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1,159Countries with Plant in their Flags
1,159God Save The Queen
1,159Countries without Vowels
1,158Countries Closest to St Kitts and Nevis
1,158European Cities on the Map
1,159Biggest Cities in the British Empire on a Map
1,160Random Name a City
1,159World Goat Population
1,158All Inhabited Dependent Territories in the World
1,157Countries with death penalty for homosexuality
1,157Provinces of Austria with a Map
1,157Countries Bordering Afghanistan (with map)
1,157Californian Geography on a Map
1,158Fill the Map by Guessing the Closest US State Capital
1,155Top 100 Biggest Cities in Missouri
1,156Languages of Montenegro Quiz (with map)
1,161Name a Valid Country #10
1,156Biggest Trading Partners - Poland
1,157Languages of Greece Quiz (with map)
1,154Countries With the 20 Largest Armies
1,155Countries with Highest Percentage of People Living Abroad
1,156Countries Closest to Europe - Map Quiz
1,153Capitals by Letter Nodes
1,154Countries A to Z - longest names
1,155Oldest City in Each State
1,153Largest crops producing countries #1
1,153All 500k+ Urban Areas of Europe
1,152Oceania Islands Map Quiz
1,152Countries of Asia - with a map but no incentives
1,153Countries Closest to Liechtenstein
1,152Cities With the Most Five-Star Hotels
1,15220 Poorest Countries in the World
1,151Countries From a Blind Start #2
1,152U.S. States with the Most Climate Zones
1,151Geography - The Persian Empire today
1,153Countries with an Official Spotify 'Top 50'
1,152US states - most distant connect
1,151Random Asian Country Flag to Capital
1,150Every City in Montana on a Map
1,150Biggest Cities in Random Regions
1,15350 Biggest US Cities with Spanish Names
1,149Cities in Scandinavia & Fennoscandia with a Map
1,148States of Germany
1,149AK’s General Knowledge A-Z #1
1,148100 Cities by Picture
1,148Slovakia Immigration by Country
1,151Country Flags that are Yellow, Black, Red, Green Only
1,146Countries Where Spanish is an Official Language
1,146Global Cities ranking biggest movers
1,147Top 10 Least Famous Countries
1,146Biggest World Cities within 500 Km
1,151Alabama Counties
1,144How Many Canadian Provinces Can You Name In 15 Seconds
1,144Country by Tourist Attraction #1
1,144Countries with 9 letters
1,144Most Explored Country Maps on Geoguessr
1,143Bordering Differences in GDP per Capita
1,148Portugal Map Quiz
1,143Least Obese Countries Bordering Each Other
1,144Countries With The Most Buddhists
1,143Countries with Populations in Noncontiguous Parts
1,143Countries with the Most English Speakers
1,142Five Closest Countries by World Capital #1
1,142Countries by Highest Mountain
1,143Countries with Largest Navy Fleets
1,142Countries By Animal
1,142Least Populated Countries by Continent
1,141Countries With No Armed Forces
1,1419 Least Visited Countries in Asia
1,140Flags of African Countries that Start With S
1,142Countries of the world in 845 with a map
1,140Islands of Indonesia larger than 500 km2 on a Map
1,140All 500k+ Cities in Asia on a Map
1,139Random Cities on the Map by Letter - B
1,158Countries Bordering San Marino
1,142Extremely Hard General Knowledge #2
1,138Cities in Cyrillic Script
1,138Top 10 US States with Highest Percentage of Muslim Population
1,137Forbes 20 most visited cities of 2014
1,137Top 100 Biggest Cities in Utah
1,138Food named after cities
1,137Africa Coats of Arms
1,137Regions of Greece Map Quiz
1,137European Geography Trivia with a Map
1,136Largest Cities that Contain the Letter B
1,136Unique Starting Letter - Capitals by Continent
1,140Capitals of North and South America
1,136Italian-speaking countries
1,135Cities with More Than One Top 100 Universities
1,135Westernmost Countries A-Z
1,136Countries With The Most Deaths in WWII
1,136Countries Bordering Austria-Hungary in 1918
1,133Countries by Mountain Range
1,134Every Country that ends with an A
1,133Guess These Languages by Three Native Country Names
1,133Top 20 Biggest Countries That Aren't Populated (with a map)
1,132Top 10 Largest Countries In Africa
1,132Name a Valid Asian City
1,132Three words, one country #1
1,133European Capitals. Speed type.
