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1,790Country Logic Puzzle by Scambigol #4b - borders with a Colourful Map
1,789Countries of the Holy Roman Empire in 1500
1,789Five Cities with the Highest GDP by Continent
1,790Continents in Order by Number of Countries
1,788U.S. State Capitals - North to South
1,787World Capitals Closest to Tokyo
1,788Groups of Countries #1
1,787The 30 Biggest Cities in Germany
1,788Click the North American Flags
1,787Countries of the world - with a player in top 500 most important soccer players in world
1,786Capitals of the World by Second Letter - A
1,785Minor Civil Divisions (Towns) of Connecticut With a Map
1,785Capitals With Six Letters
1,784Countries by Shape and Flag
1,782Counties of Romania
1,782Most Populous Counties of England
1,784Name a Valid Country on Each River
1,780Countries with Most Cities
1,77920 Largest Ethnic Groups in Toronto
1,778Next Countries Alphabetically #1
1,779Olympic Host Cities On A Map
1,776Countries with the most Dangerous Borders
1,777Flags of Countries Bordering An Unknown Country #3
1,774Countries with More Population than Tokyo
1,774Countries of the World by Just First and Last Letter
1,775U.S. States Word Search #6
1,778Countries with S in Their Name
1,773Countries with the Most Internet Users
1,772Five Wettest Countries by Continent
1,772Countries Ending in S
1,77450 Most Populous Cities in Each U.S. State With a Map
1,773All Modern-Day Countries Ever Controlled By Spain
1,772Fill the Map by Guessing the Closest US State Capital
1,771Countries of the World by Population
1,771Most Average Sized Countries
1,770Safest Countries For Gay People
1,769Biggest Towns & Cites in Yorkshire
1,768Travel through which country?
1,76710 European Cities with Busiest Airports
1,768Cities in Montenegro
1,767Flags of South America
1,768Countries and US States with the same name
1,767Members of the United Nations
1,768World Capitals Containing the Letter L
1,765London Geography by Map
1,765All 1M Cities on the Map of Asia
1,766Pixelated Africa Map in 60 Seconds
1,764Biology General Knowledge
1,765Most Populated U.S. States by Decade
1,766100 Longest Rivers in Africa - with a Map
1,763Top 25 Most Influential Cities In World History
1,762100 Countries by Picture
1,762Countries Starting With B (with continent prompts)
1,767Top 100 Biggest Cities in Finland
1,761Richest Countries with Exceptions
1,760Country Flags - Hard
1,763Capitals Beginning with A
1,761Cities by Religion
1,759Countries Closest to Jamaica (with a map)
1,759Capital of What #2
1,759All British Empire Countries
1,758Countries Bordering South Africa
1,781Country most populous neighbour connect
1,756Capital Cities Sharing First 3 Letters
1,756Pub Quiz Round 3 - Capital Cities
1,756Countries by Oldest Ever Citizen
1,755Top 100 Biggest Cities in Indiana
1,755Picture Wall: Famous Women by Country
1,755Countries Elimination Quiz # 4
1,754World Capitals Containing the Letter P
1,754Random Country Flags - Multiple Choice
1,754Countries of the world in 1700
1,753Frankfurt Airport (FRA) Destinations
1,753Countries That Drive On The Left
1,753Countries that Gained Independence from the United States
1,754All 100k+ Cities in Italy on a Map
1,75115 Groups of 15- Geography
1,752Countries Closest to Estonia
1,750Countries with the most embassies abroad
1,7495 Biggest Languages by Country on the Map
1,749Missing Words in Country Names
1,751World Capitals Containing the Letter H
1,748Traveling Around the World by Time Zone
1,747Five Biggest Hidden Cities by Country on a World Map
1,746African Geography by Letter- C
1,74650 Biggest Two-Word Cities in the US
1,745Upside Down Country Shape Quiz #1
1,744U.S. States by Date of Admission to the Union - With a Map
1,744Districts Of Kosovo On A Map
1,743Geography - Multiple Picture Choice
1,743Southernmost Capital Cities
1,742Top Oil Importers
1,741Countries of South America With a Disappearing Map
1,741Country Flags with Stars, Suns or Sunbursts
1,739US State Picture Puzzle Game #1
1,737Americas Capital to Country Quiz
1,735African Countries with Large Cities
1,734All Countries that... #2
