Geography Quizzes - Page 53

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Name all the monarchies of the world that have land border with other monarchies
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Based on the picture, guess these geography-themed answers starting with M.
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A more difficult version.
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Try to guess what is pictured in these satellite images of the United Kingdom.
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Name the ten U.S. states that have the highest median age.
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Can you identify these sights you might see around New York City?
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Name these ethnic groups starting with each letter of the alphabet.
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Can you name the cities and towns in Germany that receive the greatest number of both international and German visitors?
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With the help of a map, name the largest city starting with each letter on every continent.
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Try to guess the single-word country names which would give you the highest score in Scrabble.
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Can you name the states that have the most active lighthouses?
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Can you guess these facts about the country of Jamaica?
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Try to guess each U.S state as its shape is being drawn on a sheet of paper.
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Can you name these famous American tourist attractions based on a description?
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Name the 10 states with the most water area within their territory.
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193 sovereign countries are members of the United Nations. Which twenty have joined most recently?
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We show you the flag of a country. Can you name its capital city?
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For each selected category, name any of the countries that ranks higher than Greece.
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Famous bridge of San Francisco?
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In which countries do the highest percentage of citizens die each year?
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Can you name the countries related to these news stories from the year 2021?
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Can you name the cities where these famous historical people died?
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Name the 20 northernmost cities with official city status in England.
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Try to guess each California city based on a description and the first letter of its name.
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What are the most common countries of birth for Dutch residents who were not born in Netherlands?
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From the department of impossible geography quizzes.
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In 90 seconds, can you name every country that plays men's test cricket?
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What will be the most populous states in the year 2070?
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Name the cities where these famous festivals occur.
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Name all Atlantic states of the US in order, moving along the coast from the Canadian to the Mexican border.
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Question #1: What are the two major rivers of Iraq?
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Name the countries with the highest proportion of people living in slavery.
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Can you correctly identify these 12 different rivers which have been marked on a map of the United Kingdom?
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Guess the U.S. metro area that fits in each series of categories until only one remains.
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50 states, 50 quizzes. Day 6: Illinois.
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Try to guess the states of the U.S. that produced the most maize in 2020.
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Guess the peninsulas that are pictured in these satellite images.
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For each landmark, name the U.S. state in which it is located.
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Name the countries that produce the greatest quantity of diamond gemstones.
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Can you guess these facts about the country of Lithuania?
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Based on the clues, name these famous lakes.
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Can you name the countries related to these news stories from the year 2022?
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Table Mountain, Robben Island, Good Hope. Which city could it be?
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Can you name the 5 most populous cities in each country? Each city that you name will be highlighted on the map.
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Guess each color component of each European flag on a map.
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Countries are hidden in every line of this letter and it is vital you find them.