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531Countries of the World (with a broken map)
531Countries by a Single Word #1
531Largest Country by Letter
530Biggest Cities in Siberia on a Map
530Countries and Capitals of the United Kingdom on a Map
530All 100,000 inhabitants cities in the US
530Countries Bordering D.R. Congo - Map Quiz
5301M+ cities of the world by letter - O
530Guess That City Picture Quiz
529Countries taking up most refugees (percentage of population)
529US States Containing 'A'
529Top 10 emigrants from Portugal by target country
5291M+ cities of the world by letter - I
529Four-word countries
529U.S. State Capital Counties
52912 Biggest Cities in Brazil in one minute
528Top 10 Smallest Economies in Europe
528Name a Valid Landlocked Country
528Happiest Countries in the World
528Largest cities in Central Europe
528U.S. States whose Two Biggest Cities Begin with the Same Letter
528Countries by national stereotype #2
52710 Biggest US States by population
527Countries Bordering Unknown Country #9
527Counties of Liberia with a Map
527Biggest City in each U.S. State by Letter O
527European Countries that Start with L
527Countries of the Persian Empire
527U.S. Cities with the Highest Violent Crime Rate
527Anagrams - Asian Cities
527Geography of Thailand
527Answers Contain Lake Quiz
526TOP 20 Most Dangerous Countries
526Countries with the Most Irrigated Land
526Capitals by Position of the Asian Countries on the Map - Chain Game #1
526Closest country acrostics- E countries
526Biggest Cities in Austria - Extreme
527Countries With the Most Urban Areas Over 1 Million Residents
526Most populous Toronto Boroughs
525Countries that Gained Independence from France
5252021-2022 UEFA Champions League Teams Map Quiz
525Åland Islands Trivia
525Top 50 Most Urban Countries
525States and Territories of Australia
525Countries at the End of the World from Each Other
525Biggest Cities in Named Areas
525Random Cities on the Map by Letter - O
524The Top 15 Most Forested Countries
524Countries starting with Central, East, West, North, or South
524The Amsterdam City Quiz
524100 Biggest Cities in Japan
524NBA 2017 Represented Countries
524Biggest Cities in Switzerland by Letter
524European Countries Anagrams
524Largest Korean Populations Outside of Korea
523Closest country acrostics- South countries
523Countries by Rainforests
523James Bond US States Visited Map
523Countries Bordering Uzbekistan - Map Quiz
523Countries Bordering 'G' Countries
523Countries in the Middle East by Capital
523United States Containing the Same 3 Letters (harder)
522Counties of Long Island on a Map
522Codeword Puzzle #10 - Map Quiz
522Groups of Countries (by Cedo) #8
5223 Biggest cities by country #3
522Top 5 Germany’s Most Dangerous Cities
52210 Biggest Cities in Serbia
522Slovakia quiz
522World Capitals Closest to Rabat
522Macedonia bordering countries
522World Capitals Closest to Washington DC; A to Z
522Brazilian states
522Highest GDP Countries
521Quebec - On a Map!
521African Countries
521Perth, Australia
521The French Guiana Quiz
521Communes and Municipalities of Romania with a Map
522European Shape to Country Click Quiz
520Continents in Order by GDP per Capita (2019)
520Countries that have letter "W" in them
520World Capitals Trivia
520World Capital Cities containing the letter 'F'
520Top/Bottom 20 Countries by Road Fatalities
520Nearest US State Capitals to Each US State Capital
520US States with a Double N - 30 Second Sprint
520Tasmania Trivia
520World Countries with One Border (with a map)
520State Capitals That Beat Salt Lake City
520Meet Me in St. Louis
520Ghibli Movies Countries Visited Map
520Countries with the Most Illegally Downloaded Music
52020 Countries with Northernmost Geographical Center
520Second Biggest City by Country #1
520Biggest City in each U.S. State by Letter W
520Countries that Beat Algeria
519Which City in Sweden?
