Geography Quizzes - Page 38

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Name the 10 most populous cities in Switzerland.
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Can you name the cities on this map of historic routes of the Orient Express?
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Stewart flexes his massive ego in this quiz that was featured via user nominations. Can you name the countries that appear in this cutout of the world map?
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Such as a Hobbit village.
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Name the countries from which the greatest number of refugees have fled.
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Name theses 26 cities on the map, all beginning with the letter L.
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Chinese defensive barrier against the barbarian hordes?
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Name the northernmost metro areas in the United States with a population above 1,000,000.
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Name the countries outside of the Vatican and Italy that have been visited most frequently by the pope since 1963.
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Name the countries whose airlines carried the most passengers in 2016.
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Can you name the countries whose southernmost point has the highest latitude?
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Name the states of the U.S. where the lowest percentage of adults are obese.
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Name the largest airlines that are based in the USA.
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In which states do renters pay the highest median monthly rent?
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For each continent, name the countries who can claim the greatest number of Nobel Laureates.
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Name the countries that are a part of the Nile River drainage basin with the help of a map.
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For example, which country declared independence from Great Britain on July 4th, 1776?
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Can you name all the Slavic languages and dialects on this map of Europe?
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Try to name any island that belongs in each selected category.
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Name the eight countries of the world in which baseball is the most popular spectator or participatory sport.
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Name the cities where these landmarks are located.
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Name the countries whose shores have been struck by the most tropical cyclones since 1970.
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Can you guess these countries based on the shape of their major road networks?
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Click the name of each highlighted city on the map.
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Guess the names of these rivers illustrated on the map.
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For each selected animal, name the country that has the highest population of that animal.
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Name the modern countries, in which the Holy Roman Empire controlled land, at any point in it's existence from 962-1806.
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For each category, name the country that is #1.
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Name the twelve countries that have the most people who speak German as their native language.
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Someone made a list. For each month since 1900, they calculated the country that appeared most frequently in New York Times headlines. Which countries had the most months?
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Can you name the places with official city status on the island of Ireland?
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The first country on this quiz is where the Renaissance started.
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What are the most common countries of birth for Swedish residents who were not born in Sweden?
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The capital of India, for example.
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Name the countries whose flags have at least 6 horizontal stripes.
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The world map has been split into 16 tiles. Try to correctly guess the tiles that correspond to each question.
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We will give some emoji flags, you name the country and the corresponding capital.
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Can you name the countries of the world whose citizens have reached the summit of Mt. Everest the greatest number of times?
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India's largest metro area?
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Can you guess the country where each selected guerilla group is or was based?
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Can you guess the 10 capital cities in Europe with the fewest hours of sunshine per year?
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Can you name the countries that produce the most wine per capita? 🍷🍷🍷
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Name these 12 capitals on the map of Asia. The answers change every time!
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Fill in the map of the world's major tectonic plates by correctly guessing each plate highlighted in blue.
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Try to name all the Romance languages and dialects with the help of a map.
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Name the capital cities of the world whose names come from the Spanish language.
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Name the most populous urban areas that are only the second biggest in their country.
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Name the countries whose governments gave the most foreign economic aid in 2015.
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The White House's street?
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Name the world cities that are more populous than any other within 1,000 kilometers.