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2,215Five Most Populated Cities in 2100 by Continent
2,214Asian Countries in Their Native Language
2,213Sydney Airport (SYD) Destinations
2,213Flags by Horizontal Stripes #2
2,213Modern-Day Countries of the Khedivate of Egypt on a Map
2,212Countries with the Death Penalty (as of 2011)
2,212Countries that do not recognize the state of Israel
2,212Countries Closest to Iran
2,211Countries Closest to Japan A-Z
2,212Countries that Bordered Yugoslavia
2,210Countries in the Former Soviet Union
2,210Which continent is it in #1
2,209Countries that have had their current flag for the longest
2,208European Geography By Letter - Z
2,208Top 11 Countries with the Highest Rates of Eating Disorders in the World
2,207Top 10 Countries with most Bicycles per Capita
2,206US Cities That Start With S
2,205Flags of Countries that Border Turkey
2,204Name a Valid Country in Each Continent
2,203Subregions of the World Quiz
2,202Top 20 Least Forested Countries
2,202All 35 American Countries Being Drawn
2,202Double Border Crossings
2,201Countries by Initial Letter and Length #4
2,199Every NATO Country Shape
2,198World Capitals A-Z Closest to the EU
2,198What countries border Romania?
2,197River Deltas on the Map
2,198Ethnic Groups A-Z #2
2,19850 pairs of cities with the exact same name (with a map)
2,199Five Country Flags by Continent - Tile Select Quiz
2,196Provinces of Spain
2,196Country Logic Puzzle by Scambigol #2
2,195Europe Map with 8 Extra Borders #2
2,193Largest Islands of Croatia Quiz - Map
2,192Most populated islands A-Z
2,192US States With the Most Cities in the Top 1000 Most Populous
2,191Countries Closest to the Middle of the Indian Ocean
2,191Countries by Half-and-Half Images
2,190States of the German Empire in 1914 on a Map
2,190Greenest Countries in the World (2014)
2,191Countries that End in "O"
2,189Boston Subway (MBTA) Stations on a Map
2,190Free the World Map by nearby World Capital in 90 Seconds
2,189All Countries That Do Not Contain I
2,18810 Westernmost Capital Cities in Asia
2,188Countries by Continent and Length
2,185Countries Closest to Ireland
2,185European Geography - B
2,185Modern-Day Countries of the Sokoto Caliphate on a Map
2,184World Capitals Closest to Washington DC
2,184Country Capitals Starting With The Letter "C"
2,184Most spoken Languages of each country with an Empty Map
2,182Country Codes Quiz #2
2,182New York John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK) Destinations
2,185Random Oceania Capital to Country
2,1831M+ cities of the world by letter - M
2,18350 Cities with the most Skyscrapers on a Map
2,180Top 100 Biggest Cities in Nebraska
2,179Five Random Cities by Continent (with a map)
2,179Guess Countries in the Mountains
2,179Countries Closest to Italy A-Z
2,178Second Largest Cities by European Countries: Map Quiz
2,178Countries With Native German Speakers
2,177Top 10 Countries with the Most Sheep per Capita
2,176Five Countries With the Most Inland Water by Continent
2,175Miss Universe Country Titleholders
2,172Countries that have been/is part of Norway
2,171Cities with over 15 million population
2,170Provinces of the Netherlands Map Quiz
2,170Countries of Asia With a Disappearing Map
2,171Landlocked Countries Nearest the Sea
2,169Countries in the Hidden World Map - Treasure Hunt #2
2,171Capitals of the world on a map - alphabetically
2,168Ireland A-Z
2,167Least Populous Countries as a Percent of Their Continent
2,167Country Name Etymology
2,167Category Elimination - U.S. State Capitals
2,166American Metropolitan Areas With More Than One Airport
2,164Guess The Country - Monarchy
2,164The 13 countries with Aircraft Carriers
2,164Countries That Lost Citizens In 9/11
2,163European Countries in Dots
2,164Cities that End in L by Clue
2,1626-Letter Geography Chain
2,159Country Quiz on a Map - Turkey
2,158Geographic Groups of Three in the World
2,155Global Cities Extreme
2,155Largest Airlines of Europe
2,155World's Highest Mountains
2,153All 50k+ Cities in Canada with a Map
2,154Top 15 Snowiest U.S. States
2,154100 Biggest Cities in Canada
2,152Visual Memory Test - US States on a Map
2,150Countries Missing from the Pixelated World Map
2,150Countries with Territory in the Caribbean Sea (with empty map)
2,149Country Categories: Tourism
2,147Biggest U.S.A Cities by State
2,147Top 100 Cities in Africa
2,146Countries with most Immigration / Emigration
2,147Countries with K in Their Name
2,147Countries Similar to Australian Subdivisions by Population
2,145Places on a Risk Board - Map Quiz
2,144Five Biggest Oil Consuming Countries by Continent
2,142Double Trouble Countries
2,143Biggest Cities of Europe in 1000 (With a Map!)
