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1,486US States By Vowels
1,485Prefectures of Japan with an Empty Map
1,483Busiest 25 UK and Ireland Airports
1,483World Attractions Quiz
1,483Countries That Start with G (with a map)
1,483True or False - Countries
1,485Top 20 FIFA Men's Rankings of Countries (2019)
1,485Map Quiz of Europe in 1812
1,485Capitals to Country - Africa
1,483Five Smallest Countries by Continent - advanced version
1,483Countries with the Most Deaths on Mount Everest
1,482Biggest Cities in Italy (Extreme)
1,482Largest Pacific Ocean Cities
1,48210 Safest and Most Dangerous Countries on Earth (2016)
1,483Badly Drawn Former Countries #1
1,482Corrupt Countries
1,482All 50k+ Cities in Greece with a Map
1,482North American Cities Proper with a Big 4 Sports Team
1,482Countries where Titanic made at least $10M in Box Office (with a map)
1,481Countries Breakdown Puzzle #9
1,480Flags of Caribbean Countries
1,482Belarus Country Quiz
1,479Countries Elimination Quiz #3
1,479100 biggest cities in Central America on a blank map
1,478Countries Closest to Each US Territory
1,478Colonial Countries
1,478World Capitals: "-town" or "-city"
1,48010 Most Global Cities in North America
1,478Top 10 Countries Producing Cars
1,477Countries over 1% of the Global Population
1,477Nordic Cross Flags Map Quiz
1,478100 Biggest Cities in NATO on a Map
1,479Countries with Highest Lowest Points
1,477Countries containing an 'M' AND a 'T' in their name
1,476States without professional sports teams
1,476Name a Valid European City
1,474Countries mentioned in the Wikipedia Page of Russia
1,474Countries With Longest Borders
1,474Flags of Countries of the World in 1900
1,475Geoguessr: Country streak! (JetPunk Edition)
1,473Regions and Municipalities of Trinidad & Tobago
1,474Click the European Country Code
1,473Five biggest islands in every continent
1,472Five Biggest Second Cities by Continent
1,472East Asia Countries
1,473Countries Closest to Burkina Faso
1,471Countries with the Top FIFA World Cup Finish
1,471Country Boggle (ThirdParty's #2)
1,47110 Biggest and 10 Smallest US States in Area
1,472Flags of 'Stan' Countries
1,470Denmark Immigration by Country
1,468All First-Level Subdivisions of Europe in 1989 on a Map
1,471US State Capitals - No Hints
1,468Top Five Countries by Demographic
1,468Asia Map with 8 Extra Borders #3
1,466Biggest Cities/Metro Areas in Chile Quiz
1,46613 Original United States Colonies on a Map
1,468Countries beginning with "T"
1,46550 Largest Lakes in the World Quiz
1,465U.S. Interstates Map Quiz
1,464Physical Geography by Letter - A
1,462Airlines By Main Hub
1,462Countries by same Name Length in 90 Seconds, with a Map
1,462African Cities over 1 Million Population
1,462Capitals With Five Letters
1,463Every City in Idaho on a Map
1,461Top 25 countries by tallest building
1,461Name a Valid Country by Two Letter Sequence
1,461Türkiye'ye en yakın ülkeler - bir dakikalık sprint
1,460Biggest European Cities that start with A on a Map
1,460Flags of Countries Bordering An Unknown Country #1
1,464Countries With U in Their Name
1,460Top Five Countries by Surname
1,460Countries mentioned in the Wikipedia Page of Japan
1,459Progressive Geography Test #3
1,458Islands with National Capitals
1,459Biggest Cities in each Risk Territory
1,459Most Visited Countries In Many Categories
1,458Five Biggest Cities by Map #1
1,457Simple Country Names
1,458100 Biggest Cities in Turkey
1,457Biggest Coastal Countries A-Z
1,45810 countries with most KFC outlets
1,45750 Largest Countries on the Clickable Blue World Map Quiz
1,457Five Countries with Most Press Freedom by Continent
1,457European Country Anagrams Quiz
1,458Capitals of Caribbean Countries
1,456Chile Country Quiz
1,456Emirates Airline Destinations on a Map
1,455European Countries by GDP Quiz
1,455Americas Countries with Large Cities
1,455Countries of the world in 845 with a map
1,453Most Central US States
1,453Westernmost Capital Cities
1,453Countries with the Oldest Populations
1,453In what city is the oldest restaurant in every state?
