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1,01520 Countries Written in a Mystery Language #2
1,015The Americas (except US) Geography by Letter - A
1,014Countries of the World: No Hints At All
1,013Counties (Županije) of Croatia
1,014Longest Rivers in the US
1,013Biggest Asian Cities by Letter
1,01390 secs World Capitals: by Closest Capitals
1,013Modern-day Countries by their Former Colonial Names
1,013Worst Enemies of Countries
1,014Countries with the Highest Education
1,012American, Canadian and Mexican States/Provinces on the Border with Empty Map
1,014Countries Closest to San Marino
1,011All 1M Cities by Proximity in 60 Seconds
1,01110 Biggest Countries in the Middle East
1,011All 100k+ Cities on the Mediterranean on a Map
1,011World Cities to Country #2
1,011Countries Producing Most Fashion Models
1,011Countries Closest to Tuvalu
1,011Countries inside the shape of Russia on a World Map
1,012Kosovo Country Quiz
1,010Word Chain - Countries
1,011Municipalities of Estonia on a Map
1,010Countries Closest to United Arab Emirates
1,011Countries By Italian Ancestry
1,010All Asian Borders
1,011States of Mexico with an Empty Map
1,011British Geography Quiz #4
1,012European Countries by a Single Clue
1,008Most Guessed Megacities
1,008Top 20 countries by alcohol related deaths
1,009Capitals of the Roman Provinces on a Map
1,011All National Emblems of the World
1,007Islands in the Map of Europe Quiz
1,007Where's Wally? - On The World Map
1,007European Countries Ranking Game #1
1,0064 Overlapping Country Flags #3
1,006Countries Hidden Inside a Sentence
1,006Countries With The Most Tennis Players
1,005Spanish Speaking Countries and their Capitals
1,006Countries That Smoke The Most Marijuana
1,005Word Scramble - Capitals of Countries - Easy
1,005U.S. Cities named after UK cities
1,006Countries with subway/metro systems
1,006US Counties over 250,000
1,006World Capitals with Consecutive Letter Pairs
1,005Countries with the most television broadcast stations
1,004Country Flags with Inverted Colors #2
1,005Physical Geography by Letter - B
1,005Anagram Pairs - Geography
1,004Most Populous Cities in Brazil
1,005Geography of Argentina
1,003Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International Airport Destinations
1,003Biggest Cities and Towns in England on a Map
1,004Name a Subdivision - European Countries
1,002Geography Crossword Puzzle
1,002Mal's - Name the largest populated City when it is not the Country's Capital
1,003Lufthansa Destinations on a Map
1,002Top Renewable Electricity Producers
1,002Greece Immigration by Country
1,001Highest Exporters Quiz
1,001Country Borders by Shared Letter
1,001Countries that have been to the most Summer Olympics
1,001Countries Closest to Bulgaria - One Minute Sprint
1,000Capital Cities A to Z - shortest names
1,001Geography of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg on a Map
999World Countries Anagrams #2
99950 Biggest Cities of the Americas in 1800 with a Map
998Berlin S-Bahn Stations on an Empty Map
99830 Longest Country Names Quiz
998Geography Quizhanger #4
1,000Biggest cities in 6 countries on a map
998Flags of West African Countries
998The 50 States by License Plate
998Top 15 countries with highest tax revenue (% of GDP)
997Top ten largest countries to never win an olympic medal. (Population)
997Newest Countries by Continent
997Random 20 Country Shape
997Districts of Istanbul on the Map
996Five Countries with the Most Billionaires by Continent
996African Capitals Ending in Consonants
996Island trivia
997Countries Closest to Brazil
996The twenty most populous countries in 1950, 2000 and 2050
995Countries with Big Gemstones
995Countries Ending With S
995Top 40 Countries With The Most Athletes In The Rio 2016 Olympics
997Most Populous U.S. States - A-Z
995Top 10 Categories of European Countries #1
995Country Capitals By Letter- W
994Biggest Cities in Czechia with a Map (extreme)
994Fascist Countries
994Top 10 Countries that Produce the Most Rice
994The Fastest Shrinking U.S. Cities
996Top 100 Biggest Cities in Maryland
