Geography Quizzes - Page 44

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In each row, you will see 4 similar looking flags. Can you name them all?
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Can you name the states where the highest percentage of people identify as white?
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Can you guess the correct spelling of these cities based on a terrible spelling which is typically accepted by JetPunk?
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Name the countries that are visited by the greatest number of Canadian residents.
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For each selected category, name any valid world city with an urban area population of at least 1 million.
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In this quiz the answers change every time you play! Guess the capital cities of these African countries.
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How many of the ten longest rivers in the United States can you name?
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For each box, enter the only state that fits the description excluding states that have already appeared on the quiz.
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Can you name the countries that produce the greatest number of feature films?
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Can you name the 20 random, highlighted countries on this "topological map"?
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Ten countries have swapped positions on the world map. Can you find the ones which were swapped?
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Can you name the eight bodies of water that surround the Arabian Peninsula?
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Can you answer these twenty questions about the city of Washington D.C.?
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For each selected battle or operation, guess the modern-day country in whose territory or waters it took place.
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Can you guess these facts about the country of Romania?
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Rating: 4.85
With the help of a map, can you name all the countries of Europe in 1650?
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Name the countries that receive the most net foreign aid from governments of other countries.
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Based on the picture, guess these geography-themed answers starting with N.
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Name these geographic answers that are only seven letters long.
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Can you name these countries based on a road sign from that country?
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Name the twenty countries that have the lowest median age.
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Rating: 4.77
Can you name the ten easternmost Asian capitals?
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Rating: 4.55
Can you name the state based off a description from its Wikipedia article?
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Guess each language based on a merged flag of countries and regions which use that language.
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Rating: 4.73
Can you guess these facts about the country of Bangladesh?
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Name the cities that I have labelled on the map below.
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Name every city over 205,000 in population in this strip of the U.S. map.
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Can you name the largest islands that are part of Indonesia? (includes map)
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For each letter of the alphabet, name the country whose flag has the fewest different colours.
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Rating: 4.37
Can you name the countries that have the most surface area that lies within the tropics?
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Rating: 4.88
For each pair of countries, try to guess whether or not they share a land border.
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Rating: 5.00
Countries are hidden in every line of this letter and it is vital you find them.
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Rating: 4.67
Name the capital cities of the world that are the farthest away from any other country's capital.
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Rating: 4.02
For each letter A-Z, guess the answer that pertains to New York City.
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Rating: 4.82
How many of Asia's 200 most populous urban areas can you name?
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Rating: 4.21
Can you answer these questions about the country of Afghanistan?
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Based on the picture, guess these geography-themed answers starting with R.
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Names the eight main islands of the Hawai'i (with a map).
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Rating: 4.36
Based on the clues, name these North American locations.
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Can you name the countries of the world where the lowest % of adults have a Body Mass Index of 30 or greater?
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Which countries produced the most cheese per person in the year 2018?
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Rating: 4.50
Try to name these 40 cities labeled on the map of Asia.
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Rating: 4.66
Can you name these countries by excerpts from their Wikipedia descriptions?
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Rating: 4.01
Can you name the regions, either geographical, historical, cultural or statistical, that are visible on this map?
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Rating: 4.98
Can you name these countries based on a badly-drawn flag?
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Rating: 4.41
Name the European urban areas with the largest economies.
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Rating: 4.49
Question #1: What are the two highest mountains in the world?
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Rating: 4.89
Can you name the cities which have placed bids to host the Summer Olympic Games?