiz
3,682World Map 30 X 32 Puzzle by 250 Largest Cities
3,681Solve the Secret Capital City #5
3,680Overseas departments and territories of France
3,679Countries Whose Closest Country is France
3,678Countries Currently at War
3,676All Nations to Ever be Represented in a Champions League Final
3,677Subdivisions of the Russian Empire with a Map
3,676Biggest Immigrant Group by Country
3,670Only 20 Countries on the World Map #4
3,667Biggest Cities in Former Yugoslavia
3,666Australian Geography on the Map
3,666Last Five World Capitals Alphabetically by Continent
3,660Departments of El Salvador (With a Map)
3,659Countries Closest to Ghana
3,657Random European Shape to Country
3,655Regions of Czechia with Map
3,653Asian Countries By Clue
3,649Modern-Day Countries of the Tu'i Tongan Empire on a Map
3,646European Countries by Largest Non-Capital City
3,646Only 20 Countries on the World Map #3
3,643Biggest U.S. Cities Starting with U
3,640Countries With the Most French Speakers
3,639Name a Valid Country
3,634U.S. States by Namesake or Name Meaning
3,634Top 50 most powerful countries
3,633100 Biggest Cities in Brazil on a Map
3,631All Municipalities of Norway on a Map
3,631Austrian Habsburg Crown Lands in 1732 with a Map
3,630Biggest French Speaking Cities
3,630All 500K+ Cities in the United States on a Map
3,6291,000 World Cities furthest from Larger City by Proximity
3,626Five Most Populated Countries in 2100 by Continent
3,624100 Biggest Cities in South America With a Map
3,622US Cities with Metro Systems
3,620Find the Mystery Country Flag by Colour Clues
3,619Largest neighbour
3,618Countries of the World - Three Minute Sprint (advanced)
3,618US Cities That Start With C
3,614Category Elimination - African Countries
3,614Name a Country in the Americas A-Z
3,613Category Elimination - Asian Countries
3,612World Cities to World Cities - Click Quiz
3,612Biggest Cities In Israel
3,609Eurovision - Highest Win %
3,605Counties of Albania
3,604Nordic Geography on a Map
3,601Countries of Europe With a Disappearing Map
3,601Largest Countries by Continent A-Z
3,598Border Crossings #3
3,596Five Countries with the Most Traffic-Related Deaths by Continent
3,589Countries by currency in 90 seconds
3,589Top 20 Most Hindu Countries
3,585100 Cities with the most Skyscrapers on a Map
3,585Countries with O in Their Name
3,583Famous European Birthplaces on a Map
3,583Oregon Rivers - Map Quiz
3,579Country Puzzle - USA (with Map!)
3,578All Modern-Day Countries Ever Controlled by the Knights Hospitaller
3,578Municipalities of Montenegro with a Map
3,573Cantons of Luxembourg with a Map
3,568Worlds Biggest Navies
3,564Major Rivers of the World - Source US Dept of Commerce, NOAA
3,562All Modern-Day Countries Ever Controlled by Denmark on a Map
3,560Paris Metro - all stations, with a map
3,556250 Biggest Cities in The USA
3,554World Capitals Closest to Moscow
3,554World Capitals Containing W
3,552Find the 5 Random Countries
3,549Geography Chain Pyramid Game #3
3,548Countries of Europe in 900 AD with a Map
3,547Proposed Cantons of "The New Europe With Lasting Peace" with a Map (1920)
3,545Country Trivia Logic Puzzle
3,544British Dominions and Commonwealth Realms with a Map
3,54410 Easternmost Countries That Start with "S"
3,544Eurasia Map Quiz
3,542Least Catholic Countries
3,539Countries where it is illegal to be gay
3,528Countries with the Most Arid Desert
3,527Click the European Flags
3,525Regions of Chile (With a Map)
3,524World Capitals Ending with A
3,524Countries with capitals with the same name
3,524All Countries by Southernmost Point on Land
3,521Biggest World Cities within 250 km with Hints on Dots by Proximity
3,518Most populous country and city in every subregion
3,513Destination Countries from London Heathrow Airport - with Map
3,513100 Biggest Cities in the Americas
3,511Countries that stayed neutral in WWII
3,51120 Countries Closest to The Netherlands
3,509U.S. City Skylines Quiz (Medium)
3,508Countries Closest to New Zealand
3,508Country Flags of Europe - Tile Select Quiz
3,505US Geography on the Map
3,504World Currencies Used in the Most Countries
3,500Departments of Uruguay
3,500The Seven Continents Empty Map Quiz
3,499Landmarks Revealing Landmarks #2
3,497Modern-Day Countries of the Ancient Egyptian Empire with a Map
3,495Extremely Hard General Knowledge #1
3,495Countries With the Most Polish Speakers
3,495Countries by 1st and Last Letter
3,494Groups of countries #3
3,493Countries Containing B
3,492European Countries with Large Cities
3,488The World's 50 Largest Cities by Letter - A
3,487Flags of partially recognised states and non-sovereign territories
3,485Modern-Day Countries of the Republic of Venice in 1500 with a Map
3,484All 50 U.S. States by Shape
3,472Causes of Death on Mount Everest
3,470biggest cities in belgium
3,470Random Sequential African Capitals on a Map
3,470Recognize Countries by Tripoint Maps #1
3,469Asian Capitals Mystery Route
3,468Countries whose Capitals are not the Largest Cities
3,468Biggest Cities in Wyoming
3,464Countries by Clue
3,461Countries of the World: Unscramble them all!
