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642World Capitals Containing the Letter W
641Every Country's Biggest Non Capital City with a Map
641Countries of Top 100 JetPunk Users
641Random Cities on the Map by Letter - G
641Five Biggest Countries by Groups
640Closest-to-Million Cities
640Country Tripoints with Common Official Language
640Five Least Elevated Capital Cities by Continent
640Most Populated Countries Containing 'L'
64015 Most Democratic States in 2016 Presidential Elections
640Top 100 Biggest Cities in Mississippi
640All 50k U.S. Cities on a Map by Letter - T
640Five Biggest Cities by Majority Spoken Language #2
639Countries That Don't Have an A in the Name
639Top 30 Countries By HDI
6391M+ cities of the world by letter - J
6396-Letter Geography Chain :D
639Capitals with Double Letters
638Most Visited U.S. States by Europeans
638Cities by Letter - C
638Modern Day Countries of Sur Empire on Map
63820 Biggest Asian Countries
639The World's 50 Largest Cities by Letter - I
638Make the country from the letter jumble
638Great Lakes States and Provinces With an Empty Map
638Countries Closest to Czechia - One Minute Sprint
638Russian Immigration by Country
638Geography of The Netherlands
638Countries with Great Tits
638Flags of Countries of the Euro 2021
638US States from West to East
637Unique Initial Letter of Countries by Continent
637The 20 "Goodest" Countries
637States of Venezuela Map Quiz
637Top 10 COLDEST Countries
637Name The Capitals Closest To Stockholm
637Top Ten Coal Producing Countries
637Countries by Outline
637Capital City of which Country? (North and Western Europe Edition)
636Guess The Flag According To Its Description
636Brussels City Trivia
636top 10 countries by orange production
637Pixelated Spain Map
636Biggest "Burg" Cities in Germany
636Biggest Trading Partners - Brazil
636City Skylines Multiple Choice
635Draw 30 Missing Borders on the World Map
635"United" Countries
635Guess Missing Colour in Flags (Part 1)
635Country shortcuts
635Countries that were part of Serbian Empire
635Countries Bordering Algeria - Map Quiz
635U.S. States With A UNESCO World Heritage Site
634Five Letter Asian Geography #2
634Largest Coastal Cities
634Asian Geography by letter B
634Regions of Senegal with a Map
634Cities of California by Population
633KLM Destinations on a Map
633Largest Towns in Essex
633Top 10 Countries that Produce the Most Ginger
633Rivers running through capital cities
633Name The Countries Money
633Mediterranean Geography by Letter - J
633Districts of Istanbul on the Map
633City to Country - True or False
633Countries Closest to Italy - One Minute Sprint
633Parts of a Church on a Floor Plan
632Countries With a City Larger Than Their Capital
632Number of Countries By Continent
632Countries from Chinese Pinyin
63210 US States With The Most Bigfoot Sightings
632Which Country Did You Cross?
632Countries that designate ISIS as a terrorist organisation
632UK Emigration by Country
632Largest European Cities by Letter - C
631Countries Bordering Adriatic Sea - Map Quiz
631Biggest Cities in the Northern Hemisphere
631Top 100 Biggest Cities in Montana
631Capitals of Un-/Partially Recognized Countries
631400 biggest cities in the world
631Biggest Oceanian Cities within 100 Km
631Solve the Secret Poet
631U.S. Cities Which Have Cut their Population in Half
630Countries with the Largest Amount of Troops in WW1
630Top 20 Cities by GDP per capita
630Longest Flights by Airports
630Newest Countries Quiz
630Guess the country by the fact
630Rainforest Animals by Picture
630The Capitals of Canada
630Peru Immigration by Country
630Modern-Day Countries of the Timurid Empire with a Map
630Landmarks of Every Country
630Top 19 Biggest Cities in Nevada
629100 Most Visited Cities in the World (Mastercard)
629100 Largest Cities in Iowa
629Countries with the largest Muslim Population
629Demonyms of Countries of the World
629Countries with Two Letters Changed
630European Countries with the Shortest Names
628Country Shapes on a Hawaiian Shirt
628Geography of Israel
628Countries Closest to the Maldives
628Asian Countries With 10,000 Foot Mountains
628The Ultimate Flag, Country, Shape, City, Challenge Thing
628Suburbs of U.S. Cities Quiz
628Best Eurovision Country Result A-Z
628Where's That US City? Map Click #2
629Countries of Africa Without a Map
627Countries with the most Tamils
627Biggest Islands A-Z
627Ten Highest HDI Countries in Europe
628World Capitals Closest to the Mediterranean Sea
627Morocco Quiz!