1,131Asian Cities with the Most Tourists (with a map)
1,134Countries of Europe with Two or More Words
1,132Country Capitals that have 4 Letters
1,132Countries That Are G-R-E-E-N
1,130Countries by Historical Figures #1
1,131Random Properties on an American Monopoly Board
1,135Successor States (Diadochi) of Alexander the Great's Empire with a Map
1,129Countries Closest to Cameroon
1,129Smallest Countries with Cities over 1M
1,129Countries by Second Biggest City
1,129Cities By Image Quiz
1,132Countries Worst Scores According to Press Freedom Index
1,129Countries A-Z by Official Language
1,128Top 10 Countries that Produce the Most Citrus Fruits
1,128Provinces of Sweden on a Map
1,127World Capitals Containing R (with a map)
1,127Countries A to Z - multi-quiz
1,127Random Northeastern U.S. Cities on a Map
1,126Bulgaria Country Trivia Quiz
1,126Real vs. Fake Flags - Expert Edition
1,125Countries with Highest Coast-to-Land Border Ratio
1,126Biggest Cities in Deserts
1,125Countries unrecognized by atleast 1 member of the United Nations
1,127Countries Closest to Kyrgyzstan
1,124Countries With U in Their Name
1,123More Countries With Letters Missing
1,123Top 10 Ship Producing Countries of the World
1,124Chicago O'Hare Airport (ORD) Destinations
1,125Top 20 Healthiest Countries
1,121Every 1,000,000+ European City on a Map
1,122Missing Country Puzzle Game
1,121Ultimate Countries of the World Quiz
1,125Bolivia Country Quiz
1,126Countries That Start with C (with a map)
1,122Canberra Suburbs Quiz
1,121Largest Cities in Canada On a Map
1,120Name The Country That... #1
1,121Top 10 States that Produce the Most Potatoes
1,122Neighborhoods of Manhattan
1,120Cities with the Tallest Buildings on a Map
1,122Oldest Cities by Country (Abridged)
1,120Countries by last two letters in 90 seconds
1,120Top 10 Countries with the Lowest Life Expectancy in Europe
1,120Countries Closest to Eritrea
1,120Colombia Cities Map Quiz
1,12050 Biggest Cities in the Balkan Peninsula on a Map
1,119Urban areas in Norway with more than 20,000 inhabitants / Tettsteder i Norge med mer enn 20,000 innbyggere
1,119States of India on an Empty Map
1,119Largest City Beginning with "A" by State
1,119Successor countries of the Austro-Hungarian Empire
1,119Commercial Airlines with Boeing 787
1,118Biggest Cities that are Largest in Their Country
1,118U.S. National Parks By Photo
1,117World Capitals Containing Double Letters
1,119Countries With the Greatest Immigration Growth
1,117Biggest Cities in Albania Quiz
1,116Closest countries to Antarctica
1,116Countries that Top Gear U.K have visited
1,116Five Highest-Rated FIFA 17 Players by Country #1
1,115Top 10 Poorest US States by PPP
1,116Countries on the Ring of Fire - Map Quiz
1,117South West Asia Map Quiz
1,115Geography Generator Puzzle #10
1,115Countries Closest to Tanzania
1,115Countries With The Most Railroad Track Length
1,116Flag Chain Quiz
1,114Easternmost Capital Cities
1,116Top 100 Biggest Cities in Kansas
1,113Busiest Air Routes From London
1,113Countries That Don't End in a Vowel
1,113Countries That Border Mongolia
1,112Where is this city #3
1,113European Geography By Letter C - Picture Quiz
1,111US Cities by State A-Z
1,111Most Common First Five Letters of Countries
1,111Geography of Colombia Quiz
1,111Regions Of Tanzania With A Map
1,111Cities With One Million People by Letter - M
1,111The Americas (except US) Geography by letter - B
1,113Pakistan Country Quiz
1,111Biggest Cities in France - Extreme
1,109World Capitals Click Quiz
1,110Name a Valid European City by Location
1,110Countries Closest to Turkmenistan
1,110Provinces of the D. R. Congo with a Map
1,108The Denmark Quiz!
1,108Top 10 Japanese cities by population
1,111Countries of Europe that have a city with over 1 million people
1,108Country Capitals By Letter- N
1,111Languages of Belgium Quiz (with map)
1,110Countries inside the shape of Canada on a World Map
1,10820 Countries With the Highest Rate of Cancer
1,108Top 20 Countries Where English is an Official Language
1,108Countries that border Turkey
1,108Top 5 Countries that produce ... #3
1,112Cyprus Country Quiz
1,107India's state and union territory capitals Quiz
1,111Provinces of the First Mexican Empire on a Map
1,107Countries by Continent