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1,117Geography Generator Puzzle #10
1,117World Capitals Click Quiz
1,116Name a Valid European City by Location
1,116Biggest Cities in France - Extreme
1,115Easternmost Capital Cities
1,115Four Countries on Maps #7
1,11720 Countries With the Highest Rate of Cancer
1,115Countries inside the shape of Canada on a World Map
1,115Countries Closest to Turkmenistan
1,114Where is this city #3
1,114Multiple Choice - World Geography 2
1,114Geography of Colombia Quiz
1,115Five Biggest Cities in the United States by Letter
1,112Countries by Continent
1,112Top 20 Countries Where English is an Official Language
1,111Top 5 Countries that produce ... #3
1,111Top 10 Japanese cities by population
1,112Countries of the Caucasus in 1500 with a Map
1,110Countries of the World By First Letter
1,110The Denmark Quiz!
1,110Click the Oceanian Flags
1,110Countries that border Turkey
1,110Every City in the United Kingdom With a Map
1,109Gassu's Geographic Groups of Things #4
1,10820 Most Populated States in the USA in 1875
1,109Fast Typing Countries A-Z In Every Continent
1,110All Countries that Once Bordered a 'South' Country
1,108India's state and union territory capitals Quiz
1,108Country Capitals By Letter- N
1,107Countries Closest to Libya
1,106Countries with the most long rivers
1,10610 Most Global Cities in Asia
1,106U.S. States Bordering Missouri - Map Quiz
1,106Geography of the Soviet Union
1,109National Forests of the United States on a Map
1,106Select All of the Countries that Border...
1,104Countries of Europe - with a map but no incentives
1,104Top 25 countries where men do housework
1,103Name the Countries on this Map #1
1,103Cities that End in T by Clue
1,103Asian Capitals - Map Without Borders Quiz
1,102Countries With Most Cities Over 5 Million
1,102US Cities That Start With K
1,102Guess the Countries by Unknown Category #9
1,101Geography Multiple Choice - VERY HARD
1,103First Cities in History to Reach 100,000 People
1,101Just Go South ! - United Kingdom
1,101Country Flags General Knowledge #1
1,101Country Pairs sharing most % of its borders
1,101Countries with the Most Internet Users
1,101Ten Largest Municipalities in Each State Quiz
1,103Cities and Towns in Scotland Map
1,101World Capitals - Blind Typing
1,100Map Outline of African Landlocked Countries
1,100Badly Drawn Countries #2
1,100Biggest Cities in North America - Extreme
1,099Largest 1M Cities for each First 2 Letters on the World Map
1,099Countries By Their Former Name #3
1,098Latin American Flags
1,098Countries Containing 4 Letter Words
1,098Countries Bordering Unknown Country #1
1,098Five Biggest Cities by Map #3
1,097Most Populous Countries in the EU in 2060
1,100Cities With One Million People by Letter - H
1,098Top 5 Most Stable Countries By Continent
1,097Top Country by Category for Eight Colors on the World Map
1,097Countries with Crescent Flags - Picture Quiz
1,096Countries with Largest Orthodox Population
1,098Countries Closest to Slovakia
1,096Biggest Trading Partners - Romania
1,096Anagram Chain - Capital Cities
1,095Country Flags with Three Vertical Stripes - Picture Quiz
1,096Largest cities in morocco
1,096Countries Closest to Singapore
1,095Countries with Lowest Highest Points
1,095Counties of Sweden
1,096Territory Flags of the World
1,09490 secs World Capitals: by same 4th letter
1,094Top 50 northernmost countries
1,096Five Most Democratic Countries by Continent
1,093The 65 Poorest Countries in the World
1,09315 Biggest cities in a random Country on a map - Americas
1,093Modern Day Countries of the Mamluk Empire on Map
1,100Countries by Unique Letter Pairs #1
1,092100 Biggest Cities in the United States
1,092Guess the Asian Languages on the Map
1,092Mediterranean Geography by Letter - C
1,092Subdivisions of the Kingdom of Hungary in 1490 with a Map
1,094Countries with Only One Vowel
1,090US State by Tourist Attraction #1
1,091Closest Countries To The US
1,091Name a Valid World City #2
1,090Countries that have had their current flag for the shortest time
1,089City by Football Clubs #2
1,089Top 10 Highest FIFA Men's Rankings of UEFA Countries
1,089Counties of the UK
1,089Countries Begining And Ending With Vowels
1,088U.S. States
1,088200 biggest cities and towns in France
1,08820 Least Known Capital Cities: Pair Them up with Their Countries!
