Geography Quizzes - Page 35

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Try to name the 20 most populous cities in Brazil.
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Former English spelling of Beijing?
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Guess the countries that are pictured in these satellite images.
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The capital of Malaysia, for example.
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Name the cities with an urban area population of at least 3 million.
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Which countries have the lowest percentage of their land area on their 2 largest land masses?
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Names these countries based on a picture of their coat or arms or national emblem.
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Such as the world's most massive river?
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Can you name one of the five least-guessed countries in each continent?
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Can you name the countries that appear in this image of Jeppy, the JetPunk fish?
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Can you name the ten states with the highest life expectancy?
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Can you guess these facts about the country of Pakistan?
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The capital of Iran, for example.
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Based on a clue, can you guess these countries whose names end in "ia"?
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The largest cities with four letters + some bonus cities!
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Can you name the capital cities that lie on these bodies of water?
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Try to name the countries that produce the most crude oil per person.
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Question #1: What body of water separates Britain from France?
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Try to name the U.S. states that start with letter N based on their shapes.
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Eternal city of Italy?
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Name the countries that have at least 3 players ranked in the top 100 of world chess.
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Biggest city in Canada?
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Name the highest-ranked national capitals in each of the following categories.
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Name the twenty countries whose citizens have the highest median age.
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What are the 21 cities in Europe that received the most international visitors, pre-Covid?
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For each category, name the country that is #1 in Asia.
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In just one minute, can you name the ten easternmost U.S. states?
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Based on the picture, guess these geography-themed answers starting with D.
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Name the states of the United States in order of land area. To make it easier, we give you the first letter as a hint.
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Name the countries where these resort towns are located.
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The only country where it is possible for a wild lion to meet a wild tiger?
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Name the countries with the greatest number of U.S expatriates.
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Can you name all of the European colonies in Africa in 1913?
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Can you answer these multiple choice questions whose answers are Asian countries?
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Name the Middle Eastern country that uses each selected flag.
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Fill in the map of South America by correctly guessing the flag corresponding to each highlighted country.
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Guess these North and South American geographical answers that start with the letter D.
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Name the second biggest city in these countries.
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Name the eight U.S. states which have a greater land area than every state they share a land border with.
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For each event, name the city in which it took place.
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Can you name the states of the U.S. whose territory extends furthest west?
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Guess the largest city within each area of these country maps.
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Can you identify these people, places, and things associated with China?
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Name the southernmost urban areas with a population of at least 1.2 million.
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Guess the island based on its shape. Difficulty: hard.
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These cities can be found in multiple places. Based on the clue, guess the name of the city.
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There are four capital cities that begin with a letter that no others do. Can you name them?
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Can you name the countries of the world that have the lowest percentage of forest cover?
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Which fifteen countries produce the greatest amount of cocoa beans?