3,460Italian Geography on the Map
3,459Countries by Initial Letter and Population
3,459Biggest Cities that Speak a Romance Language
3,455Cities in the United Kingdom by Proximity
3,451U.S. States Word Search #2
3,450Five Biggest Countries by Continent - One Minute Sprint
3,449Asia by Capitals and Borders in 30 Seconds
3,447Countries of the World by Population Density
3,443Four Countries on Maps #1
3,439Overseas Territories of the World with a Map
3,437Deserts on the Map
3,437It's All About New Zealand
3,436Five Biggest Cities by Continent (with Exceptions)
3,436World Capitals Containing the Letter M
3,435Countries of the World by GDP Per Capita With Map
3,433100k US Cities By Proximity
3,431Countries Closest to the Centre of Africa
3,425Flags of Countries That Border India
3,421Top 10 Highest FIFA Men's Rankings of Countries
3,421Position of European Countries on Map - Chain Game #1
3,416Name an Asian Country A-Z
3,415Top 20 Most Famous Countries by Language
3,415Countries with the Highest Percentage Aged Under 15
3,413 Smallest Countries with at Least Two Borders
3,413Most mountainous countries in Europe.
3,411Regions of Slovakia
3,410All US National Park Sites by Proximity
3,409European Bodies of Water (with Map!)
3,408Countries with "And" in the name
3,407Country Word Search #16
3,407Five Closest Countries by Continent
3,406All Modern-Day Countries Ever Controlled by the Soviet Union
3,406Countries Closest to Denmark
3,405Countries Closest to Ethiopia - Without Map
3,40323 Special Administrative wards of Tokyo, Japan (With a Map)
3,400Find Five Missing European Countries in 15 Seconds #2 - Map
3,400Country Word Search #17
3,400World Countries by Borders - One Minute Sprint
3,398Name a Valid Americas Country
3,398Johnny's Geography #5
3,397Country Word Search #18
3,396Largest River Basins by Area on a Map
3,394Countries With Most 'A's in its Name
3,394Adjacent Capital Pair Superlatives
3,393Name Any Bordering Country
3,390Official Names of Countries
3,388Visual Satisfaction - Match the Colors #1
3,387Countries with the most debt
3,386Swedish Counties Quiz
3,384Country Quiz on a Map - China
3,382Top 10 European Countries With Most Immigration
3,379Countries on a Spinning Flat Earth Quiz
3,378Really Hard Geography Questions #3
3,374Pakistani diaspora by country
3,373Click the African Flags
3,370The Cities in Turkey
3,370100 Biggest Cities of England on a Map
3,370Random Top 5 US States by Category
3,369World Map with 10 Extra Borders #2
3,369Fifty States -- in order!
3,366Regions of Finland Map Quiz
3,365Countries in Triangles of the World Map
3,365Countries that legalized Same-Sex Marriage (2024)
3,363Indonesia Cities Map Quiz
3,362Countries Closest to Greece A-Z
3,359 Four Letter Geography #3
3,358Districts of Serbia
3,356Flags that are Red, White and Blue
3,356Five Biggest Cities By Asian Country
3,354USA: Towns with the same name European capital cities
3,35115 Largest Cities in Africa with an Empty Map
3,349Former Names of Countries
3,348Biggest cities in Slovakia