Geography Quizzes - Page 55

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663Countries named "Guo" (國) in Chinese
661Countries with Palindromes
661Countries with Direct Scheduled Flights to/from Australia
661Asian Cities With Metro Systems
661World Capitals Closest to Istanbul
660The 50 Richest Countries in the World
660Second largest cities by every letter
661Find Cities by Coordinates on a Map - Randomized!
660Five Most Guessed World Cities by Letter #1
660Countries of North and South America
66020 Biggest Airports in Canada
660European Capitals With Four Letters
660Bordering Countries
660Biggest European Cities that start with B on a Map
660Five Biggest Countries by Empire
659Flags of the World but Nordic #2
659Countries With The Most Olympic Medals Per Capita
659Five Biggest Cities by Continent by Letter - C
661Countries Furthest From the United Kingdom
659Countries in Africa by Population
659Top Destinations from Sydney Airport (SYD)
659Countries with 5 Letters - Two Minute Sprint
659Name a valid country #2
658All 50k+ Cities in Colombia with a Map
658Countries Owning the 200 Most Populous Islands
658Most HIV/AIDS Deaths by Country
658NATO countries on a world map
658Countries that do NOT use Roman alphabet
659All 10k+ Cities in Slovakia with a Map (hard)
658World War II Events on the Map
6582022 FIFA World Cup Results
658Countries/River/Sea Bordering Bulgaria Quiz
658Brazilian states capital
658Countries With Atolls
658Biggest Trading Partners - Bulgaria
6571M+ cities of the world by letter - N
657Countries Bordering Unknown Country #2
657Administrative Divisions in Latvia with Map
657Biggest US Airlines by fleet
657Furthest European Capital
657Least Developed Countries, Not In Africa.
656Clear Circles on the Map of Europe by Main City
656World Countries Anagrams #7
656Countries Identified By Only Their Vowels #1
656Countries by Unique Letter Pairs #2
656Countries bordering Ukraine
656Top 10 European Countries with the Largest Exclusive Economic Zones
656Jump Between All World Capitals: Closest Pair Across the Equator
655Countries Closest to Nigeria
655Random U.S. Cities on the Map
655Hero Cities of Soviet Union
655Logo Quiz - Country Flags
655United Nations Founding Members
6551M+ cities of the world by letter - L
655Largest City Multiple Choice
655Cities Served by More Than One Airport
655Coasts of the World
655Countries Dominated by One City
65435 Largest Portuguese-speaking cities
654Countries Bordering Unknown Country #10
654Countries by second most populous city (Difficulty level= WTF!)
654Capital Cities Breakdown Puzzle #7
654All World Capitals Ever Controlled by the British
654US States Sorted with Countries of the World
654Biggest Cities in Belgium on a Map
654Countries Of The World-Capitals
654Cross the River
654Lisbon City Trivia
653Cities That Have Hosted World Expositions
654Capitals with Eight Letters
653Seattle-Tacoma Airport (SEA) Destinations
652Countries Conquered By The Ottoman Empire
652Countries That Contain C
652Current Communist Countries
652Countries that Don't Celebrate Christmas
652Airports in Germany
652Biggest Trading Partners - Norway
65145 European Countries, 45 Cities
651German State Flags Quiz
651Regions of Ivory Coast
651Extreme Capital Cities
651Which "Stan" Country?
651Most-Visited Countries by Polish People
650Biggest Cities in each Federal District of Russia on a Map
650U. S. Cities from Nearby Cities and Suburbs
650North American Geography by Letter - A
650Asian Cities on the Map
650Largest Cities in the United States
650Geography Ending in I, Starting with A-Z
650Biggest Cities in New England
649U.S. States by Partial Flag Images #3
649Random World Capitals By Picture
649Malaysia Immigration by Country
649Countries without armed forces
649Countries Ending in "Y"
649Manchester A-Z
650European Countries and Capitals
649Countries That Have Kings/Queens (Monarchs)
648Flags of European Countries that Start With M
648Islands >= 200 km2 on the Map of Europe
648Countries Bordering 'C' Countries
648Countries That Rhyme With Each Other
648Israel A-Z
648I Can Guess Your South American Country!