2,143Provinces of the Spanish Empire with a Map
2,142Middle East Geography on the Map
2,139Europe in French - Map Quiz
2,139Countries That Controlled Asia (with a map)
2,139Megacities by Containing Letters in 15 Seconds
2,138Cities by Russian Spelling
2,138Five Biggest Countries by Continent with Exceptions
2,140Top 10 Countries with the Highest Life Expectancy in Europe
2,139Countries Where English is an Official Language
2,138Capitals with Five Letters Quiz
2,136Countries where the legal age of drinking alcohol is higher than 18
2,135Countries of the world NO MAP
2,134Battlefields of WWI on Map (all countries and 100k+ cities)
2,134Oceans and seas - how many do you know? A difficult quiz here!
2,133Top 100 Least Guessed Countries
2,132Countries with an H
2,131Countries with the Worst Persecution of Christians
2,130Majority Christian Countries on a Map
2,129North American Countries
2,130Random State Shape to U.S. State
2,128Capitals of the Provinces of China on a Map
2,126The World's Largest City Timeline
2,125All Country Flags of the World by Capital
2,124Every Country That Hosted A Eurovision
2,124Capital Cities on their Country's Border
2,124Argentina Immigration by Country
2,124Country groups quiz - #3
2,123Districts of Uganda with a Map
2,124Most visited countries in Asia
2,121IATA Airport Codes by City (ASIA)
2,121Countries with the Most Cities as a Percent of Continent
2,121Biggest Cities in the Middle East - Extreme
2,120First-Level Subdivisions of Mauriccotanialicarawique
2,119Five Countries with Longest Perimeter by Continent
2,118Provinces (Vilayets) of the Ottoman Empire in 1900 with a Map
2,118Five Most Populated Countries by Continent - One Minute Sprint
2,116Top 50 Countries by Population
2,118Empty Pixelated Americas Map
2,115Country Connect by Alphabetical Order
2,113Countries Furthest from the US
2,112Safest Countries in the World
2,111Geography of Sweden
2,111US Cities That Start With P
2,113All countries by furthest point from Equator, with a map.
2,110Biggest Energy Counsuming and Producing Countries
2,110Pixelated World Map - One Minute Sprint
2,108All 100k+ Urban Areas of Europe
2,108Biggest World Cities A-Z - Top 2
2,108Countries by Independence in 90 Seconds
2,108EU Capitals - Map Quiz
2,106Lonely Planet's Top Ten Countries by Year
2,105Countries in a Koru on an Empty Map
2,10510 Northernmost Capital Cities in Africa
2,105Oldest Capital Cities of Countries
2,104Country Shapes in a Pizza
2,104Adelaide Suburbs
2,101Countries Closest to Cabo Verde
2,09930 Biggest Cities in Bulgaria
2,10110 countries with the biggest population by religion
2,098Capitals of Indian States
2,098100 Biggest Cities in Modern-Day Warsaw Pact Countries on a Map
2,098U.S. States Word Search #4
2,096Subdivisions of Germany, Austria and Switzerland on a map
2,093Biggest bordering countries
2,093Countries that End in S
2,093Regions of the European Union on a Map
2,091Flags of Countries That Border Poland
2,090Letters A to Z - Which country has the most?
2,090Divided US City Name Puzzle
2,091Countries Closest to Indonesia - with a map
2,090Enemies of Israel
2,091Countries with the coronavirus Covid-19 (map)
2,089Countries That Do Not Recognize Palestine
2,089City to State #1
2,088Can You Name These 30 Random Countries? Difficult
2,087Top 10 Hottest African Countries
2,089European Cities with Multiple Football Clubs
2,08750 Least Visited Countries in the World 🌎
2,085Countries That Start with E (with a map)
2,085Bordering Countries with the Smallest Combined Population Density
2,084Name the country - By Clue
2,083Countries without letter "A" in their name
2,083Quebec Cities Map Quiz
2,084Countries Similar to Canadian Subdivisions by Population
2,084Five Biggest Countries by Currency
2,083Countries by a Single Word
2,083Geography Safe Cracker Challenge #5
2,082Category Elimination - Best & Worst Countries
2,081100 Largest Cities in Texas by Population
2,081Flags of Countries That Border the Baltic Sea