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1,413AK’s General Knowledge A-Z #1
1,385Mexican States
1,385Serbia country quiz
1,385Countries Ending with another Country's Beginning Letters
1,389New Zealand Geography on the Map
1,384European Capitals By Clue
1,384Countries of the World by Official Language
1,383Countries Closest to Moldova
1,382Countries Where Christmas is Not a Public Holiday
1,382Short Term Memory Test - European Countries
1,383Operation Board Game - Map Quiz
1,383Most Innovative States Top 10
1,381Countries Breakdown Puzzle (Red Herring Version)
1,382Name that Country
1,381Cities and Towns in Scotland Map
1,381Countries with an Official Spotify 'Top 50'
1,382100 Biggest Cities in Oceania
1,381Largest Country Capitals by Area
1,384Regions of Uzbekistan
1,380Melbourne general knowledge #1
1,379World Countries with Nine or More Borders (with a map)
1,379Hard European History and Geography Quiz
1,380Languages of Belgium Quiz (with map)
1,379Countries Containing the Name of Another Country
1,378Five Shortest World Capital Names by Continent
1,379All Countries that have a monarch as head of state
1,379Alberta Cities Map Quiz
1,378Countries that Gained Independence from Portugal
1,378Country Flags with Lions - Picture Quiz
1,377Top Destinations from Seattle Tacoma International Airport
1,378Shortest route through all world capitals
1,377Name a Valid Country #10
1,377Countries Which Have People in Antarctica
1,376Central Asian Geography Quiz
1,375Five Largest Metro Areas in Each U.S. Census Division
1,375World Capitals with the Highest Scrabble Score
1,375Countries That Share Same Letter Sequences
1,37515 Cities with Busiest Airports
1,375Countries of the World by the Largest Bordering Country Quiz - Map
1,374Five Biggest Countries by Mountain Range
1,376All Capital Cities from West to East
1,374Airlines at Dulles (IAD), Washington DC
1,373Random Olympic Host Cities
1,372Countries Bordering the Indian Ocean Empty Map Quiz
1,372U.S. States by Clues
1,372Countries Closest to Cuba
1,372Countries with the most native speakers of each UN official language
1,370Countries In Alphabetical Order On A Sequential Map
1,370Countries that End in S
1,373Where in the World am I? #1
1,3695 Biggest Cities In Each US State By Proximity
1,370Capitals of the World by Second Letter - I
1,369Clear Circles on the World Map by Main City #7
1,369Countries That Don't End in a Vowel in One Minute
1,368Jump between capital cities!
1,369Clear Circles on the World Map by Main City #5
1,373Countries without Vowels
1,367Countries by Airlines Map Quiz
1,367Countries on the Ring of Fire - Map Quiz
1,368Countries Bordering Russia - Map Quiz
1,367Countries That Share Two Same Borders #2
1,367Countries that are bigger than India
1,367Zimbabwe Country Quiz
1,36713 Original American Colonies with a Map
1,366Name the Country from Hints
1,366Bulgaria Immigration by Country
1,367100 Cities by Picture
1,366Prefecture Level Cities in China with a Map
1,367Cities that End in T by Clue
1,365Four Countries on Maps #7
1,366Divided World City Name Puzzle
1,365Countries That Are Bigger Than Texas
1,365Every 100k+ City in Ukraine on a Map
1,365World Capitals in Alphabetical Order: appearing dots on Map
1,372All 50k U.S. Cities on a Map by Letter - H
1,365Cities with the Largest Marathons
1,364Biggest Urban Area by Country and Letter #1
1,364Modern Day Countries of Prussia
1,365Largest Cities that Contain the Letter A
1,364Non-Bordering Countries | Multiple Choice |
1,365Largest Island Countries A-Z
1,363Top Rice Importing Countries (2020)
1,362Nuclear Powers
1,362World Cities by Map
1,361200 Biggest Cities in China
1,361Countries With Most Official Languages
1,362Top 10 Countries in the Past 10 Summer Olympics (by Gold Medals)
1,362Countries with ALL 5 Vowels (A, E, I, O, U) in their name
1,361Random African Country Flag to Capital
1,362Most Western, Northern, Southern, and Eastern Country by Continent
1,360Closest Country by City #2
1,359States by Date of Statehood
1,365The World's 50 Largest Cities by Letter - F
1,358Country Flags that are Yellow, Black, Red, Green Only
1,359Top 10 African Countries with the Largest Exclusive Economic Zones