1,737World Currencies with an Empty Map
1,731Flag manipulation
1,730All 50k+ Cities in Slovakia with a Map
1,730Top 50 Most Corrupt Countries
1,731Biggest Cities in Finland on a Map
1,731Countries That Start with M (with a map)
1,728Least Guessed Most Guessed Asian Countries
1,7274 Overlapping Country Flags #4
1,72710 Southernmost Major Cities in Europe
1,726Groups of Countries - Flags #1
1,726USA State Flags
1,72410 Asian Cities with Busiest Airports
1,72410 highest capital cities in Europe
1,723Geography Answer Chain Quiz #1
1,725Asia Map with 8 Extra Borders #2
1,723Countries that Boycotted the 1980 Moscow Olympics
1,723Top 100 Biggest Cities In Balkan Countries
1,721Films Set in Different Countries
1,721Most and Least Price-Competitive Countries in Tourism
1,720Five Biggest English Speaking Countries by Continent
1,721Districts of Tamil Nadu (with map)
1,717Non-Bordering Countries Closest to the Mediterranean Sea
1,717Where is this city #2
1,716Biggest cities by the English Channel on a map
1,716Nile Countries Quiz
1,716Top 40 Countries with the Highest GDP (2016)
1,716Every Language in Europe on a Map
1,7155 Longest Country Names by Continent
1,720Chicago Neighborhood Map Quiz
1,714Countries inside the shape of the U.S. on a World Map
1,714Countries that end with the letter "N"
1,715Governorates of Tunisia
1,714Geography Ending in E, Starting with A-Z
1,712Countries with eagles on their flag
1,713World Capitals Containing the Letter A
1,713All Cities & Towns (Villes) in Quebec on a Map
1,713Countries That Start with T (with a map)
1,711Top 10 European Countries with Highest Population
1,712Former Flags Revealing Former Flags (SVG)
1,710Country Flags in Black and White
1,709Countries with shortest coastline
1,709Guess Where You Are In Google Maps #1
1,711China Cities/Prefectures Quiz (with map)
1,707Largest City Beginning with S by State
1,707All Cities in Germany on a Map
1,704Europe Coats of Arms
1,703Largest Landlocked Countries by Population and Area
1,703Five Most Populated Countries by Alphabetical Limit
1,701States that Border Missouri
1,701States Shapes in US Map
1,700Rugby Playing Countries
1,700All National Dishes of the World
1,700Countries by Unique Animals
1,700Countries with a GDP over 1 Trillion USD
1,698Countries with the most value in Scrabble
1,697Countries that end with the letter "D"
1,696Can you name all the Countries with a Population Lower than 100,000?
1,695Country Shapes including Bordering Countries
1,696South Asia in 1947 on a Map
1,695Afghanistan Country Profile Quiz
1,694Geographic groups #2
1,694250 Cities in the United States Everyone Should Know
1,693Countries with Identical Borders
1,692Most Populated Countries By Continent
1,693Countries of the World using only "C" and "V"
1,693Flags of Countries That Border D.R.Congo
1,691Countries with 2 consecutive repeating letters.
1,692Countries with a Stronger Military than All Neighbors
1,692Roman Provinces - Map Quiz
1,690Countries by Official Name #1
1,691Modern Countries with a Population over 5M Throughout History
1,691US Cities by Interstate Hwy intersection
1,690Word Puzzles - Cities of the British Isles #1
1,688Top 10 Countries with most Punjabi speakers
1,687Tall Building Cities by U.S. State
1,687Brazil by Picture
1,685Countries with Polar Bears
1,684Cities With One Million People by Letter - G
1,685Countries Containing W
1,685Best National Football Teams with Exceptions
1,686All 1M Cities by Proximity in 3 Minutes
1,683Country Chain Quiz
1,682Countries Bordering the Aegean Sea - Map Quiz
1,683Regions of Ethiopia With a Map
1,684Country nearest neighbour connect
1,681World Geographic Math
1,681Countries of North America With a Disappearing Map
1,680World Map 30 X 32 Puzzle - by World Capitals
1,681Country Connect by Closest Non-Neighbor
1,681Countries by State Religion
1,68050 Largest Cities (according to different sources) Map Quiz
1,680Five Countries with Most World Cup Appearances by Continent
1,680U.S. States Word Search #8
1,680Every City and Town in Wales on a Map
1,680Old Countries Bordering Young Countries
1,689Countries but all Vowels are Changed to “O” #1