994Biggest Cities in China - Extreme
995Most Populous Countries Containing Letters A-Z
994Countries without Rivers
993All cities over 5m people with country hint
993Modern-Day Countries of the Kievan Rus' on a Map
995Largest City by 25 Largest Islands Map Quiz
993Biggest Slavic Cities With An Exception
993Hottest Countries By Continent
993Countries Producing the Most Tobacco (2012)
993Countries containing an F or P in their name
993Countries that start with vowels
993Largest Country Subdivisions by Area
992US Cities That Start With I
992Country by Assassination
992Capitals of multi capital countries
992Countries with the best science education -- 2018
995Country by Tallest Mountain
991Countries With the Highest Rate of Immigration
991Countries that end with the letter "Y"
991"Guinea" Countries
992Coldest Capitals A-Z
991Airlines of the World 2
991Five Most Peaceful Countries by Continent
991Top 100 Airlines
991Free the World Map by 5 Relatively Largest Cities per Square
990Countries Closest to Tunisia
99110 Least Visited Countries in Africa
991Biggest cities in each English County
993Iceland Immigration by Country
9904-Letter European Geography Chain
990Decentralized Metro Areas
991Worst countries to live in
991Countries with Brown Bears
990Portugal to Malaysia
990Name the Countries Along the Line
991Former French Colonies
990Regions of Kyrgyzstan
989Black Sea Countries With an Empty Map
990Name a Valid Country by Random Territorial Dispute
991Top 10 States with Highest Percent Mormon
990Random City to Country
989Country Logic Puzzle by Scambigol #5 - starting with vowels
989"The only country..." By Continent
988Countries Most Searched for by Americans
988Cities that hosted FIFA World Cup 1930-1974
9871M Cities on the Map of India, with hints appearing on dots
988Music Trivia: Classical Composer Geography
987Five Biggest Cities in Every European Country
987Districts of Serbia with a Map
987Foreigners in Italy by Country of Birth
987Largest Cities in the United States - Map Quiz
986Capitals in the World Map #1
986Former Municipalities of Latvia with a Map
986Continental Categories- Geography
987Countries That Speak Malay
988All Countries by Coastline on the World Map
985Plots Explained Badly " Guess That Movie"
985Mississippi-Missouri Basin States and Provinces
986UK Landmarks Map Quiz
986Most Populous Islands by Letter
986Biggest Cities of the Americas in 1850 with a Map
985World's Biggest Islands with World Map
984Parishes of Antigua and Barbuda with a Map
985Which City in the Netherlands?
983Top 30 Countries by Tourism
984Countries by Historical Flags #1
984Regions of Ivory Coast
983Capitals With Seven Letters
983Countries with the Sun on Their Flag
984Top Gold Producing Countries
983ALL Colonies of the Roman Empire in 211 AD with a Map
983Extremely Hard General Knowledge #8
984All 1M Cities Starting with “N” to Country
983Top 100 Biggest Cities in Arizona
984Biggest City in each U.S. State by Letter A
982Cities with Metro System
982Foods by U.S. Origin
982100 Biggest Cities in the WWII Axis Countries
982Countries Closest to Palau
981Country Shape Sudoku
9812026 FIFA World Cup Countries
980香港地圖 Hong Kong Map Quiz
980India by Picture
981Top 10 Countries in Police Force
980Random Asian Cities Map Quiz
980Coldest Countries By Continent
980Flags Morphing into Flags
980Top 10 countries with the best Health Care
979U.S. States Bordering West Virginia - Map Quiz
982America Coats of Arms
980Five Biggest Cities A-Z on a Map
979Biggest World Cities by Country on the World Map
979WORD SCRAMBLE - 7 Letter Countries
983Visit All Countries: move to bordering or jump to almost bordering country
979Manitoba Cities Map Quiz
979Every 100k+ Eastern European City on a Map with Exceptions
978Countries of Video Game Companies
980Click the European Country Shape
978God Save the King Lyrics Quiz
978Top 10 European Capitals by Highest Population
978Most Populous Non-Capital Cities
978Random Subdivision to Country (Extreme!)
977Countries Inside Other Countries
978Countries that End in O