1,358Ukraine Immigration by Country
1,358Municipalities of Croatia on a Map
1,35729 Largest Countries with a Map - One Minute Sprint
1,358Countries with Missing Consonants #2
1,356Regions Of Tanzania With A Map
1,356Random Properties on a British Monopoly Board
1,358Smallest Landlocked Countries by Population and Area
1,356Countries That Start with U (with a map)
1,355100 Biggest Cities in Oceania on a Map
1,355Capitals of the territories of the world
1,363Countries that End in S
1,35850 Biggest Cities in the Balkan Peninsula on a Map
1,357Every 1,000,000+ European City on a Map
1,355Governorates of Lebanon on a Map
1,354Countries of the Middle East (with a map)
1,354Geographic Crossword Puzzle
1,353U.S. States that Start with A - Shape Quiz
1,353Countries Where an MLB Game Has Been Played
1,353All 100k+ Cities in South America on a Map
1,355Provinces of the First Mexican Empire on a Map
1,35310 Most sparsely populated countries in the world
1,354Geography of Brazil
1,354Rivers of Russia
1,353Biggest Countries with the Smallest Populations
1,352Most corrupt countries in Europe
1,351Amazon Rainforest Countries
1,351Provinces of Austria with a Map
1,351Provinces of Laos (with map)
1,351Countries with Multiplie Time Zones
1,350Non-Bordering Countries Closest to France
1,350Island Countries Outside Oceania Farthest from the Mainland
1,350Geography by letter-S
1,350Modern Day Countries of the Italian Empire on a map
1,351Countries of Alexander the Great's Empire - with a Map
1,356The World's 50 Largest Cities by Letter - E
1,350Countries with Camels - with a map
1,352Largest Cities on Each Continent Beginning with 'A'
1,34920 Countries on a Topological Map #4
1,350Subdivisions of the Italian Empire with a Map
1,352Europe in German - Map Quiz
1,350Find The Mystery Country Using Miles Clues #2
1,34915 Most Populous Countries that Drive on the Left
1,348Cities in Cyrillic Script
1,347Google Maps Interactive Geography Quiz
1,348Flags by Description
1,347countries by domain name
1,347Empires that share names with Modern Day Countries.
1,347European non-EU countries
1,34690 secs World Capitals: sorted by Latitude
1,347Random Asian Country Flag to Capital
1,347European Capitals By Letter
1,347Non Country Flags #2
1,346Country to Population Click Quiz (Every Country)
1,345Top 10 Countries with the Most Chickens
1,346West Asian Cities over 1 Million Population
1,345Ethnic Groups In The Soviet Union
1,344World Capitals Trivia
1,344Airlines & Alliances
1,346First Cities in History to Reach 100,000 People
1,34420 Largest Islands and Their Countries
1,344Third World countries (in terms of human development-HDI index)
1,344Most Visited Countries by Germans
1,342Countries Closest to the Northern Tip of Russia
1,342Countries Closest to Uzbekistan
1,343Top 10 States by Inland Surface Water
1,342Countries Closest to Laos
1,341U.S. State Capitals by Population
1,341Countries containing 'and' in their name
1,341Guess the Countries by Unknown Category #10
1,340Most Visited City in Every Country
1,338Countries Where it Doesn't Snow
1,340US States by Languages other than English or Spanish
1,339Least Ethnically Diverse Countries
1,33750 World Cities Furthest from a Larger City
1,336Countries by Second-Largest City
1,337Top 20 Most Violent US Cities
1,336Flags that are Red, White & Blue
1,336Argentina Map Quiz
1,337All 50k+ Cities in Brazil with a Map
1,336Whisky Regions of Scotland Map
1,335Guess the Countries by Unknown Category #4
1,3342012 Global Cities Quiz
1,336Countries in the Hidden World Map - Treasure Hunt #4
1,338Top 100 Biggest Cities in Kansas
1,334State's date of being admitted to statehood
1,333Countries of the World By First Letter
1,334Biggest Cities in the British Empire on a Map
1,334Countries Containing Y
1,332Countries A-Z by Official Language
1,33230 largest cities in New England
1,333World Map with 10 Extra Borders #14
1,331Countries With The Most Deaths in WWII
1,332World Capitals Containing Double Letters
1,332Africa Map with 8 Extra Borders #3
1,331Provinces of the Empire of Alexander the Great with a Map
1,330Top 100 Biggest Cities in Oklahoma
1,32912 Worst States to Retire In
1,331Random Northeastern U.S. Cities on a Map