1,452Countries Containing T (no continent prompts)
1,453Top 100 Biggest Cities in Pennsylvania
1,452Amsterdam Airport (AMS) Destinations
1,451Controversial Countries
1,451Left-Hand Driving Countries
1,451Five Biggest Countries by Time Zone (with a map)
1,451Countries containing a 'D' AND an 'E' in their name
1,451Countries with the Tallest Mountains
1,450Countries Closest to Thailand
1,450Countries with over half of urban population concentrated in a single city
1,448All Democracies In The World
1,448Countries Closest to Mexico
1,449All 500k+ Cities in Central Europe on a Map
1,448Biggest City in each U.S. State by Letter S
1,448North African Capitals
1,447Countries with multiple coastlines
1,448U.S. City Skyline Quiz (difficult)
1,447Northern Ireland Trivia
1,447Country Flags with Three Colors - Picture Quiz
1,446Merged Flags #3
1,446U.S. Cities Beginning with "Fort-"
1,446US States By Their Largest Cities - Map Quiz
1,447Word Scramble A-Z - Countries
1,445Capitals of the Former Soviet Union Countries
1,446Countries Containing H (no continent prompts)
1,444Cities of Orange County on a Map
1,443The 13 countries with destroyers
1,442US Cities That Start With E
1,442Countries that Beat Switzerland
1,443Geographic Groups of 8
1,442Top 20 Most Guessed Countries
1,442French Speaking Cities Map Quiz
1,441Biggest Trading Partners - Indonesia
1,440Most Populated Countries Containing 'E'
1,440Pacific Countries and Territories
1,441Countries where famous people were born, and which country would be if born today
1,441Largest Cities that start and end with the same letter
1,440100 Biggest Cities in Ireland with a Map
1,440Countries Closest to Cameroon (with a map)
1,438Extremely Hard General Knowledge #5
1,440Regions (krajs) of Czech Republic
1,438Countries of the Middle East - Shape Quiz
1,439Name a Valid U.S. Metro Area
1,438Countries of North America By Flag Quiz
1,437Countries along the Silk Road
1,439Sightseeing Trip through Europe with Map - Easy
1,439Countries That Start with B (with a map)
1,437Chicago Suburbs in Cook County
1,438Successor States (Diadochi) of Alexander the Great's Empire with a Map
1,43750 Biggest Cities in South Africa on a Map
1,438Click the Correct U.S. State
1,436Countries That Don't Have an E in the Name
1,435Former and Current Flags Featuring the Union Jack
1,440World City Picture Puzzle Game #1
1,435Countries with the Most Volcanoes
1,434Cities by Greek Spelling
1,434Five Biggest Countries by Hemisphere (with a map)
1,434Every country that starts with "Mal" on a map
1,434Name a Valid U.S. State - Big 4 Sports Teams
1,431World Capitals with hints by Proximity on the Empty World Map
1,431US Cities That Start With O
1,431100 Largest Cities/Towns in each Nordic Country
1,432100 Biggest US Cities in 1860
1,431Territory Flags of the World
1,431Top 20 Most Inland Countries
1,430U.S. States by the First Letter of its Biggest 3 Cities
1,429Countries by Coffee Consumption
1,429Ukrainian Refugees by Country
1,429Country Picture Puzzle Game #13
1,428Click the World Cities Based on Location A-Z
1,428Geographic Groups of Five #2
1,427Find Five Missing Asian Countries in 15 Seconds #1 - Map
1,429Countries Closest to Bermuda
1,427Korean & Japanese Cities over 1 Million Population
1,428Countries without an A
1,426Countries with the greatest extremes in elevation
1,42650 Biggest Cities in the European Union
1,426Biggest Baltic Sea Cities
1,425[AdyXD] LGBT countries (Gay marriage or civil unions) - 2018 [UPDATED]
1,426All States and Islands on the USA JetPunk Map
1,424Countries of East Asia in 750 B.C. with a Map
1,424Countries where People Watch the Most Television
1,424Top 100 Biggest Cities in South Dakota
1,424Countries of the World by the Largest Bordering Country in 90 Seconds
1,4245 Biggest Cities in every Country in Europe
1,424Most North American Capitals You Can Name in 1 Minute
1,424Country Flags with Diagonal Stripes - Picture Quiz
1,422Country with only one city over million population
1,422World Countries with Two Borders (with a map)
1,421Countries Ending With Two Vowels
1,420US States Anagram Puzzle
1,429Five Busiest Airports by Letter
1,420Countries mentioned in the Wikipedia Page of France
1,421Countries Closest to Yemen
1,421Countries with YELLOW colour in their flags.
1,419World's Largest High-Altitude Cities