627Labor Forces by Country
627Countries with Multiple Megacities
627Biggest Trading Partners - Belgium
62620 Biggest Countries by Land Area (with a map)
626Tibet Trivia
626Countries Closest to Timor-Leste
626Countries That Share Same Letter Sequences #2
626Top 20 Easiest Capital Cities
626Countries Bordering Sudan With a Map
626Top 50 westernmost countries
625Scottish Football Cities Map
625Current Capitals that are Planned Cities
625Most Populous Cities in the American South
625European Geography By Letter - U
625World Cities Quiz
625U.S. States Unscramble the Anagram
625Largest Cities in English-Speaking Countries in North America - Extreme
625World Capitals In Different Languages
625Countries Bordering Bulgaria - Map Quiz
625Countries Closest to Nuuk
624Countries Producing Most Bananas - Total, by Area, by Population
624American Geography By Letter - C
624Dubai Airport (DXB) Destinations
624100 Largest Cities in 2100 (On A Map!)
6241M+ cities of the world by letter - S
624Countries Producing the Most Potatoes
624U.S. States that have Changed Capitals
623U.S. Cities Separated By Rivers
623Countries Containing These Three Letters #1
623Most "averagely populated" countries
623Countries that Begin With A Vowel
623Geography Random Tile Select
623Country's Ending Letter Closest to the Next Letter A-Z
623Top 50 Biggest Cities In The World 2012
623Asian Geography By Letter A - Picture Quiz
624Word Scramble - 1M Cities
623Random Cities on the Map by Letter - H
623Famous Disasters on the Map
623Countries From a Blind Start #5
623Countries Bordering Unknown Country #6
6251M+ cities of the world by letter - E
623Capitals Containing "IN"
623US Border Cities
622Play Scrabble by Guessing Species of Walrus
622Australian States and Territories
622U.S. States with Legalized Marijuana
622Top Ten Oldest US States by Year of Entry
622All Districts of Slovakia on the Map
622Biggest Cities in Croatia
622Countries France Invaded, Occupied. or Fought since 1776
622Countries with highest rate of smokers
622French Departments by Borders in 90 Seconds
622Bangladesh Immigration by Country
621Biggest rivers in Serbia
621Cities by Sports Teams.
621First Seven US States with Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cases
621Most Populous Cities in the Southwest
621Small Countries With Low Population Density
621Countries and Languages #3
622Most-Visited Countries by South Koreans
621Modern Day Countries Conquered by William the Conqueror on a Map
621Cities of the world by landmarks
621Landmarks by Silhouettes - Map Quiz
622Country Borders Between Continents
621Country Logic Puzzle by Scambigol #6
621Capitals by First and Last Letter #2
620Countries with Names that are "The" Something
620Bosnia and Herzegovina First Level Subdivisions
620Random Capital to Country #2
620Countries Visiting Azerbaijan the Most
620Countries Bordering Unknown Country #11
620Top 100 Biggest Cities in West Virginia
620Top 10 Deepest Lakes In The World
620Countries Without First Two and Last Two Letters
621Every Flag to Country Click Quiz
620Name a valid Country #1
620Countries A-Z with Capital Closest to Border
620March airports with cities
621Countries that are Large compared with their combined Neighbours
620All 100k+ Cities in Canada on a Map
620Bordering Coastal Countries without Maritime Borders
620Countries with Most Academy Nominations for Best Foreign Language Film