Geography Quizzes - Page 31

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Can you name the five U.S states whose names come from Spanish?
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Question #1: What is the capital of Ukraine?
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Fill in the map of East Africa by clicking each highlighted country.
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Guess the countries of the world that have no native, terrestrial snake species.
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Former British territory returned to China in 1997?
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Can you name these facts about the country of Poland?
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Largest country in South America?
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With the help of pictures, name the countries whose flags have the highest percentage of blue.
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Which countries have the most football players that are currently playing in a club?
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Each outline consists of two countries that share a land border.
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Name the cities in the United States that were the first to reach a population of one hundred thousand.
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Name the country based on a word that it rhymes with.
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Name the countries that send the most visitors to the United States.
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Based on the picture, guess these geography-themed answers starting with F.
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For each letter of the alphabet, name the countries closest to, well, an unknown country.
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Name the countries that produced these famous athletes.
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Can you identify the following world capital cities from just their last two letters?
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Name these attractions that could be on a tourist's route of Europe.
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Name the countries with the highest population density that border each other.
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Name the most well-known world cities that are not the capital of their country.
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With the help of an empty map, can you name the ten countries that touch the African Great Lakes?
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Fill the blanks in these analogies involving countries.
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Beat the clock to unscramble the names of these American state capitals.
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These are all the countries that are defined to be part of West Africa. Fill in the map by clicking each highlighted country.
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Guess the countries that are pictured in these satellite images.
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City of canals and gondolas?
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Name the countries whose citizens have won the most men's or women's singles titles.
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For each location, name the nearest national capital.
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Name the cities that receive the most international tourists.
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What are the most common countries of birth for French residents who were not born in France?
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Based on the picture, guess these geography-themed answers starting with E.
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Can you name the countries whose flag depicts an eagle?
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What are the five least developed countries in each continent according to HDI?
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In blue, you will see all the capital cities of the world that begin with a certain letter. Click the letter.
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Name all the countries that have a border with the Red Sea.
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Start with one country name. Add, remove, or delete some characters and end with another country.
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Name the busiest air routes that start in New York City. With a map!
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Congrats to the 2022 World Cup champions! Can you name these facts about the country of Argentina?
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With the help of a map, try to name the 500 most populous urban areas in the world.
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Help Jeppy the JetPunk fish to catch these twenty country shapes as they float by on the river.
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Which European countries have the highest percentage of their total area covered by forests?
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Can you name all of the countries that bordered the British Raj, or British India, in 1937?
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Can you name the countries whose flag depicts the constellation Crux, also known as the Southern Cross?
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Can you guess these facts about the country of Saudi Arabia?
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All the blanks are world capitals. Based on the clues, guess the missing words.
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Find the countries hidden in the word search grid.
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The last letter of each answer is the the first letter of the next.
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Name the non-African countries whose territory is geographically closest to South Africa.
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Name all the countries in the world that are either inside the Arctic Circle, or can reach it by sailing due north and not hitting any other country on the way.
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Can you name the 15 countries that sent the most visitors to Florida in the year 2022?