Geography Quizzes - Page 44

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1,019Cities with the Most JetPunk Users
1,019Provinces of Laos (with map)
1,018Europe in Spanish - Map Quiz
1,019Countries of the Belgian Empire
1,017Partial Country Shape Quiz #2
1,017Countries Closest to Lithuania
1,017Biggest Trading Partners - India
1,016Five Biggest Cities by Map #4
1,016Second biggest city in Europe countries
1,018Countries That Speak Russian
1,016Largest Australian Cities (by population)
1,016Republics of Russia
1,016Largest Cities in Europe
1,01615 Cities with Busiest Airports
1,017All 50k U.S. Cities on a Map by Letter - L
1,017Countries With Most Maritime Borders
1,016Counties of the Swedish Empire in 1658 with a Map
1,016New Zealand Immigration by Country
1,014San Francisco Bay Area - Map Quiz
1,014Kingdom Countries
1,014Country Capitals By Letter- H
1,016Random American Shape to Country
1,013Countries That Use Capital Punishment
1,013Capital Cities Beginning With P
1,015American Geographic Groups of Two
1,013Biggest Urban Area by Country and Letter #2
1,013Top 20 Countries with Khan as Surname
1,013Country Flags - Red, Yellow, & Green
1,014100 Biggest Cities of the British Empire in 1921 with a Map
1,013Worlds Largest Cities
1,013European Countries By Names
1,013Where in the World am I? #1
1,012Countries without coastline
1,012World Capitals Starting With B (with a semi-empty map)
1,014Flags of Countries with more than 50 Million People
1,011Biggest Cities in Canada on a Map
1,011Countries with Tropical and Polar Climates
1,011Countries that start and end with different vowels
1,012Countries Closest to Morocco
1,010Top 100 Biggest Cities in Indonesia
1,011Obese Countries Bordering Non-Obese Countries
1,010World War 2 Countries Quiz
1,012Countries That Start With The Same Three Letters (with prompts)
1,010Countries with the Most Sikhs
1,010US States from North to South
1,010World Capitals Alphabetically: appearing dots - 4 min sprint
1,010All 50k+ Cities in Lebanon with a Map
1,007Balkan Geography A-Z
1,007Country Capitals By Letter- R
1,007Countries that end with the letter "I"
1,006Biggest rivers in the world by drainage basins area
1,008Countries Closest to Monaco
1,007Flags of Caribbean Countries and Territories
1,006Countries that were Ruled by Military Juntas (Dictatorships)
1,006Longest One-Word Country Names A-Z
1,007Five Most Guessed World Cities by Letter #2
1,006Badly Drawn US States
1,006Cities by Letter - A
1,00550 Biggest Cities in Czech Republic Map Quiz
1,005Cities and Places that End in "-ich"
1,005Click the Country - Eastern Europe
1,008Flags of Countries That Border Belgium
1,010Regions and Municipalities of Trinidad & Tobago
1,005Countries Where Sex Outside Marriage is Illegal
1,004All Country Flags of the World - One Minute Sprint
1,004Can you name the US states that touch canada?
1,005Topscorers by country #1
1,005Largest State Populations (USA)
1,004Longest time to regain independence
1,003Countries of the World: No Hints At All
1,005Independent Cities of Virginia on a Map
1,003Top Ten Countries with Most Amount of HIV Infections
1,003Landlocked U.S. States Map Quiz
1,002Top 10 Airlines
1,002Geography - The Islamic Empire Today
1,002Cities With One Million People by Letter - K
1,002Furthest N-E-S-W Countries by Continent
1,002Country Shapes Multiple Choice #2
1,001Capitals Beginning with the Letters of JETPUNK
1,00025 Worst Cities in USA to Live in
1,000Cities in the Golden Horseshoe (Ontario) on a Map
1,000World Capitals - Autonomous Countries and Territories
1,000Single Vowel U.S. Cities
1,002Countries of Oceania By Flag Quiz
999Name a Valid U.S. State #4
999Most Populous Cities of British Columbia
1,000U.S. State Capitals that are also its Largest City
1,000Europe Map Quiz - One Minute Sprint
999Countries With The Most Military Spending 2023
1,000World Capitals Containing Z
999Capitals on the border
999Airlines by Tailfin
998Biggest Cities in Random Countries
998Central Europe - Map Quiz
997World Cities to Country #2
997US States Shape Chain Game #2
997U.S. Cities by Black Population
998Morocco Immigration by Country
996Really Huge List of Famous Mountains
996Countries With Only Northern Neighbours (by Northernmost point)
997Continents in Order by GDP
997London City Trivia
995Longest Rivers in the US
995African Countries That End in IA
995Biggest Cities in Yugoslavia (with map)
994U.S States That Have Two Words Quiz
994Top 50 conservative countries.