64820 National Capitals Nearest to Kiev, Ukraine
648Rivers of the 25 Largest American Cities
648Top 50 countries with the smallest economies
648Europe's highest countries
648Countries that are Free from CANADA
648Shortest route through all world capitals
6483rd Largest US Cities by Decade
648All 50k+ cities in California on a map
648Clear Circles on the World Map by Main City #2
648Biggest Cities in Hawaii Quiz
648Random Cities on the Map by Letter - L
647Most Educated Countries
647Biggest Cities in Mauriccotanialicarawique on a Map
648Most Populous Subdivision By Country
647Biggest World Cities within 300 km with letter hints on dots
647Countries by Last Two Letters in 2 minutes
646Country Anagram Puzzle #3
646US States Without Interstates
6465 Groups of 5- Geography #2
646Alaska Trivia
646Most Visited Cities by Brazilians
646Countries in Their Own Language
646Stop the Presses!
646U.S. States without the letters A, B or C
646Countries Bordering Estonia
645communist countries during the cold war
646Zurich Airport (ZRH) Destinations
645Airport Codes
645Input the Airport Codes to the top 60 Busiest US Airports of 2015
645Country Based Puns
6455 Safest Countries in Latin America
645All Cities with US Diplomatic Missions on a Map
64410 Biggest Cities in 21 Countries
644Countries Where an MLB Game Has Been Played
644Closest U.S. State Capitals
644African Country Superlatives
644US State by Tourist Attraction #2
644USA Centric - Common Place Names #1
643Top 20 Most Populated Cities in Venezuela
643First-Level Subdivisions with the Most JetPunk Users
643Asian Countries by First 2 Letters - 2 Minute Walk
643World Capitals Containing the Letter J
643Closest country acrostics- H and I countries
643Every 100k+ Western European City on a Map
642Biggest Non Capital Cities that Start with the Same Letter
642Countries Closest to Japan
642Every 100k+ City in the Benelux on a Map
642Countries in the Most Military Alliances
642Countries of the Omani Empire
642Cities With One Million People by Letter - W
642Top Five Biggest Cities In Each Asian Country
642Capital to Country Decoder
642Category Elimination - Famous U.S. Cities
642World Capitals Closest to Anchorage
642Countries That Contain G
642European cities by picture
641Countries That Begin With 'U' And 'V'
641The 50 Most Beautiful Cities in the World
641Random Midwest U.S. Cities on a Map
641Top 10 Largest Countries to Only Have one Time Zone
641U.S. States with Most Homicides
641Daily Country Riddle #3
641Adjectival Forms of Countries Ending with "-ese"
640Biggest Cities in Pakistan
640Most Liberal & Conservative US cities
640Who Owned That Country? - Multiple Choice
64030 biggest European cities by letter (with a map) -N
640F Answers Quiz - Geography
640Lakes on World Map
640Closest-to-Million Cities
640Random Counties of California on a Map
640Five Biggest Countries by Groups
640Cities on Random European Rivers on a Map
640Word Scramble - Countries, Capitals and U.S. States!
641Geography of Finland
640Countries by Tripoints on a World Map
639Biggest Cities of England (Angevin Empire) in 1189 on a Map
63915 Most Democratic States in 2016 Presidential Elections
639Random Cities on the Map by Letter - G
639250 Busiest Airport IATA Codes
6386-Letter Geography Chain :D
638Top 100 Cities with Most Metro Rail Stations
638Countries of Top 100 JetPunk Users
638Cities by Letter - C
640Oceanian Flag to Country Click Quiz
637Five Biggest Cities by Majority Spoken Language #2
640Suburbs of Perth with a Map
637Five Least Elevated Capital Cities by Continent
63720 Biggest Asian Countries
637Most Populated Countries Containing 'L'