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Take a Random Geography Quiz
1,424Pixelated Africa Map in 60 Seconds
1,423CountryBall Picture Quiz
1,422Cities that Beat New York
1,422France Country Quiz
1,422Pixelated England Map
1,421Germanic languages in Europe
1,420Russian Geography on a Map
1,419Countries Begining And Ending With Consonants
1,419The Ultimate Flag Quiz!
1,419European Countries by GDP Quiz
1,419Biggest Slavic Cities
1,418Countries where Titanic made at least $10M in Box Office (with a map)
1,417Westernmost Capital Cities
1,416African Cities over 1 Million Population
1,416Largest Cities That Start With B On A Map
1,416100 Cities by Letter - A
1,416Capitals Word Search #3
1,416Colonial Countries
1,416Countries Breakdown Puzzle #9
1,415Countries Completely Surrounded By Just One Country (Enclaved Countries)
1,41450 Largest Economies in the World
1,41450 Largest Countries on the Clickable Blue World Map Quiz
1,414Physical Geography by Letter - A
1,415Fascist Countries Quiz
1,413Busiest 25 UK and Ireland Airports
1,4123 Biggest U.S. Cities by Letter on a Map
1,412Cities in the Pacific Northwest on a Map
1,41210 countries with most KFC outlets
1,411Biggest Cities in each Risk Territory
1,410Random Sequential Lesser Antilles Territories on a Map
1,410Gassu's Geographic Groups of Things #3
1,410196 countries, 196 facts
1,410Countries where People Watch the Most Television
1,410Capitals of the Former Soviet Union Countries
1,409Five Smallest Countries by Continent - advanced version
1,409Controversial Countries
1,409World Capitals with hints by Proximity on the Empty World Map
1,409Africa Map with 8 Extra Borders #2
1,408[AdyXD] LGBT countries (Gay marriage or civil unions) - 2018 [UPDATED]
1,408Every City That's Ever Been Second Largest in the US
1,408Best Airlines In The World
1,407Countrys of the World - without an a
1,407100 biggest cities in Central America on a blank map
1,407Geologic Eons, Eras and Periods
1,406Countries that Start with B - Map Quiz
1,406Name a City - American Countries
1,406ICAO Airport Codes Quiz
1,406Biggest Baltic Sea Cities
1,405Capitals With Five Letters
1,40530 Biggest Cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina
1,405All Countries by Southernmost Point on Land
1,405Nordic Cross Flags Map Quiz
1,405Largest Cities by Longitude on the World Map
1,404Countries That Start with F (with a map)
1,404Countries Closest to Each US Territory
1,402Top 10 Highest FIFA Men's Rankings of Countries (2018)
1,401Countries With Longest Borders
1,400European Countries - Blind Typing
1,399Countries by same Name Length in 90 Seconds, with a Map
1,399Top 20 countries by tallest building
1,398Guess the Countries by Unknown Category #3
1,397🍇 Top 20 Grape producing countries
1,396Countries with the Most Volcanoes
1,396Countries along the Silk Road
1,395Badly Drawn Former Countries #1
1,395US States Anagram Puzzle
1,395Countries with the Most Deaths on Mount Everest
1,395Countries with the greatest extremes in elevation
1,395100 Largest Cities/Towns in each Nordic Country
1,394All Democracies In The World
1,394Every City and Town in Wales on a Map
1,394Country Flags with the Nordic Cross - Picture Quiz
1,395Top 20 Most Inland Countries
1,394Dependent Territories of the World
1,393Amsterdam Airport (AMS) Destinations
1,393Biggest Cities in the French Colonial Empire on a Map
1,393Largest Cities that start and end with the same letter
1,393Most Central US States
1,393Regions and States of Myanmar (with map)
1,393Flags of Caribbean Countries
1,39310 Most Global Cities in Europe
1,3925 Biggest Cities in Random Circles on a World Map
1,392Most North American Capitals You Can Name in 1 Minute
1,392Foreigners in Germany by Country of Birth
1,392Pacific Countries and Territories
1,390Every Multiple Word Country
1,390Top Five Countries by Demographic
1,390Best Countries in Alpine Skiing
1,390Cities that End in R by Clue
1,389Left-Hand Driving Countries
1,389Countries Closest to Bermuda A-Z
1,389All 50k U.S. Cities on a Map by Letter - G
1,389Counties In Texas
1,388Countries by Coffee Consumption
1,388Countries with the Tallest Mountains
1,388Europe Map with 8 Extra Borders #5
1,38810 Most Global Cities in North America
1,388Districts of Nepal Map Quiz
1,388Biggest Cities Starting with the Same Letter as their Country
1,388The 36 Provinces of Canada Map Quiz
1,388Chicago Suburbs in Cook County
1,387European Geography By Letter B - Picture Quiz
1,387U.S. States by the First Letter of its Biggest 3 Cities
1,387Merged Flags #3
1,387Lonely Planet country travel guides
1,387Countries Alphabetically Before All Their Neighbors
1,386Countries with YELLOW colour in their flags.