995300 biggest cities in the world
993100 Biggest Cities in Pakistan
993Capitals of Europe in 1870
993Flags of Europe in 1444
992Counties (Županije) of Croatia
991Biggest Cities in Russia (With a Map)
992Top 10 U.S States by GDP
991Biggest JetPunk Countries as a Percent of Their Continent
990US States Closest to Canada
990Non-Bordering Countries Closest to the Mediterranean Sea
990countries that end with a
989The 50 States by License Plate
989World's Largest Passenger Airlines by Fleet Size
989Turkish diaspora
989Top 10 destinations from Copenhagen Airport 2013
988Countries by River
988Canada Quiz
988World Corruption Index
989Countries That Controlled Asia (with a map)
988Top 100 Biggest Cities in Washington
98750 largest cities in California
987The Fastest Shrinking U.S. Cities
988Biggest Cities In Russia - Extreme
987Top 10 Potato-Producing Countries
987Country most populous neighbour connect
986Five Closest World Capitals by Capital #1
986Top Renewable Electricity Producers
9864 Overlapping Country Flags #3
987Geography by Letters - Multiple Choice
986Five Biggest Cities by Majority Spoken Language #1
985Top 15 countries with highest tax revenue (% of GDP)
986Ecuador Country Quiz
985Biggest cities in The US Midwest - with map
985US States by Number of Roller Coasters
984Countries with the Highest Education
985Country Shape Quiz #2 (relessness version)
985100 Biggest Cities in Ontario
983Most Visited Countries by the Dutch
983Biggest Asian Cities by Letter
982Countries with subway/metro systems
982Island trivia
982Countries That Eat Most Fast Food
982Hard To Spell Words - Geography
983Countries Closest to Burundi
982Countries That Ban Alcohol
982Countries Closest to Western Sahara
981World Countries Anagrams #2
982India Immigration by Country
980Countries with the highest IQ
981World Capitals With Six Letters (with a semi-empty map)
980All Asian Borders
980U.S. Cities with the Most Chinese
980Countries with a gold medal on winter olympics
980Five Longest World Capital Names by Continent
980Multiple Capitals on Rivers
980Capitals of States of the German Empire with a Map
979Best and Worst Countries to Live In
978Highest Exporters Quiz
978Airlines that fly into New Zealand
979Guess the Countries by Unknown Category #8
978Countries beginning with Vowels
977Country Capitals By Letter- W
979Top World Countries and Languages
977Five newest Countries that joined UN by Continent
977Mal's - Name the largest populated City when it is not the Country's Capital
978Most Well-Known Countries
978Island Nations
977Capitals of multi capital countries
977Canada Metro Areas over 100k 2021
978World Cities by Country A-Z #3
976Top 20 Countries for Climate Protection (2021)
979European Islands on the Map
977Flags with One Colour Changed #2
979Random Countries Based on a Portion of Their Name
975US Cities That Start With J
976Word Scramble - Capitals of Countries - Easy
97510 Largest Cities - US 2020 Census
975Countries With an "Ian" Demonym
976Name a Country A to Z - 30 Seconds
975Countries without Rivers
975Cities With One Million People by Letter - L
975Capital Cities Beginning and Ending with the Same Letter
976Extremely Hard General Knowledge #4
974Capitals without a letter A in their name
974Every 1,000,000+ Japanese and Korean City on a Map
97430 Longest Country Names Quiz
974Cities That Beat Amsterdam
97410 Biggest Countries in the Middle East
973Countries by Historical Figures #3
973Flags of the World - Map Quiz