Geography Quizzes - Page 29

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Based on the picture, guess these geography-themed answers starting with H.
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Name the cities where these landmarks are located.
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Guess the lyrics to the English version of the Canadian national anthem.
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Can you name the world's 15 longest rivers with the help of a map?
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All of these clues describe an African Country. Can you name all of them?
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Try to name the world capitals that receive the most international tourists.
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Name the biggest modern-day urban areas whose territory was once part of the Spanish Empire.
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Name the modern-day countries whose current territory had the highest population in the year 1800.
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How many of America's 27 most valuable cash crops can you name?
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Can you guess these facts about the country of Switzerland?
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Name the 20 countries bordering the sea that have the shortest coastlines.
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Try to guess the modern names of these cities that were formerly known by a different name.
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For each selected flag, name the country that borders Russia.
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Difficulty level: hard. Try to name each country based on the flags of the countries it borders.
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Can you answer these questions about the lovely northern country of Scotland?
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Totally for self-defense, of course. We would never invade Poland. Not us!
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Try to name the countries that start with letter P based on their shapes.
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Name the countries where these cities are located.
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Can you name these Middle Eastern cities based on a clue and their starting letter?
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Twenty countries have been merged. Use the map to guess which ones they are.
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Can you name the geographic places that are marked on the world map - all starting with the letter D?
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Name the highest-ranked national capitals in each of the following categories.
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Among the countries that are located entirely on islands, which ones have the highest GDP per capita?
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What are the five most developed countries in each continent according to HDI?
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Which countries have the most installed solar capacity?
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50 states, 50 quizzes. Day 40: Hawaii.
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Can you name these geographical features which are colored on the world map, one for each letter A-Z?
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Name the countries with the highest points that are not in Asia.
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Can you guess these facts about the country of Indonesia?
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Which countries have been lived in or visited by the greatest number of JetPunk users?
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Select the color that would correctly fill the selected regions on these four flags.
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Guess the top ten countries of origin for players who are currently active in the NHL.
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Name these real and fictional locations that start with the letter B.
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What the are most grown fruits in the world by weight?
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Can you name these nine countries which aren't recognized by JetPunk but meet other criteria for nationhood?
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Country of 1.3 billion people?
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Name the countries where these movies took place.
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Try to name the national capitals that begin with the letter T.
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Guess the 14 most populous American cities with Spanish names.
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Name the countries that gained and lost the most residents due to migration.
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Name these international foods.
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Name the U.S. state based on its commemorative quarter.
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Can you guess the countries that have the highest average yearly precipitation?
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The first country is the second largest in the world.
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Name the countries with the highest life expectancies that aren't in Europe.
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As you type each country, it will be filled in on the empty map.
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Name the states where the lowest percentage of people over 25 have a four year college degree.
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Fill the blanks in these song titles.
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Name what comes before and after the word "and" in the names of these countries.
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A state where crazy stuff just seems to happen.