1,386All States and Islands on the USA JetPunk Map
1,385China Cities/Prefectures Quiz (with map)
1,384Facts...Or Are They?
1,384Olympic Competing Nations by Abbreviation Quiz #2
1,384The Germany Quiz
1,383Former and Current Flags Featuring the Union Jack
1,383Countries with multiple coastlines
1,383Find Five Missing Asian Countries in 15 Seconds #1 - Map
1,382North American Cities Proper with a Big 4 Sports Team
1,382North America flags - Map Quiz.
1,381Every City in Idaho on a Map
1,381Five Biggest Cities by Map #1
1,380State Flowers
1,379Flags of 'Stan' Countries
1,379African Geography by Letter- A
1,379Flags of Communist Countries
1,378U.S. Cities Beginning with "Fort-"
1,378Language Families and Subfamilies with a Map
1,378Phone Brands by Country
1,378Most Visited Countries In Many Categories
1,377States by Clue
1,377Languages of Serbia Quiz (with map)
1,377Top 100 Biggest Cities in New York
1,377Cities by Greek Spelling
1,376Where's That US City? Map Click #1
1,376Countries That Don't Have an E in the Name
1,373Airlines serving Sydney Airport
1,373Largest Cities in Oceania
1,373Asia Map with 8 Extra Borders #3
1,372World Rivers Map Quiz
1,372Top 10 Countries Producing Cars
1,372Biggest Coastal Countries A-Z
1,372Countries with S in Their Name
1,3711M Cities on the Map of China, with hints appearing on dots
1,370Central American Capitals On A Map
1,370Largest Cities in South America
1,370Countries Containing T (no continent prompts)
1,370Most Innovative States Top 10
1,370Countries of the World by the Largest Bordering Country in 90 Seconds
1,370Countries where famous people were born, and which country would be if born today
1,370Countries with the Top FIFA World Cup Finish
1,369British Towns and cities
1,369Roman Provinces - Map Quiz
1,369TOP 20 Countries in Beer Consumption
1,369Countries Closest to Mexico
1,368Countries without an A
1,368Biggest Cities in the World on a Map - Extreme
1,368Country to Population Click Quiz
1,367Guess Countries by Objects on Flags
1,367Biggest Trading Partners - Indonesia
1,367Americas Countries with Large Cities
1,367Belarus Country Quiz
1,367French Speaking Cities Map Quiz
1,366Five biggest islands in every continent
1,366Countries by Largest Land Area and Exclusive Economic Zone
1,366Airlines By Main Hub
1,366Former Flags Revealing Former Flags (SVG)
1,3655 Biggest Cities in every Country in Europe
1,365Poland Country Quiz
1,365World Capitals by Any 3 Consecutive Letters with a Map
1,364UK Cities With Busiest Airports
1,364European Cities by Picture
1,364Biggest European Cities that start with A on a Map
1,364Flags of the World in Alphabetical Order
1,362Country Anagram Puzzle #2
1,362Biggest Cities in Latvia
1,362All 50k+ Cities in the Czech Republic with a Map
1,36250 Biggest Cities in the European Union
1,362European Capitals By Clue
1,3612024 Formula 1 Circuits Map Quiz
1,361U.S. States without Death Penalty
1,361Guess All Countries That Are Not Independent By Its Flags
1,360Top 20 Most Guessed Countries
1,35950 biggest Cities on Islands Countries on a Map
1,359Geographic Groups of Five #2
1,35950 States, 50 Landmarks
1,358Serbia country quiz
1,358Countries Containing H (no continent prompts)
1,358Geoguessr: Country streak! (JetPunk Edition)
1,357Ukrainian Refugees by Country
1,357All 50k+ Cities in Turkey with a Map
1,357Biggest City in each U.S. State by Letter S
1,356Random Geography Quiz - S _ _ _ _ _ _
1,356Countries without a City at least 500.000 inhabitans
1,355Countries with over half of urban population concentrated in a single city
1,355Countries That Start with L (with a map)
1,354Click the North American Flags
1,354Lonely Planet's Best in Travel - Top 10 Countries
1,354Districts Of Kosovo On A Map
1,354Top 100 Biggest Cities in Florida