Geography Quizzes - Page 42

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Given a donut ring of the world map below, can you name all the capital cities that lie inside the ring?
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Which countries have the shortest citizens, according to a comprehensive study by the Imperial College of London?
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Question #1: What are the two landlocked countries of South America?
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Can you name every country in the world whose territory contains both tropical rainforests and glaciers?
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Name the states that have the longest maximum north-south span.
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Hollywood, Smog, Rodeo Drive?
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We broke the world into rectangular pieces. Name the country or body of water that lies in each piece.
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Fill in the pixelated map of North and South America.
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Name the countries that have been under some form of elected government since 1950.
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Can you guess the correct shape of each state?
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Can you name the countries whose population has declined by the greatest amount since their peak?
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For each American city, name its most prominent university.
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Name the countries where these fictional characters were born.
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Can you name the countries which lie closest to Iceland?
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Name the modern countries in which Sweden controlled any land at any point since 1523.
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There are 482 cities in California. How many can you name?
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Can you name the countries that send the most visitors to the United Kingdom?
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Name the biggest immigrant groups for ten different countries.
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ThirdParty has raised the stakes by hiding 26 countries in a 6x6 Boggle board. Can you find them all?
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Can you name these U.S. states based on one short clue?
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Name these cities labeled on the map of Europe.
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Can you answer these twenty questions about the country of France?
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We give you two countries. You guess what trait they have in common.
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Can you guess these facts about the country of Iraq?
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There are eight countries which have an official currency which is named the Peso. Can you name them all?
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Can you name the largest countries by area that don't have regions with a desert climate?
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Can you name these national capitals based on a single clue?
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Name the most populous countries and empires in the year 1800.
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Name the 15 biggest countries that border the Atlantic Ocean, including its marginal seas.
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Can you guess each country based on the combination of its flag and shape?
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Can you name the 15 most populous municipalities in Netherlands?
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Guess these answers that pertain to the physical geography of Europe.
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Can you name the countries that send the most visitors to Australia?
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Guess the most populous cities that are the second most populous city in their state.
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For each letter A-Z, guess the answer that pertains to Japan.
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For each region, name the US state in which it is located.
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Can you name these country shapes in 90 seconds? The harder each country is, the more points you will get for naming it correctly. Once you name a country, it will disappear and a new one will appear.
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Name the ten southernmost cities with an urban area population greater than 10 million.
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Name the urban areas of the United States which most people living on the streets, in cars, or in tents.
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Try to name the most-populous American cities whose names are 5 letters long or fewer.
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Name the 10 westernmost capital cities in the United States.
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Name the peninsulas highlighted on the map.
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Connect the dominoes! Each of the domino pieces has the flag of one country, and the shape of another.
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Name theses 23 cities on the map, all beginning with the letter N.
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Can you name the countries whose northernmost point is the lowest in latitude?
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Can you find the 20 countries whose geographical center is closest to the Equator?
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Can you name the countries that grow the most bananas?
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Can you name these facts about the country of Peru?
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Can you answer these multiple choice questions whose answers are African countries?
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Question #1: What is the official nickname of Florida?