Geography Quizzes - Page 25

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Can you name every city in the United States with a population over 100,000 - with the help of a map?
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Can you name the ten northernmost European capitals?
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Can you guess these facts about the country of Sweden?
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Name the countries that once used these flags.
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We give you 20 random questions that can all be answered with the name of a country. Can you answer them all?
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Can you guess these facts about the country of Denmark?
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Try to name the American cities with a building at least 700 feet in height.
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How many country flags can you name? As you answer, the map will be filled in.
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Guess the top 10 largest nuclear power producing countries in the world.
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For each continent, which five countries received the most international visitors in 2017?
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Try to name the countries where these foods originated.
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Name the cities that get the most international air traffic from the United States.
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Starting from the top right corner, trace the outline of the European continent by correctly naming each country along the way.
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We ranked every country by two factors: Surface Area and GDP. Which countries had a high GDP rank but a low Surface Area rank?
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With the help of pictures, name the countries whose flags have the highest percentage of orange.
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With the help of pictures, name the countries whose flags have the highest percentage of yellow.
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The last letter of each answer is the first letter of the next.
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What are the most populous countries that don't have a single McDonald's location?
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Try to name the 23 most populous cities and villages in the state of New York.
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Rating: 4.90
Can you name the four most populous cities in each U.S. state?
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Name the countries that have the highest percentage of people who say they are "not a religious person".
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Rating: 4.55
Which countries are closest to the Aegean Sea?
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There are 11 countries whose names are the same as their capital city. How many can you name?
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Rating: 4.84
What are the richest countries in North America and South America based on GDP per capita?
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Rating: 4.97
Name the countries that the River Danube passes through or borders.
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Try to name the largest islands that lie within the Mediterranean Sea.
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Name the countries whose populations make up at least 7% of their respective continents.
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For each selected nickname, name the U.S. state!
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What are the most common countries of birth for Canadian residents?
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You will see a city highlighted on the map. Click the name of the Major League team that plays in that city.
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Can you name these 73 national and regional languages shown on the map of Europe?
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Name the five biggest cities in the world whose names start with these letters.
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Rating: 4.87
Can you name the countries of Asia that have the greatest number of Christians?
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Rating: 4.99
Re-assemble these groups of letters to form the names of national capitals.
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Use your mouse to hunt down a state. Then type its name. Can you find all ten in time?
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Can you name these countries based on a selected lyric from their national anthem?
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Name the American metro areas with the largest economies.
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Can you name the most populous city in all of the world's time zones?
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Guess the capital city that fits in each series of categories until only one city remains.
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Rating: 3.92
Solve the puzzles to guess the names of these countries.
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Can you name the European capitals whose final letter is N?
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There are six countries that border the Black Sea. Can you name them all?
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Try to guess whether these geographical statements are true or false.
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Rating: 4.55
Can you guess the countries depicted in these pixelated images?
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You may well enjoy your cup of joe, but do you know where it's from? See if you can guess the top 20 coffee producing countries.
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Name these British cities based on their starting letter and a description.
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Rating: 4.89
Name the five most guessed cities in each of these countries.
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Name the top 20 countries with the highest number of people who are at least 65 years of age.
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Rating: 4.99
Name any capital featured within each square of the world map.
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Based on the picture, can you name the island?