Geography Quizzes - Page 67

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Can you name these 11 islands featured on the map of Canada?
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JetPunk has teamed up with the governors of 20 different states to replace "old and boring" state mottos with new and better ones. Can you guess these states based on their new motto?
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Name the countries that import the greatest amount of weaponry from Russia.
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There are 56 metro areas in the United States with a population over 1 million. Which ones have the lowest median household income?
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Based on a clue, can you guess these places in the United States that have a population of less than 100,000?
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Can can guess the six countries in which you might encounter a musk ox in the wild? I bet you can.
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Can you name these rivers based on an anecdote from their history?
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Name the most populous coastal city in the U.S. states which have a coastline.
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Solve short clues and then unscramble the names of world capitals.
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Can you name the home state of each pair of fictional characters?
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Name the Canadian cities, parks, and resort towns that had the most hotel booking from international visitors.
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Name the home cities of these musical acts, such as Eminem and Elvis Presley.
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A geography word scramble and general knowledge puzzle!
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Two NHL teams and their logos have been merged! Can you guess the teams based on each logo?
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Can you guess these states based on a totally made up explanation of their name?
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For each selected picture, guess the U.S. state that is depicted.
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Can you name these cities in New York state based on their starting letter and a description?
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For each letter A-Z, guess the answer that pertains to the territory of Hong Kong.
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Guess the six states where Obama won the electoral vote in 2012, but Trump won it in 2016.
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Guess these answers that pertain to the physical geography of Oceania.
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