1,087Top 50 least famous countries
1,089Countries by AI-Generated Images #1
1,087World Capitals Map Quiz
1,0862nd Largest Language by Country
1,087Most Visited Countries by Finns
1,085Countries Closest to Sudan
1,085Estonia Country Quiz
1,086World countries by their largest city - Empty map
1,085Etymologies of countries (picture quiz)
1,086Subdivisions of the Italian Empire with a Map
1,085Biggest Cities of Europe in 700 AD with a Map
1,090Jump Between World Capitals: Closest Pair In Different Continent, Map
1,086Countries Closest to Syria
1,084Countries containing a J or K in their name
1,085All Slovak cities quiz
1,089Countries with the Most COVID-19 Deaths
1,083U.S. States that Start with I - Shape Quiz
1,083States won by Joe Biden in 2020
1,082US States Breakdown Puzzle #3
1,082US States Connect by Proximity
1,082Countries Without Their Vowels #2
1,082Flags of Countries That Border Guinea
1,082The Only Remaining U.S. State . . . #2
1,082Largest Cities in Europe - Extreme (incl. Siberia)
1,081World Countries Anagrams #3
1,081Countries Closest to Djibouti
1,082Cities With the Most Jewish Population
1,080Biggest Cities in Vietnam on a map
1,080Fattest countries
1,095All Indonesian Regencies/Kabupaten and Cities with a Map
1,080Bangladesh Quiz
1,079Ethnic/Indigenous Group by Region
1,078Countries with less than 100km of Coastline
1,079Official Country Names by First Two Letters
1,078Countries With Wild Capybaras
1,078Flags of Countries That Border Mozambique
1,077Every Country Represented in the Premier League
1,076Largest Ecological Footprint per Capita
1,076Top 10 American Countries with the Largest Exclusive Economic Zones
1,075World Capitals Closest to Tripoli
1,075Merged Flags #2
1,075Countries Closest to Venezuela
1,076Countries chain game #2
1,076All 1M+ Cities in the US
1,076Every 1,000,000+ East Asian City on a Map
1,076Travel across the World (Find the Path)
1,074Capital Cities Named After People
1,074Countries Containing L (no continent prompts)
1,073Asian Countries without Vowels
1,074Europe in German - Map Quiz
1,073Largest Cities in the World in 1900 (with a map)
1,074Provinces of China Quiz (With a Map)
1,074Countries That Start with I (with a map)
1,072Countries Closest to Papua New Guinea
1,07320 Most-Least Guessed Capitals of the World
1,072Most Populous Countries in 1700
1,071Five Longest One-Word Countries by Continent
1,071Geography by Letter - Q
1,071World Capitals Closest to Lagos
1,071County Seats of West Virginia
1,0722018 World Cup - Russian Host Cities (with a map)
1,073Prefecture Level Cities in China with a Map
1,071Airlines that Serve the Most Countries
1,070Countries with the Highest Male to Female Ratio
1,070All 50k+ Cities in Chile with a Map
1,070Raions of Ukraine on a Map
1,070Danube River Basin Countries on a Map
1,070Top ten wine consuming countries
1,072Countries of Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica with a Map
1,070Countries by Geography Now quotes
1,070Largest U.S. Cities in Order on a Map - Extreme
1,069Recognize Country by Former Flag #1
1,06950 Largest Countries on the Blue World Map Quiz
1,069Three Real and One Fake - Friends
1,069Largest Cities That Start With F Or G On A Map
1,070Every 1M+ City in the Americas
1,069Countries and Capitals Beginning with the Same Letter
1,071Biggest Island Countries by Continent
1,067Countries Containing F
1,066Codeword Puzzle #2 - Map Quiz
1,065Double Border Crossings #2
1,065Random Pixelated African Country Shapes
1,065Busiest Airports in the Middle East
1,065American Samoa Trivia
1,064Capitals of the 13 Colonies
1,065Provinces of Angola with a Map
1,067County Seats of Texas
1,065Countries with No Consecutive Vowels or Consonants
1,064Countries That Speak Persian
1,063Country Flags without Black or White - Picture Quiz #1
1,063North American Geography Quiz #1
1,063French Geography Quiz #3
1,062Countries with Giant Pandas
1,063The biggest Greek islands