519Solve the Secret World City
519Southeast Asian Geography Quiz
519Countries with Free Education
519Countries where alcohol was or still is prohibited
519Old names for Cities
519Three words, one country #5
519Countries That No Longer Have McDonald's
519Top 20 Countries by highest elevation
51830 biggest European cities by letter (with a map) -I
518Vienna Metro Stations on a Map
518World's busiest cruise ports
518Match the Capital city to the country its in.
518World Capitals by Exact Spelling
518Subdivisions bordering Bavaria
518Countries that Speak Arabic
518Countries in more than one continent
518Provinciae Romanae in charta
517States that border Texas
517Biggest Cities of Austria-Hungary with a Map
517Countries that do the most manufacturing
517Highest Peaks by Country
517Countries with at Least 1% Buddhists
516UEFA Member Clubs Map
516Countries Bordering Switzerland - Map Quiz
516Nova Scotia Cities Map Quiz
516Furthest North-East-South-West Countries A-Z
516Random Countries in Braille
516Geography 2-in-1: Coldest or Largest Countries
515First-Level Subdivisions of Portuguese-speaking Countries
515Five Biggest Cities by Continent by Letter - L
515Top Iron Ore Producing Countries
515Ukraine: General Knowledge
515Rivers through UK Cities and Towns
515All Country Tripoint Borders in the World
514100 Biggest Cities in 1950
514Largest Cities in the Caribbean on the Map
514Countries Bordering Botswana - Map Quiz
514Countries with Unique Official Languanges
514All U.S. Million Cities Throughout History
514Codeword Puzzle #6 - Map Quiz
514U.S National Parks by Pictures
514Country Shapes Hidden in the Sky
514Central America Map Quiz in 15 seconds
513Which Quadrant of the World Map?
51320 Countries on a Topological Map #5
513Smallest Countries with Megacities
513Bahrain Quiz
513Countries Bordering 'P' Countries
513Countries With No Official Flag Carrier Airlines
513Countries That End in the Letter 'O'
513Striped Country Flags with Inverted Colors
512Cities by Country Map Quiz: English Countries
512Countries in the Macedonian Empire (Alexander's Empire)
512African Geography by Letter - R
512Nordic Countries A-Z
512Countries with the Most Populous Capital A-Z
51220 Biggest Cities in Canada on a Map
511Starbucks Countries
511African Cities by Clue
511Countries Bordering Unknown Sea #4
511FIFA World Cup Winners If A Country Could Only Win It Once
511Upside Down Country Names
511Geography Ending in M, Starting with A-Z
511Countries within Three Borders of Russia
511Countries of the World Quiz - Impossible
510Most Democratic African Countries
511Largest Ethnic Group by State
510Overseas Territories of The Netherlands
510Seven Continents Quiz
5101M Cities Starting with A
510Country Name Uniqueness
510Northern California: Largest Cities
510Countries by Wikipedia Descriptions
510Countries Bordering Syria - Map Quiz
509Capitals of 'I' Countries
509Inhabited danish islands
509All 500K Cities in Asia With a map with exceptions
509Top 10 Most Populous Suburbs of Melbourne
509Countries Bordering 'M' Countries
509Flags of Asia by Horizontal Stripes
509Countries of the Americas and Oceania with an Empty Map
509Countries by Population Increase: 2100
509US State by Cities (More Difficult) #2
509The Americas (except US) Geography by Letter - N
508Counties of Alaska
508Countries that start and end with the same letter
508Biggest Country by Body of Water #2
508Most Hashtagged Countries on Instagram
508Five Closest Capitals by City
508Biggest Cities once in the Japanese Empire
508USA Landmarks & Attractions Map Quiz
507Countries starting or ending in "in"
507Geography of Alaska
507Country Names in a Grid
507Largest U.S. Cities in Order on a Map
507Number of cardinals by country
507Country by Minority Language
507Biggest Arabic-Speaking Cities Quiz
507Name the City #2